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30. So why did she close her business if she's so good?
Tue Oct 9, 2018, 08:29 PM
Oct 2018

Did she think that another Trump bankruptcy would not look so good with the king of bankruptcies in the White House?

The writing on subway walls? saidsimplesimon Oct 2018 #1
It's funny that the only jobs his "qualified" daughter had ever held is with her daddy's company. politicaljunkie41910 Oct 2018 #45
He does not come up with Scarsdale Oct 2018 #2
In the world!!!! REALLY!!! NO ONE! C'mon, there's got to be someone! The Liberal Lion Oct 2018 #3
Trumps exaggerations are comical most of time ---also sickening] riversedge Oct 2018 #28
Thing is they are not really funnay at all because people belive him. pangaia Oct 2018 #36
Ivanka isn't qualified to do squat! Kajun Gal Oct 2018 #4
But she's a successful businesswoman! And she's hired child labor in so many truthisfreedom Oct 2018 #5
Well there you have it she is a skilled negotiator and a job creator!! cstanleytech Oct 2018 #11
So why did she close her business if she's so good? Lonestarblue Oct 2018 #30
Mushroom Dick thinks she'll be an asset to the team. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Oct 2018 #38
Nikki Haley be like GusBob Oct 2018 #6
She is a cluless spoiled grifter Stainless Oct 2018 #7
Ivanka says "replacement will not be me" DesertRat Oct 2018 #8
Formidable? DownFromTheMountain Oct 2018 #34
Ha! DesertRat Oct 2018 #35
Less qualified than NikKi Haley... paleotn Oct 2018 #9
She is a much better choice than John Bolton. NCjack Oct 2018 #39
That's an extremely low bar. paleotn Oct 2018 #46
This Friggin Grifter Family just do not get it! Wellstone ruled Oct 2018 #10
And the laughs continue! Crowman2009 Oct 2018 #12
Oy vey secondwind Oct 2018 #13
Well, this will certainly help her sell her products... yuiyoshida Oct 2018 #14
I remember how qualified the blond handbag designer looked sitting with Angela Merkel... Hekate Oct 2018 #15
+1000 Pachamama Oct 2018 #52
"Someone you'd like to bone" is not the definition of competent... LakeSuperiorView Oct 2018 #16
some of my students were trying to convince me that Trump was secretly brilliant... yurbud Oct 2018 #17
Hands down, the best candidate... Or is it 'Hands on'? keithbvadu2 Oct 2018 #18
Damn, I was hoping this was the onion or Borowitz. NT raccoon Oct 2018 #19
The press and all of us should remind whomever the F'n MORON nominates....that SayItLoud Oct 2018 #20
She has many positive qualities. Education, experience, and locution are not three of them. nt Xipe Totec Oct 2018 #21
No nepotism! No nepotism! You're the nepotism! I'm dynamite! ancianita Oct 2018 #22
Well, now. . . cloudbase Oct 2018 #23
A Despot move! Athenapallas Oct 2018 #24
Yer shittin' me. JohnnyRingo Oct 2018 #25
Designer of hand bags made in foreign countries at140 Oct 2018 #26
Will diplomatic immunity prevent her from being sent home to testify? Deb Oct 2018 #27
Can she do that from block B at the Federal Penitentiary ? magicarpet Oct 2018 #29
Good. Then she will have no problem passing the Foreign Service Officers Test. for starters. Crutchez_CuiBono Oct 2018 #31
The Foreign Service Officers exam Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #48
She's not qualified to work at Taco Bell. onecaliberal Oct 2018 #32
He's going to fucking DO THIS. And tell me who is going to STOP him? bullwinkle428 Oct 2018 #33
Hey Republicans, he is you. zonkers Oct 2018 #37
Looking more like the house of Rominov every day. BlueIdaho Oct 2018 #40
Right. DFW Oct 2018 #41
Was Haley required to ass kiss Ivanka and Jared on her way out? Zing Zing Zingbah Oct 2018 #42
Running on the Trump ticket in 2020. Trump/Haley sarcasmo Oct 2018 #47
There was a hint in Michael Wolf's book Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #50
posturpedic polka Kali Oct 2018 #53
You're welcome. Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #56
🤔 sprinkleeninow Oct 2018 #54
Nepotistic shit bag (nt) apnu Oct 2018 #43
she isn't even competent enough to replace Betsy DeVos olddad56 Oct 2018 #44
He'd "be accused of nepotism?!" What has he been doing since Day #1?! Rhiannon12866 Oct 2018 #49
So how much nepotism is there now? sakabatou Oct 2018 #51
"Would" be accused of nepotism? Doreen Oct 2018 #55
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