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30. WTH "don't resist" - this takes my breathe away...you are right..a violent attacker says
Sun Jun 24, 2018, 10:05 AM
Jun 2018

don't resist...where the hell is that coming from..I looked it up - don't resist - in police raining..in the bible...OMG..he is evil....

GO Fuck yourself and take a fucking hike......................I demand it......FUCK YOU turbinetree Jun 2018 #1
Great minds must think alike watoos Jun 2018 #3
That's why we are democrats we can tell a traitor and a sexual predator to go and Fuck off turbinetree Jun 2018 #36
What turbinetree said... SallyHemmings Jun 2018 #6
Use your golf cart if necessary, fat ass. TheCowsCameHome Jun 2018 #19
Amen.... asiliveandbreathe Jun 2018 #32
Translation Pass the law that I want vlyons Jun 2018 #2
He clearly does not understand how legislation is passed in this country. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2018 #4
No, he thinks the president commands the legislature DBoon Jun 2018 #14
Trumpy doesn't CARE how the system works, or is supposed to work. Eyeball_Kid Jun 2018 #18
Don't Resist is something a violent attacker says Freethinker65 Jun 2018 #5
+1. Just like "resisting arrest" dalton99a Jun 2018 #23
And the point is... pazzyanne Jun 2018 #25
WTH "don't resist" - this takes my breathe away...you are right..a violent attacker says asiliveandbreathe Jun 2018 #30
THIS is reason for families being seperated benld74 Jun 2018 #7
Hey, lying POS, no one's trying to break in, they are seeking asylum. sinkingfeeling Jun 2018 #8
Strong border, no crime? NickB79 Jun 2018 #9
For mass shootings that is certainly true as its usually someone that is white though there are some cstanleytech Jun 2018 #15
Why are the Democrats responsible? Owens Jun 2018 #10
"Why are the Democrats responsible?" They are not and he knows everything you have listed however cstanleytech Jun 2018 #20
Go to hell tRump. I demand that you report to th nearest prison and lock yourself in. Augiedog Jun 2018 #11
I demand that Hitler resign and plead guilty to all of his crimes. Cary Jun 2018 #12
Let's see what he's up to next Saturday. yallerdawg Jun 2018 #13
100% gas lighting from Trump who no doubt got his orders from Putin Botany Jun 2018 #16
I think the Dem leaders should respond with thinkingagain Jun 2018 #17
Trump should be in a fucking cage !!! SamKnause Jun 2018 #21
To which the Democrats should respond Fortinbras Armstrong Jun 2018 #22
WTF heaven05 Jun 2018 #24
The compromise law is horrible Gothmog Jun 2018 #26
Fucking idiot truthisfreedom Jun 2018 #27
#weshouldallcare, we. will. resist. riversedge Jun 2018 #28
the house bill is a compromise between republicans and no democrats were allowed beachbum bob Jun 2018 #29
He wants the Democratic legislators to FIX this mess he got himself into.... asiliveandbreathe Jun 2018 #31
More word salad from the mouth of David Dennison, John Barron, or whomever. Firestorm49 Jun 2018 #33
Democrats don't negoiciate with TERORISTS! duforsure Jun 2018 #34
No crime? Well, then he better run for the door as he's the true criminal. lark Jun 2018 #35
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