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"the current minimum wage is a starvation wage " As opposed to Social Security. n/t jtuck004 Jul 2016 #1
This Social Security -only income person says Amen to that. nt silvershadow Jul 2016 #49
"The typical American couple has only $5,000 saved for retirement." RKP5637 Jul 2016 #2
Everyone has ideas bucolic_frolic Jul 2016 #3
Considering how crooked our sulphurdunn Jul 2016 #8
Yes Freddie Jul 2016 #33
That is partially true, St. Ronnie started taxing at 50% Bill Clinton raised it doc03 Jul 2016 #58
Remove the wage cap dynamo99 Jul 2016 #35
This is IMO the best option trc Jul 2016 #40
Those who receive "dividends" or stock in lieu of pay won't pay anything cpamomfromtexas Jul 2016 #44
That would help immensely Yupster Jul 2016 #45
Right on. Cass Jul 2016 #64
SSI is $740 a month. happyslug Jul 2016 #37
"other income" bucolic_frolic Jul 2016 #46
For SSI all is income. happyslug Jul 2016 #51
Social Security disagrees with you. former9thward Jul 2016 #47
"After midnight, during a session that began nearly two hours after it was scheduled, two amendments merrily Jul 2016 #4
Puzzling? Not to progressives 4dsc Jul 2016 #10
Hillary Rodham Clinton (on google) on Medicare and Social Security merrily Jul 2016 #13
Somehow it doesn't puzzle me at all. pangaia Jul 2016 #27
Me either. Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #52
"...both amendments failed by about the margin that Clinton enjoyed over Sanders..." George II Jul 2016 #20
You know I didn't write the article, right? merrily Jul 2016 #63
It was a pretty long article, but for some reason you chose to isolate that one short passage. George II Jul 2016 #65
Some reason? That passage describes the vote cited in the title of the article. merrily Jul 2016 #66
Actually, it really doesn't. The title of the article mentions $15 miminum wage and "stalemate".... George II Jul 2016 #67
Actually, it does. Also, it's still Sunday morning where I am and I usually enjoy my Sundays, but merrily Jul 2016 #68
Isn't Social Security a Republican program? Octafish Jul 2016 #5
If we don't expand Social Security we will just spend more on the disability and SSI part anyway hollowdweller Jul 2016 #6
this mopinko Jul 2016 #30
Yes -- and also we will ramp up fear if we don't expand Social Security. Great points you made! Akamai Jul 2016 #38
Republicans will have fun with this one Arizona Roadrunner Jul 2016 #7
An answer to that question sulphurdunn Jul 2016 #11
The way DU is now, you can have a post scrubbed for just quoting the words of NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #39
But as I was told here somewhere, it's just a piece of paper. pangaia Jul 2016 #28
Eliminate the cap on social security tax - problem solved groundloop Jul 2016 #9
To do that would require sulphurdunn Jul 2016 #12
That is the thing that needs to be done first, before other things can be addressed. still_one Jul 2016 #14
Apparently, scrapping the cap is what was rejected suffragette Jul 2016 #32
That is the direct solution to the Social Security short fall. Of course money should have never still_one Jul 2016 #41
Completely agree with you on scrapping the cap and that SS funds should not be used suffragette Jul 2016 #42
Sure it should. still_one Jul 2016 #43
Wouldn't that increase employer costs? seabeckind Jul 2016 #16
Those same employers enjoying record profits while stagnating wages? KeepItReal Jul 2016 #23
Yep. They didn't get record profits by increasing their labor costs. n/t seabeckind Jul 2016 #24
Walmart can go to $15/hour simply by cutting the size of its stock buyback. KeepItReal Jul 2016 #26
So then no 'cap' on the guaranteed ss check *everyone*(who paid in) including billionares get? Sunlei Jul 2016 #34
This is so sad... This is why I was a Bernie Sanders fan..oh well, we must carry on. I will secondwind Jul 2016 #15
Why do they not want to expand social security? RoccoR5955 Jul 2016 #17
deficit hawkery is still the order of the day. . .n/t annabanana Jul 2016 #19
So is expanding military spending. RoccoR5955 Jul 2016 #50
Increase in minimum wage helps fund social security also lostnfound Jul 2016 #18
Nina Turner is a smart women… Good work... midnight Jul 2016 #21
Great, now 70-year-olds who need to work can get paid better. L. Coyote Jul 2016 #22
Scrap the cap - No says HRC supporters daa Jul 2016 #25
Stalemate? Democrats?!!!???? ananda Jul 2016 #29
As someone who survives only on SS disability arithia Jul 2016 #31
I'm a payroll admin Freddie Jul 2016 #36
"I would feel terribly sorry for them" awoke_in_2003 Jul 2016 #53
Forgot the sarcasm thingy! Freddie Jul 2016 #54
Sorry awoke_in_2003 Jul 2016 #55
I am blown away how the Democrats shaping the platform are making it such a conservative one. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #48
I am surprised they gave in on $15 and not SS. Ash_F Jul 2016 #56
sold their souls to wall street. pansypoo53219 Jul 2016 #57
$15 per hour minimum wage may be meaningless if TPP passes Arizona Roadrunner Jul 2016 #59
To be honest I would have preferred a platform that would take the setting of the minimum wage cstanleytech Jul 2016 #60
"The platform as it existed promised that Democrats would "expand" Social Security" Tactical Peek Jul 2016 #61
Stalemating on Social Security. chapdrum Jul 2016 #62
And the TPP? forest444 Jul 2016 #69
Those who oppose expanding social security are not really democrats Doctor_J Jul 2016 #70
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