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121. I have to agree with you and with HRC - the database had been neglected
Sun Jun 4, 2017, 02:54 PM
Jun 2017

I did a lot of work with the VAN database during the 2008 campaign. After the campaign I offered to volunteer to help keep the database up to date - I knew there were still sections of our area where calls had not been made, voters had not been verified, information still needed to be updated, and tools to improve the database needed to be added. The last was beyond my capabilities, but as a power user I could work with programmers to help them decide what was needed and to beta test them.

I was unable to do much during the 2012 campaign so I am not sure how much had been done in those four years. When I hosted phone banking events at my house in 2016 and made calls myself, I was appalled at how out of date the database was. MOST of the time we spent calling was to verify phone numbers and mark disconnected or wrong numbers. A good third to half of the calls I made ended up being disconnected or incorrect numbers. When we did contact registered Democratic voters all we did was try to get them to volunteer. We did absolutely no campaigning, no discussion of issues, just recruitment.

When I tried to volunteer in 2008 I thought it would be good to keep voter databases up to date and while doing that we could push voter registration - but the Democratic Party does not seem to care about either of those between elections. If we had volunteers working on those two items ALL THE TIME we could contact every unregistered eligible voter. We could work with felons to regain their right to vote. We could keep volunteers trained and engaged and not have to rebuild our teams for every single election. And lastly we could have the teams and enthusiasm for interim elections and not lose those every time.

The VAN database only includes registered voters - we need to expand it to include people who are not registered to vote so we can try to engage them. That is a major failing. With such a poor percentage of eligible citizens not registered, and with such an abysmal percentage of registered voters turning out, we are losing our democracy. The Democratic Party should be the leaders in pushing voter registration and voter rights, and fighting voter suppression. We make token efforts every four years but in between presidential campaigns it gets ignored.

