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Had they been incriminating against Hillary in any way, they would have no doubt been leaked. forest444 Oct 2016 #1
"Mary" indeed.. asiliveandbreathe Oct 2016 #5
Ah, to each his own. forest444 Oct 2016 #10
And what a hypocrite.. asiliveandbreathe Oct 2016 #12
Indeed. A very Republican character, for lack of a better word. forest444 Oct 2016 #13
Along with Trump's late buddy Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2016 #20
Right. It's too bad Hillary couldn't mention that Trump's lawyer in that DOJ discrimination suit forest444 Oct 2016 #27
Here's an alluring little number, coquettish and free - NBachers Oct 2016 #24
Ha! Hoover never looked better. forest444 Oct 2016 #26
Thanks- Long time since I've seen Whatever Happened to Baby Jane- NBachers Oct 2016 #28
Here's Woody Allen's version: forest444 Oct 2016 #30
This story is a bogus re-direct. CYA from Comey. DURHAM D Oct 2016 #2
Indeed. It's why he can't move his ass. nt msanthrope Oct 2016 #6
Hey, I found a package in my mailbox. Stonepounder Oct 2016 #3
President Obama has to speak on Comey's behavior Thrill Oct 2016 #4
No. Comey is still hanging himself. Let's not interrupt. nt msanthrope Oct 2016 #7
Good grief (reference to deity almighty) gordianot Oct 2016 #8
Misleading headline spooky3 Oct 2016 #9
How did he release information about bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #11
Maybe Comey didn't know but some RW agent sure probably did/does. Ligyron Oct 2016 #14
How difficult can it be for the FBI to make the case for a warrant? LiberalFighter Oct 2016 #15
And then hope the politicized Republican Committee does it. Coyotl Oct 2016 #18
Thousands of e-mails BS videohead5 Oct 2016 #16
but is there a little "c" on each email that means "Comey was here"? Sancho Oct 2016 #17
The Sunday morning political media sorefeet Oct 2016 #19
So how does he know there are Hillary's e-mails on the computer Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2016 #21
Some Trump surrogate probably gave him the inside scoop. Kablooie Oct 2016 #32
Ironically, he wouldn't GET a warrant under normal circumstances. He has absolutely no evidence TrollBuster9090 Oct 2016 #23
With all the attention this will get, you don't think he'll cross every T and dot every I? Upin Oct 2016 #35
Fire Comey! He had no cause to comment on anything but the fact that they found no Nitram Oct 2016 #25
looks like this story has legs.. bench scientist Oct 2016 #29
I'll tell you what the email was about - Anthony and Huma Wiener went to a Clinton Foundation haele Oct 2016 #38
If no one read them how the hell do they know they are pertinent to the email investigation? Kablooie Oct 2016 #31
Maybe he has access to another set of e-mails... Upin Oct 2016 #36
The more I learn about this story the more pissed off I get at Comey. SunSeeker Oct 2016 #33
He needs to go. He is a Republican hack and the FBI cannot possibly be trusted with anything so long WIProgressive88 Oct 2016 #37
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