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C Moon

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13. The GOP are now a Russian party. Even many of their voters are with Russian now.
Mon Oct 30, 2017, 03:12 AM
Oct 2017

The Democratic Party, is THE party of the United States. It's the party that is the only hope of keeping the constitution alive.
Anything spewed out by the GOP are either lies for Putin, or lies for the 1%.
They are disgusting people. If I never talk to another one, it will be too soon.

Keeping it classy Sam McGee Oct 2017 #1
Just being reflective nt Xipe Totec Oct 2017 #2
Lost the primary race for Governor this summer and now running is running for the Senate? jalan48 Oct 2017 #3
The "Communist" accusation/insult died about 30 years ago. George II Oct 2017 #4
I'm not at all positive.... SergeStorms Oct 2017 #9
communists, crackheads, and weirdos Oh My lunasun Oct 2017 #5
Playing the old hits, as usual. Aristus Oct 2017 #6
I bet you can have some deep and meaningful conversations with this intellectual powerhouse. xor Oct 2017 #7
FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! angrychair Oct 2017 #8
Well, that IS the Trump/Republican platform. SergeStorms Oct 2017 #10
Pretty much says it all. Alice11111 Oct 2017 #11
"at a Virginia Beach church" ?? WTF KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #12
The GOP are now a Russian party. Even many of their voters are with Russian now. C Moon Oct 2017 #13
Yep (love your avatar, btw) area51 Oct 2017 #14
I think I'm going to be sick. Soul-less, callous and lifeless. The GOP is a party of vampires. C Moon Oct 2017 #15
Who do we honor? Stewart asked. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart, James Madison, riversedge Oct 2017 #16
Just reacting to Pox News propaganda The Wizard Oct 2017 #17
Ok I will feas up and claim the weirdo title. moda253 Oct 2017 #18
Anyone who uses the word "cuckservative" should lose their right to vote. Initech Oct 2017 #19
Democrats the party of criminals, communists, crackheads, and weirdos left-of-center2012 Oct 2017 #20
I thought Republicans love commies nowadays. librechik Oct 2017 #21
huh, you know, I was just thinking of picking up an 8-ball on the way to the party meeting tonight Javaman Oct 2017 #22
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