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12. Trump supporters have no idea what fascism is because they aren't very bright.
Thu Aug 27, 2020, 12:45 PM
Aug 2020

They just know that liberals are against it, so they’re for it. If Trump is a fascist, hooray! That’ll tick off the libs. The goal is not to preserve democracy for the future. The goal is to preserve white supremacy for the present, and it if takes another civil war to do that, all the better. Those millions of self-appointed militias have been training for such an event for decades, and they’re itching to get the killing started. They’re no longer willing to just let the police kill as many black people as possible. They want in on the action. As you can tell, I’m angry and disgusted!

The Fascists want a race war before the 2020 election. magicarpet Aug 2020 #1
Yes, and the cops have chosen sides CanonRay Aug 2020 #2
Brethren and soul mates,.. many LEOs have Nazi & Fascist sympathies or,... magicarpet Aug 2020 #4
We need to re-vet every PD in the nation for supremacists and those prone to violence. CrispyQ Aug 2020 #7
Notice the propaganda "pro-police" lol the right-wingers are criminals rockfordfile Aug 2020 #3
this race war was going to be the Roc2020 Aug 2020 #5
And so would Putin Wicked Blue Aug 2020 #15
Protest in downtown Phoenix called off after alleged threats of violence John Drake Aug 2020 #6
Yes they want a race war so mf45 can declare martial law and stop the election. kimbutgar Aug 2020 #8
MSM needs to refer to "anti-fascist" movement instead of Marthe48 Aug 2020 #9
+1 c-rational Aug 2020 #10
Trump supporters have no idea what fascism is because they aren't very bright. Lonestarblue Aug 2020 #12
Actually, I would prefer they use Anti-Nazi. olegramps Aug 2020 #20
Arizona Nazis. I hate Arizona Nazis. Initech Aug 2020 #11
great move great clip Locrian Aug 2020 #13
They broke my watch!! Initech Aug 2020 #14
If I didn't have a cat that would starve to death if something happened to me mr_lebowski Aug 2020 #16
Have any police departments rejected support from these Nazis? ForgoTheConsequence Aug 2020 #17
All they have left is guns Roc2020 Aug 2020 #18
Too close to home... AZ8theist Aug 2020 #19
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