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34. Haven't heard from our county yet,
Mon Jul 6, 2020, 08:12 PM
Jul 2020

but a county near us is planning on 1/3 of students each week and the other 2 weeks online. That will be 10 students in a classroom.

Once again... MontanaMama Jul 2020 #1
Apparently nobody in his environment 2naSalit Jul 2020 #15
The balls or the MontanaMama Jul 2020 #26
No shit.. 2naSalit Jul 2020 #31
Why assume he's employing deontic modality? Igel Jul 2020 #44
SHUT DOWN HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT! TreasonousBastard Jul 2020 #2
Trump's tweets are tantamount to yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater. sop Jul 2020 #11
not your call ya orange fuck... dhill926 Jul 2020 #3
Yeah, Florida seems to have two new ways to die covid and brain eating sea water bacteria Mystery sage Jul 2020 #8
Hmmmm, Dem2theMax Jul 2020 #35
He has NO power over such decisions, elleng Jul 2020 #4
Good thing kids know how to avoid spreading viruses IronLionZion Jul 2020 #5
They know better Mr.Bill Jul 2020 #7
Never mind the king with no clothes. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #6
Opening with CDC safety guidelines in place will cost an extra $100 billion NickB79 Jul 2020 #9
Hear, hear! BigmanPigman Jul 2020 #42
Trump speech July 2nd. He's the last person to be telling Schools what to do Budi Jul 2020 #10
Could someone please translate that into English? niyad Jul 2020 #21
The English translation is: Moostache Jul 2020 #29
Thank you. niyad Jul 2020 #33
. Dem2theMax Jul 2020 #36
LMAO Dan Jul 2020 #39
twitter letting him spread lies and misinformation, again. nt yaesu Jul 2020 #12
Just yell louder your inane rantings. ALL CAPS!!! That's the ticket Dotard. Evolve Dammit Jul 2020 #13
What an imbecile. Squinch Jul 2020 #14
Excuse me... hotdamn00 Jul 2020 #16
OK Trump, you first. Take a class in person at University Of Miami. Initech Jul 2020 #17
Harvard just went online for fall 2020 Wonder what his son's school is doing ?? lunasun Jul 2020 #18
FUND THE STATES and let Foreign Student Visas stay in force, A-Hole... B Stieg Jul 2020 #19
You send Barron first... kimmylavin Jul 2020 #20
Exactly, let him put his money where his mouth is. BigmanPigman Jul 2020 #43
Opening schools equals winning. It's a huge talking point for him. nature-lover Jul 2020 #22
Shut the hell up, Donnie! paleotn Jul 2020 #23
I posted about this earlier Yavin4 Jul 2020 #24
Look at the damage college students have caused, and school is not even in session Strelnikov_ Jul 2020 #28
trumpster, please CRK7376 Jul 2020 #25
I want him to fuck himself so hard that he dies Orrex Jul 2020 #27
Who is going to teach colleges and schools when the teachers BigmanPigman Jul 2020 #30
Putin's orders? GeorgeGist Jul 2020 #32
Haven't heard from our county yet, marie999 Jul 2020 #34
If schools MUST open in the fall, everyone MUST be tested first rocktivity Jul 2020 #37
Tested first and tested at least weekly thereafter Orrex Jul 2020 #40
POUTUS has done such a smash-up job on COVID-19, Hassler Jul 2020 #38
Maybe he thinks he's done justgamma Jul 2020 #41
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