aren't those the same allies that got her the nomination? mdbl Jun 2017 #1
Very. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2017 #12
Voters gave her the nomination...millions of them. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #14
Exactly. zentrum Jun 2017 #16
Nope people gave it to her joeybee12 Jun 2017 #18
Well that and all the Superdelegates nm MichMan Jun 2017 #112
No, even counting the superdelegates... Steven Maurer Jun 2017 #116
Ugh! Doug the Dem Jun 2017 #2
Ahhhhh... The Hill and good old dissent-sowing BumRushDaShow Jun 2017 #3
But is it real dissent? Also, can people process more than one story at a time? yurbud Jun 2017 #86
The process of revitalization should not be trivialized into "he-said, she said". nt BumRushDaShow Jun 2017 #92
It should be based on accurate information though, which is relevant yurbud Jun 2017 #95
Correct. But the OP article author added emotional/subjective overtones, negating any added value BumRushDaShow Jun 2017 #98
The problem bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #4
How did they target us? zentrum Jun 2017 #17
Wow. bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #23
Because Twitter is a internet sewer of BS rumors. former9thward Jun 2017 #124
Just stop. Squinch Jun 2017 #5
Oh geesh :( mwooldri Jun 2017 #6
Just as people are entitled to defend themselves and their careers when she calls them out BeyondGeography Jun 2017 #21
And if she had won bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #7
That is untrue. There are not enough votes in the Senate. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #15
Anyone who said that clearly didn't listen to what Sec Clinton actuallly said in her interview.... Docreed2003 Jun 2017 #8
Agreed. delisen Jun 2017 #9
Exactly. nt SunSeeker Jun 2017 #26
Yup ismnotwasm Jun 2017 #63
Well said. People are determined to cultivate a narrative about HRC, using any opportunity they get. StevieM Jun 2017 #73
I have to agree with you and with HRC - the database had been neglected csziggy Jun 2017 #121
Wow...excellent post... Docreed2003 Jun 2017 #122
Agree needs to be OP! RockCreek Jun 2017 #126
#fakenews stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #10
CNN: Democrats to Clinton: The DNC's data was fine -- you just used it wrong Omaha Steve Jun 2017 #11
Just wow. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2017 #13
Too bad Andrew still doesn't have a job joeybee12 Jun 2017 #19
I would assume that if he were still working there, he would have used less inflammatory language karynnj Jun 2017 #25
very nice summary. scipan Jun 2017 #80
It wasn't just the DNC. zentrum Jun 2017 #20
I can tell you as a call banker into the swing states, the call lists and down times were less than still_one Jun 2017 #30
According to Sec Clinton tazkcmo Jun 2017 #22
Seeing as how the DNC was openly hostile to her for generations AngryAmish Jun 2017 #62
Not sure exactly what everyone is talking about but DURHAM D Jun 2017 #24
I think it was VERY important Hillary said what she said. She has now challenged the DNC to prove OnDoutside Jun 2017 #27
Who gives a f**k. Hillary has every right to speak out based on the bullshit she has had to put up still_one Jun 2017 #28
I agree about the call bank lists. REALLY out of date/inaccurate. SunSeeker Jun 2017 #34
It was quite frustrating. I agree with your analysis completely sun still_one Jun 2017 #38
Data she did not receive almost certainly contributed to the loss. LonePirate Jun 2017 #29
Hillary did not blame her loss on the DNC. She merely stated a fact. SunSeeker Jun 2017 #31
nothing is ever Hillary's fault, everyone else is always to blame geek tragedy Jun 2017 #32
It sounds like she's starting with the little stuff and getting to the big stuff. ucrdem Jun 2017 #33
so far her list of people to blame for her failed campaign geek tragedy Jun 2017 #37
She took the blame that night. I don't object to further analysis. ucrdem Jun 2017 #45
her side of the story is entirely self-serving. No "please avoid my mistakes" lessons to impart geek tragedy Jun 2017 #48
Still I'd like to know how it went down. ucrdem Jun 2017 #53
there is a lot she can tell us. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #55
There's an entire industry devoted to giving the other side, and then some. nt ucrdem Jun 2017 #57
Russia/Comey is also not lacking for voices. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #60
Will you also object to Comey giving testimony because its self-serving? ucrdem Jun 2017 #61
Comey is a fact witness to potential obstruction of justice. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #64
He could be equally factual in a closed session, but no. ucrdem Jun 2017 #67
She did take responsibility but we all know there were a lot of factors- she discussed them all. bettyellen Jun 2017 #46
What mistakes/errors did she admit? geek tragedy Jun 2017 #49
domyou have a quote saying her own mistakes didn't factor in? I didn't hear that. bettyellen Jun 2017 #51
"'I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost'." geek tragedy Jun 2017 #52
Weird because I actually agree with her on this. At one point she admits Americans wanted the lies.. bettyellen Jun 2017 #58
ignoring Wisconsin and Michigan was whose fault, exactly? geek tragedy Jun 2017 #59
The thing is, you can point to a dozen mistakes. Basically any one of them bettyellen Jun 2017 #66
except she explicitly denied that she did anything that caused her to lose the race. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #69
She said that they did fuck up and didn't realize their data was off- what's not true there? bettyellen Jun 2017 #71
Not campaigning in Wisconsin or Michigan is her fault, hers and her campaign strategists. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #72
