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Thu Feb 2, 2017, 03:23 PM Feb 2017

Democrats House floor speech invokes power of impeachment over Trumps Middle East treachery [View all]

Source: Rawstory

p. Mark Pocan (D-WI) became one of the first lawmakers to speak on the House floor about impeaching President Donald Trump on Thursday.
“These countries were excluded from the executive order despite being home to many of the terrorists who carried out 9/11,” Pocan explained. “I’m not saying we should ban people from these countries. I firmly oppose any ban based on nationality or religion. But it is unacceptable that business interests have played potentially a role in such a destructive policy, a policy that also makes our country less safe in the long run.”
“Mr. President, it’s time for you to fix this,” he demanded. “One, divest your business holding immediately to remove any suggestion of conflicts in your decision making. Two, show us your tax returns so financial interests are transparent to the American people. And three, get rid of your unconstitutional executive order, which will make us less safe and only serve to embolden our enemies.”

“Short of that, we’ll have to take other actions, including legislative directives, resolutions of disapproval and even explore the power of impeachment,” Pocan concluded, earning him a rebuke from the Speaker’s chair.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/democrats-house-floor-speech-invokes-power-of-impeachment-over-trumps-middle-east-treachery/

Rebuke from the chair ????

See C-SPAN video at
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Impeach the fuck out of him Angry Dragon Feb 2017 #1
to use a Trump phrase: the "so-called" president wordpix Feb 2017 #82
rawstory is not a legitimate news outlet nt msongs Feb 2017 #2
That's why I added the C-SPAN link to the actual speech. Stonepounder Feb 2017 #7
It's even harder to discount their own words! Thanks for the link and the C-Span video. n/t Judi Lynn Feb 2017 #49
I read Raw Story a lot.. busterbrown Feb 2017 #24
Yeah, I like Raw Story too. ananda Feb 2017 #32
me too.. busterbrown Feb 2017 #42
I like Raw Story bdamomma Feb 2017 #65
I've never seen a bogus bit of information from Raw Story, yet, either. n/t Judi Lynn Feb 2017 #51
no fake news there RegexReader Feb 2017 #52
👆 This. Snackshack Feb 2017 #53
They link to their sources.... Historic NY Feb 2017 #61
Same here. True_Blue Feb 2017 #67
It is a news aggregator that also includes opinion pieces. The news stories are usually from tblue37 Feb 2017 #44
You must have MIssed the Vid Cha Feb 2017 #56
You however, are... LanternWaste Feb 2017 #70
Earning him the respect & admiration of realistic Americans Achilleaze Feb 2017 #3
Fuck Ryan as well. triron Feb 2017 #4
he was on vid this a.m. backing up the so-called pres wordpix Feb 2017 #84
We need more Democrats like this. nt jalan48 Feb 2017 #5
+1 pat_k Feb 2017 #9
Then make sure you vote in the midterms. 2018. calimary Feb 2017 #31
Thanks for the reminder though I've voted in every election since 1972. jalan48 Feb 2017 #39
speak to power. That's a patriot of these United States, right there! ffr Feb 2017 #6
Bush/Cheney war crimes weren't good enough? pat_k Feb 2017 #8
How about having the backs of those who speak out NOW? Hekate Feb 2017 #13
How about reading my post? pat_k Feb 2017 #16
"...earning him a rebuke from the Speakers chair." For what? mahannah Feb 2017 #10
Daring to question our 'Beloved Leader'? Stonepounder Feb 2017 #11
Time to call Mark Pocan and thank him. We've got to start having the backs of those who speak out Hekate Feb 2017 #12
HERE'S HIS NUMBER! oldtime dfl_er Feb 2017 #27
Mahalo for Rep Pocan's Number 202-225-2906, oldtime dfl er Cha Feb 2017 #57
I just called bdamomma Feb 2017 #66
I just called and told them how glad I was that he said that.. . n/t annabanana Feb 2017 #71
Repugs are all traitors, they will not impeach orange assface. lark Feb 2017 #14
let's see how fast this clip hits a million views. mopinko Feb 2017 #15
let's see how fast this op hits the front page. k n r people. mopinko Feb 2017 #17
watch the clip and be cheered. mopinko Feb 2017 #18
I hope this gets good exposure Plucketeer Feb 2017 #43
Just saw 40% of Americans want him impeached only 13 days in nt adigal Feb 2017 #19
How's that for a 'Honeymoon"? Stonepounder Feb 2017 #20
LOL! I expect that will only go up, no? Nt adigal Feb 2017 #21
Well, when your bride realizes... potone Feb 2017 #22
Yes, we need not fooled Feb 2017 #85
Thanks for that....It made me laugh! red dog 1 Feb 2017 #47
I called Rep. Pocan Eclectic Scribe Feb 2017 #23
or throw a few bucks in his campaign coffers so he knows we have his back yurbud Feb 2017 #38
Good idea Eclectic Scribe Feb 2017 #46
I just gave him $5. here's the LINK to show your appreciation: yurbud Feb 2017 #63
We should have something nationwide to effect this any time a Dem in congress stands tall for us. JudyM Feb 2017 #54
great idea yurbud Feb 2017 #59
Thanks for the link Eclectic Scribe Feb 2017 #74
+ 1 red dog 1 Feb 2017 #48
Just outta curiosity Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #25
1,2,3 C_U_L8R Feb 2017 #26
You are my hero orangecrush Feb 2017 #28
Done and done! orangecrush Feb 2017 #29
The rebuke doesn't even make sense. drm604 Feb 2017 #30
Maybe it means that the GOP is starting to get really nervous. Stonepounder Feb 2017 #33
personal attacks? definitely a sign he's flusteted yurbud Feb 2017 #36
Impeach him now Fearless Feb 2017 #34
clone this guy 435 times yurbud Feb 2017 #35
He is breaking the law. Worse, doing it with impunity. No other choice JDC Feb 2017 #37
thanks for posting this. i needed to hear ITMA. KewlKat Feb 2017 #40
Woo-hooo!! :-D torius Feb 2017 #41
What took so long? rec, nt. Mc Mike Feb 2017 #45
K&R red dog 1 Feb 2017 #50
Thank you, Rep Mark Pocan! Cha Feb 2017 #55
Problem with impeachment is he first has to do something that is clearly is impeachable cstanleytech Feb 2017 #58
how about the Muslim ban bdamomma Feb 2017 #68
Not disclosing his taxes isnt impeachable. cstanleytech Feb 2017 #69
More accurately, there's never been a successful conviction... rdmtimp Feb 2017 #72
Yes, I know the point is though that its not meant to be easy to remove a president because it can cstanleytech Feb 2017 #73
The House and the House alone decides what an impeachable offense is. Kaleva Feb 2017 #76
"Members are reminded against engaging in personalities toward the President..." Historic NY Feb 2017 #60
"Business interests" is a term I expect to hear from Dems a lot now! logosoco Feb 2017 #62
K&R bdamomma Feb 2017 #64
Kick ck4829 Feb 2017 #75
This is BS, right now. List pre-existed Trump's presidency. Yo_Mama Feb 2017 #77
what "list"???-nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #79
The countries covered in the EO - they are not enumerated, because Obama chose them Yo_Mama Feb 2017 #80
I still do not get your point. Are you claiming Trump's EO KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #81
It's not subject to the criticism that Trump chose those countries because he doesn't have business Yo_Mama Feb 2017 #83
It's Trump's list, not Obama's list. FFS! Why are you parroting RW KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #86
Thank you Dems. keep at it. riversedge Feb 2017 #78
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