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15. The idea he wanted to resign is false
Sun Dec 10, 2017, 01:45 PM
Dec 2017

He specifically said in his statement he had asked for an ethics investigation. Both statements.

Do not let them pretend he asked to resign.

He didn't have any problems jumping the gun in calling for Al Franken to resign itsrobert Dec 2017 #1
That's Exactly What I Was Thinking Me. Dec 2017 #4
meet the press interview... orleans Dec 2017 #7
I would want to resign too, if most of my colleagues told me they want me to go take a hike. LisaL Dec 2017 #11
The idea he wanted to resign is false Egnever Dec 2017 #15
I know. LisaL Dec 2017 #17
I know you.do Egnever Dec 2017 #18
Bingo. Thor_MN Dec 2017 #19
My immediate thought as well. yardwork Dec 2017 #22
Quote from the link. sheshe2 Dec 2017 #23
I was a Sanders supporter during the primaries and not afraid to say this: Shut up, Bernie. DRoseDARs Dec 2017 #31
Bernie is Holding Franken Accountable. Don't Blame Bernie or Risk Alienating His Followers... TomCADem Dec 2017 #36
You noticed that too, huh? world wide wally Dec 2017 #37
Please do not confuse me with silly zealots who simply Hortensis Dec 2017 #39
I wish Sanders would have made the point about not allowing Mueller to be fired agincourt Dec 2017 #2
Oh dear oh dear NastyRiffraff Dec 2017 #3
... Me. Dec 2017 #5
Lol. I suspect he's afraid to really try to rein in Hortensis Dec 2017 #40
lol Chitown Kev Dec 2017 #48
Because we just don't have enough evidence SHRED Dec 2017 #6
I wish he would just be quiet. leftofcool Dec 2017 #8
Gee, where are the Pelosi haters when she said the same thing? still_one Dec 2017 #9
Both Pelosi and Sanders are correct. EllieBC Dec 2017 #10
Exactly my point still_one Dec 2017 #26
They were out in force when she said something similar (but she wasn't as explicit as Sanders) George II Dec 2017 #12
Its not off the table. Thats a good thing. Lucky Luciano Dec 2017 #13
But She's Not Saintly Enough To Defend Me. Dec 2017 #14
She has been slammed mercilessly here mcar Dec 2017 #24
THANKS, still_one; elleng Dec 2017 #27
I just hope we can all come together in 2018 to take back Congress still_one Dec 2017 #30
This statement seems silly after jumping the gun on Franken Egnever Dec 2017 #16
With friends like Sanders, who needs enemies lunamagica Dec 2017 #20
omg Skittles Dec 2017 #21
STFU Bernie we can do it Dec 2017 #25
Now are we going to murielm99 Dec 2017 #28
The American People have be in on it since November 8, 2016. joanbarnes Dec 2017 #29
He makes a good point 4now Dec 2017 #32
I'm glad he has taken Pelosi's position on this JustAnotherGen Dec 2017 #33
too bad he didn't take the same position with Franken Skittles Dec 2017 #35
It is what it is JustAnotherGen Dec 2017 #50
I really hate that expression Skittles Dec 2017 #55
Yes, we should observe the process. tavernier Dec 2017 #34
"Jumping the gun" on Senator Franken was helpful? Owl Dec 2017 #38
There is value in putting impeachment in the news, regardless of the vote. Give the news lindysalsagal Dec 2017 #41
It's also a good idea to build ties with impeachment BlueWI Dec 2017 #42
... orangecrush Dec 2017 #43
The republicans don't worry about public impressions. rainin Dec 2017 #44
We don't have the votes. Dr_Pretorius Dec 2017 #45
Based on Rep. Green's impeachment resolution, we don't even have the reasons onenote Dec 2017 #49
Oh my, too early to Condemn tRump to impeachment. Jack-o-Lantern Dec 2017 #46
Post removed Post removed Dec 2017 #47
LOL! The same guy who said HRC wasnt qualified and Trump voters werent racists Maven Dec 2017 #51
That's the first thing he's said that made sense in a good long while... Blue_Tires Dec 2017 #52
Bernie is a Russian plant obviously Le Gaucher Dec 2017 #53
But lets jump the gun on liberal democratic Senator Al Franken, Bernie????????????????????? workinclasszero Dec 2017 #54
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