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Jeb Bartlet

(141 posts)
58. First off
Thu Nov 3, 2016, 07:09 PM
Nov 2016

These are not even Clinton's emails. Second there is no indication of any indictable offense. Third it takes a 2/3rds majority of the Senate to actually remove from office and that won't happen under any circumstances. Fourth Nixon resigned because it was very evident that he was going to be impeached and that there were ample votes to remove in the Senate. His own party would have removed Nixon.

This guy is talking out of his ass. Sadly this ignorant assclown is what stupid Republicans send to congress.

Hot air from an empty suit. SHRED Nov 2016 #1
raving lunatic fantasizing each step to Hill's removal & "a constitutional crisis wordpix Nov 2016 #62
Fuck that guy NastyWomen Nov 2016 #3
It was Fox News not a legitimate news outlet. nt doc03 Nov 2016 #28
LULZ they don't call it Faux without good reason. nt NastyWomen Nov 2016 #30
That dickhead needs to be recalled ASAP DK504 Nov 2016 #4
Wet Dream moreland01 Nov 2016 #6
THey are just salivating at seizing power bucolic_frolic Nov 2016 #9
They know their days are counted. Helen Borg Nov 2016 #10
That's exactly what it is. C Moon Nov 2016 #16
McCaul mistakenly states that the House is the forum for impeachment trials. John1956PA Nov 2016 #11
Oh, another repug political expert, is he? Mc Mike Nov 2016 #34
yes the House is where repukes "impeached" Bill C. but it never reached the Senate wordpix Nov 2016 #60
It most certainly DID reach the Senate DFW Nov 2016 #64
OK I forgot that, thanks wordpix Nov 2016 #76
I pull my hair out over this Cosmocat Nov 2016 #67
I thought that he was impeached.... freebrew Nov 2016 #74
I am so fed up with Republican a$$holes like this guy. mnhtnbb Nov 2016 #12
McCaul's seat was personally gerrymandered just for him by Tom Delay. ananda Nov 2016 #15
we have the same going on here in CT - we need watershed districts I tell you wordpix Nov 2016 #61
The GOP is full of sick twisted bastards. I pity their families judesedit Nov 2016 #13
Impeachment Is Reserved For High Crimes And Misdomeanors While In Office DallasNE Nov 2016 #14
There is another unsettling possibility utilizing this same mentality, ... CRH Nov 2016 #17
That is the most desperate thing I've heard a GOPuke say all year. Rex Nov 2016 #18
These deplorable's need to go elmac Nov 2016 #19
What is it with Republicans? Always jumping the gun with 'might sinkingfeeling Nov 2016 #20
What is it with Republicans? Always jumping the gun with 'might sinkingfeeling Nov 2016 #21
Did they not learn from the Benghazi hearings? imanamerican63 Nov 2016 #23
And the Drumpfster? moondust Nov 2016 #24
So a Texas Republican House member hates Sec. Clinton? Blue Idaho Nov 2016 #25
Living in fantasyland.... apcalc Nov 2016 #26
These FUCHS will not stop liberal N proud Nov 2016 #27
a page right out of Hitler's handbook that Donnie used to read wordpix Nov 2016 #63
So what, some Rs are scheming to impeach trump so their boy Pence can be prez. Kashkakat v.2.0 Nov 2016 #29
Lets CLEAR this BS up ONCE AND FOR ALL. cynzke Nov 2016 #31
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2016 #50
They are going to try to impeach Hillary for winning. anamandujano Nov 2016 #33
^ This. dalton99 Nov 2016 #35
Rethugs are fascists. Dawson Leery Nov 2016 #36
+ 100 JoePhilly Nov 2016 #71
Far more likely they will impeach Trump. duffyduff Nov 2016 #37
OK, there needs to be a new law that makes this happy horseshit a felony with a $1 Million fine NoGoodNamesLeft Nov 2016 #38
The DHS should be burrowowl Nov 2016 #39
this is not DHS speaking it's the f-ing repuke head of the House HS committee wordpix Nov 2016 #53
I wish the President would tell him to yuiyoshida Nov 2016 #40
Fuck you you fucking piece of shit Emilybemily Nov 2016 #41
This is quite nostalgic, isn't it? sotheyclaimDem Nov 2016 #42
It is tragic that this total BlueMTexpat Nov 2016 #43
Here he is, as he comes to the realization that MADem Nov 2016 #46
Trump will have the nuclear codes if elected bucolic_frolic Nov 2016 #47
That's why the Dems should have had Sanders or Warren as VP LiberalLovinLug Nov 2016 #48
K&R for truth (n/t) Moostache Nov 2016 #51
Like I said before, they act like it's illegal for her to have email. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2016 #49
hey McCaul, since we're $20 trillion in debt with limited resources, wordpix Nov 2016 #54
First off Jeb Bartlet Nov 2016 #58
Odd how often their party talks about how Dems should honor the mandated will of the people. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #59
Blow it out yer ass, mccaul. joshdawg Nov 2016 #65
So? kebob Nov 2016 #66
Ok and Trump could be impeached if elected. Vinca Nov 2016 #68
Go ahead...You don't have the votes in the Senate. Make my day asshat. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #69
Republicans planning a coup ... so what's new. JoePhilly Nov 2016 #70
Misleading Headline should say Repub Sen. McCaul, not just Homeland Sec. chairman wishstar Nov 2016 #72
a bit misleading, yes and McCaul is in the House according to the article wordpix Nov 2016 #77
this is why republicans need to be voted out of every branch of government - they hate democracy patsimp Nov 2016 #73
So what? Some R's are already scheming to impeach trump so their guy Pence gets in.nt Kashkakat v.2.0 Nov 2016 #75
Freaks RWW Nov 2016 #78
well rtracey Nov 2016 #79
Moran jpak Nov 2016 #80
The House can do an impeachment on any president for any or no reason. Yonnie3 Nov 2016 #81
So do we have the same Angry Conservative White man problem in HLS as we do in the FBI? Rex Nov 2016 #82
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