Again, you're focusing on one of a dozen mistakes. If it makes you feel better, great. bettyellen Jun 2017 #74
what matters is how we win future elections. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #75
she already acknowledged that mistakes were made or is she always to bang on about .. JHan Jun 2017 #77
"Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention." nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #81
I think the collusion between Russia and the GOP is a huge issue- more important than any bettyellen Jun 2017 #78
Russia/Collusion is a huge issue. But Hillary Clinton is the very last person geek tragedy Jun 2017 #82
even though she was the victim of it? lol JHan Jun 2017 #83
We were all the victims of it. nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #88
And "we" as Democrats had no means to counter the weaponization of data by Bannon and Co. JHan Jun 2017 #114
I disagree completely. To silence her is playing into their framing. bettyellen Jun 2017 #84
the last thing that will ever happen is someone silencing Hillary Clinton. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #87
People have been trying to silence her and that's part of how we got here. bettyellen Jun 2017 #90
free country, she can say whatever she wants, but she's not guaranteed geek tragedy Jun 2017 #91
I've actually had lots of productive discussions about the effect of misogyny last year... bettyellen Jun 2017 #93
discussions of misogyny should absolutely continue, geek tragedy Jun 2017 #94
That the most transparent candidate the field was smeared with false allegations of cronyism bettyellen Jun 2017 #96
Tr*mp figured out that most WWC voters really don't care about things like transparency, ethics, geek tragedy Jun 2017 #97
"Cultural anxiety" was their big excuse yet we shouldn't talk about it... bettyellen Jun 2017 #99
Same as that demographic has been since 1860--never on the right side of history nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #100
Who is silencing her? karynnj Jun 2017 #115
She hasn't excused herself of any blame. But at some point, it's okay R B Garr Jun 2017 #125
She still loses the election if she had won MI & WI. She lost PA despite campaigning heavily there. LonePirate Jun 2017 #109
I wondered if she had used Obama enough but I don't think it would have helped with those voters. bettyellen Jun 2017 #111
"A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest" emulatorloo Jun 2017 #85
Simple question: who would the GOP rather be the public face of the Democratic party geek tragedy Jun 2017 #89
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #101
in chart form geek tragedy Jun 2017 #102
If the goal is to protect Booker from being smeared by the GOP's and the BoB's then emulatorloo Jun 2017 #106
Goal is to protect our candidates in 2017 and 2018. nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #117
Then HRC can keep the BoB's and the Breitbart's distracted this year and the next emulatorloo Jun 2017 #118
Did they poll people who regret not voting? Because the apathy bettyellen Jun 2017 #110
To be blunt, politicians are useful instruments to achieving geek tragedy Jun 2017 #119
Hillary did take responsibility for her mistakes, but that part is not shown in news clips. SunSeeker Jun 2017 #42
saying "I take responsibility" is not the same thing as actually taking responsibility. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #44
The Comey letter decapitated her campaign. SunSeeker Jun 2017 #47
Polls were tightening before the Comey letter. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #50
It would not have been close if Comey had reported he was investigating the Trump campaign. SunSeeker Jun 2017 #56
Correct...but those anemic favorability ratings are still all about misogyny and media bias BeyondGeography Jun 2017 #54
Agree with the poster above about GOTV . . FairWinds Jun 2017 #35
The DNC was a mess. it is not a sin to say that out loud. hrmjustin Jun 2017 #36
It was. And we had a chair who went to the NY times and insulted millennials for no good reason Warren DeMontague Jun 2017 #107
Who is the former DNC aide, Gabbard? obamanut2012 Jun 2017 #39
I was watching Morning Joe this morning and was really surprised when underthematrix Jun 2017 #40
Yes, that struck me too. nt SunSeeker Jun 2017 #43
I did a quick search newblewtoo Jun 2017 #68
OMG!!! THEY MUST BE RUSSIAN!!! QC Jun 2017 #41
Frankly, I think that's cherry picking out of a long interview. LisaM Jun 2017 #65
If only she had some kind of influence within the DNC... killbotfactory Jun 2017 #70
You know what? They both are responsible. Else You Are Mad Jun 2017 #76
Where was all this consternation when other individuals were attacking the DNC outright? JHan Jun 2017 #79
If anyone else used the exact same words as HRC, they'd be lauded for trying to advance the DNC. Bleacher Creature Jun 2017 #103
I agree with the DNC on this one. Bradical79 Jun 2017 #104
Everyone from Harry Reid on down seems to agree on, DWS was "Worthless" as DNC chair. His words. Warren DeMontague Jun 2017 #105
"I mean it (the DNC) was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency" That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #108
"DNC" allies? I"m sure The Hill could find some if they really wanted to. SharonClark Jun 2017 #113
Politico's Take..Dems must evaluate ourselves, or we will Alice11111 Jun 2017 #120
The criticism of the DNC is warranted. alarimer Jun 2017 #123
Omaha Steve incensed by Clinton's existence emulatorloo Jun 2017 #127
Last weeks news Omaha Steve Jun 2017 #128
I know you did. You would never toss emulatorloo Jun 2017 #129
Truth does hurt. but...proceed. nikibatts Jun 2017 #130
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