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37. I agree that Columbus' statue should come down,
Wed Jul 1, 2020, 12:20 PM
Jul 2020

But unless Biden had been asked a direct question about this he should not have said anything. No matter how he had answered, it will cost him more votes than it will gain him. Sometimes a politician just has to say nothing.

Disagree on the Columbus ones but it's probably smart politics. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #1
If you want to sell out indigenous people for the chance at a few Trump supporters, maybe. ForgoTheConsequence Jul 2020 #2
It's long past time for them to be educated about facts and human decency. JudyM Jul 2020 #5
I doubt it's just a few Trumpers. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #15
Pragmatism at the expense of Indigenous people. ForgoTheConsequence Jul 2020 #20
It's winning at the expense of losing. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #24
Exactly. Focus on winning the WH and both houses of Congress. If that is accomplished, then still_one Jul 2020 #40
+1 Win and then educate the public. lagomorph777 Jul 2020 #70
Oh please....always trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #64
De las Casas Drahthaardogs Jul 2020 #58
I believe the term savages is also in the Declaration of Independence delisen Jul 2020 #23
What Color Would You Like to Call the Sky in Your World? Stallion Jul 2020 #75
If you have a logical argument I am open to listening n/t delisen Jul 2020 #77
Your Argument Doesn't deserve a Rational Response Because You are Out on an Island of One Stallion Jul 2020 #78
As none of us are going to hand our property to them, the rightful owners, Kaleva Jul 2020 #59
Indeed, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2020 #3
Why does it end with Confederate statues? ForgoTheConsequence Jul 2020 #18
Because That Is As Far As Wide Popularity Goes, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2020 #45
Excellent and accurate summation. GulfCoast66 Jul 2020 #60
Agreed mjvpi Jul 2020 #22
And Given the Tight Time Budgets Of News Coverage, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2020 #46
I disagree with it to...but why is it smart politics? I miss that point. usaf-vet Jul 2020 #8
Because most Americans aren't against Columbus. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #19
In 2017 police brutality didn't result in massive demonstrations. mjvpi Jul 2020 #25
Well find me a newer poll that shows different results & I'll change my view. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #27
Watch for one after Biden's statement. mjvpi Jul 2020 #34
I'm not fighting. I'm going off facts that exist right now. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #50
Bleh. PTWB Jul 2020 #61
This isn't a progressive/conservative issue. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #62
He shouldn't say anything at all. PTWB Jul 2020 #65
He was asked a question. Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #66
It didn't really come across as that flatfooted when he said it soothsayer Jul 2020 #4
Public property should not be toppled by mobs Loki Liesmith Jul 2020 #6
Because that "process" has worked out so well in the past for Indigenous People. ForgoTheConsequence Jul 2020 #16
I'm about Joe's age. They lied to us about Columbus. raging moderate Jul 2020 #7
If they were a president and the statue is of their presidency then GemDigger Jul 2020 #9
IMO it's about the confederate traitor statues and name changes... brush Jul 2020 #10
Columbus not in the same league as Washington and Jefferson RussBLib Jul 2020 #11
built this country? apparently Jefferson built it on the backs of slaves. delisen Jul 2020 #28
So how far do you want to take this? ripcord Jul 2020 #57
as far as it needs to go. delisen Jul 2020 #73
Let's stop talking about statues. dawg day Jul 2020 #12
+1 Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2020 #14
Yes, and while we're at it Lulu KC Jul 2020 #30
Hear Hear, Sir! The Magistrate Jul 2020 #47
The good that Washington & Jefferson did outweighs the bad. Columbus? Not so much. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2020 #13
He's technically correct. Scurrilous Jul 2020 #17
Why should Indigenous peoples put any faith in the white man's process? ForgoTheConsequence Jul 2020 #21
Biden was #2 guy in the Obama administration: Scurrilous Jul 2020 #38
He didn't say we should stop agitating. He said that certain monuments should be protected. Politicub Jul 2020 #76
We know Biden is a "split the difference" guy. That's just a given. LisaM Jul 2020 #26
I believe he went on to say Lulu KC Jul 2020 #29
... Scurrilous Jul 2020 #43
Well, this is something Mr. Biden and I will disagree about Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #31
It won't be popular, but I agree with Biden 100% Polybius Jul 2020 #32
I don't agree with with regards to Columbus rockfordfile Jul 2020 #33
Does this mean I have to change my vote sarisataka Jul 2020 #35
Las Casas is not denouncing Columbus or his relatives ucrdem Jul 2020 #36
I agree that Columbus' statue should come down, marie999 Jul 2020 #37
Biden would be wise to sit out "statue-gate" and let Agent Orange take all the heat flibbitygiblets Jul 2020 #39
The OP article says he was asked. ucrdem Jul 2020 #41
I think the Sopranos did an episode about this. Scurrilous Jul 2020 #42
Van Zandt: "You take down one of our heroes, we'll take down one of yours " Marcuse Jul 2020 #54
I can remember when he was Miami Steve Van Zandt. Scurrilous Jul 2020 #55
Thank you. qwlauren35 Jul 2020 #80
You are more than welcome. Marcuse Jul 2020 #81
Biden was asked - what do you think he should have done? Drunken Irishman Jul 2020 #63
Smart and reasonable position by Joe. Steelrolled Jul 2020 #44
Maybe reverse psychology Bayard Jul 2020 #48
totaly agree with Biden, the only shame we have are with Confederate monuments beachbumbob Jul 2020 #49
The confederate statues are there to celebrate people who believed in owning other people, still_one Jul 2020 #51
What about lincoln? milestogo Jul 2020 #52
Has there been much discussion about tearing down Lincoln statues? Sapient Donkey Jul 2020 #68
Yes. milestogo Jul 2020 #69
Ahhh damn. Sapient Donkey Jul 2020 #79
What about FDR? ripcord Jul 2020 #72
University of Wisconsin Jimbo S Jul 2020 #82
You know there will be non nude statues of a President Trump erected somewhere someday. Marcuse Jul 2020 #53
Washington and Jefferson, sure, but "Goodbye, Columbus"... regnaD kciN Jul 2020 #56
Interesting he included Columbus in there. Sapient Donkey Jul 2020 #67
Columbus should come down but Biden is Right Tom Rinaldo Jul 2020 #71
AGREED!!!! This is not to say that new places cant be found for them and/or other Kashkakat v.2.0 Jul 2020 #74
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