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Even Chris Wallace called out Trump on that answer wishstar Oct 2016 #1
Wallace's Follow-Up Should Have Been a Softball... TomCADem Oct 2016 #2
I thought Wallace was biased toward Trump and tossed him several softballs. olddad56 Oct 2016 #3
Agree. Trump should have said, from the beginning that it was "horrible" question everything Oct 2016 #4
Exactly right. Wallace was "guiding" Trump with follow up questions. Midnight Writer Oct 2016 #5
Yup, Wallace was so biased Trump actially said "thank you" to some of his statements/questions. nt SunSeeker Oct 2016 #6
yes^^^^^^ wordpix Oct 2016 #11
Trump stumbled on a lot more issues than Wikileaks. SunSeeker Oct 2016 #7
When she told him "You'd rather believe Putin" than our 17 US intel groups, Mc Mike Oct 2016 #8
So would I, but only on this! TomVilmer Oct 2016 #9
I doubt they were mistaken about Hussein. They pointed out it was unlikely he had WMD. randome Oct 2016 #10
Depends on how you read your sources... TomVilmer Oct 2016 #13
Respectfully disagree, on both counts, Tom. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #14
You are very welcome, but... TomVilmer Oct 2016 #15
I don't quite understand you. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #16
Who are the Russians.... TomVilmer Oct 2016 #17
Back to square one, Tom. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #18
By the way, here, Tom: Mc Mike Oct 2016 #19
IMO Republicans wanted to use stolen files dumped on wikileaks the entire election & were foiled Sunlei Oct 2016 #12
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