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19. Too close to home...
Thu Aug 27, 2020, 04:45 PM
Aug 2020

Today I saw a Trumptard in a white pickup with 2 giant flags out the back. One American, the other a Trump 2020.

It was all I could do to catch up to him with a one finger salute....

The Fascists want a race war before the 2020 election. magicarpet Aug 2020 #1
Yes, and the cops have chosen sides CanonRay Aug 2020 #2
Brethren and soul mates,.. many LEOs have Nazi & Fascist sympathies or,... magicarpet Aug 2020 #4
We need to re-vet every PD in the nation for supremacists and those prone to violence. CrispyQ Aug 2020 #7
Notice the propaganda "pro-police" lol the right-wingers are criminals rockfordfile Aug 2020 #3
this race war was going to be the Roc2020 Aug 2020 #5
And so would Putin Wicked Blue Aug 2020 #15
Protest in downtown Phoenix called off after alleged threats of violence John Drake Aug 2020 #6
Yes they want a race war so mf45 can declare martial law and stop the election. kimbutgar Aug 2020 #8
MSM needs to refer to "anti-fascist" movement instead of Marthe48 Aug 2020 #9
+1 c-rational Aug 2020 #10
Trump supporters have no idea what fascism is because they aren't very bright. Lonestarblue Aug 2020 #12
Actually, I would prefer they use Anti-Nazi. olegramps Aug 2020 #20
Arizona Nazis. I hate Arizona Nazis. Initech Aug 2020 #11
great move great clip Locrian Aug 2020 #13
They broke my watch!! Initech Aug 2020 #14
If I didn't have a cat that would starve to death if something happened to me mr_lebowski Aug 2020 #16
Have any police departments rejected support from these Nazis? ForgoTheConsequence Aug 2020 #17
All they have left is guns Roc2020 Aug 2020 #18
Too close to home... AZ8theist Aug 2020 #19
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