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30. Clinton received 133k
Tue Jun 28, 2016, 09:31 AM
Jun 2016

From for profit prison companies


Of course they ain't worried, they have bought and paid for help.

I'll vote for her, but I will never trust her.
I'll bet anyone a hundred bucks she will continue the neoliberal agenda.
Same old, same old...I weep for my kids and the world they are getting

Now, delete this, ban me...prove you don't care about our country

And what do those savings get us? bonemachine Jun 2016 #1
Glad you cited this Mother Jones special investigative report. Stevepol Jun 2016 #11
Got him an iron clad contract in a republican state, does he? seabeckind Jun 2016 #2
First, "We should" is not a pledge. Second, Auggie Jun 2016 #3
This falls under the "Constructive Criticism" clause... Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #4
If I were Hillary, I would want to vocally hit back at that trash talking prick. Lucky Luciano Jun 2016 #5
Wonder if she will. 840high Jun 2016 #13
Some states--like Vermont--make heavy use of private prisons. nt MADem Jun 2016 #6
Must be Bernie's fault... Human101948 Jun 2016 #8
Heehee - you made me laugh out loud!!!! 840high Jun 2016 #14
No, he is not involved with state government management. nt MADem Jun 2016 #20
It was a snarky response to what seemed like more Bernie bashing... Human101948 Jun 2016 #28
Just Couldn't Help Yourself billhicks76 Jun 2016 #21
Your accusations are unfounded. MADem Jun 2016 #22
Like I Said You're Still Attacking Bernie billhicks76 Jun 2016 #23
Please stop attacking me with false assertions. You are getting personal and rude and MADem Jun 2016 #25
Please Stop Baiting People billhicks76 Jun 2016 #26
Take your own advice. nt MADem Jun 2016 #27
Likely because states, not the feds, run most prisons and states incarcerate 85%-90% of prisoners. bluestateguy Jun 2016 #7
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #9
+1 tom_kelly Jun 2016 #10
Seems likely, but apparently it's against the rules to speculate bonemachine Jun 2016 #12
Ya know Stryder Jun 2016 #16
It was a prediction bonemachine Jun 2016 #17
OK, That's helpful. Stryder Jun 2016 #18
Some will see. Some will refuse to see. Gene Debs Jun 2016 #19
Here's just one story from the Winn facility investigated by Shane Bauer in Mother Jones Stevepol Jun 2016 #15
Clinton received 133k DiverDave Jun 2016 #30
You seem to overstate your relevance LanternWaste Jun 2016 #31
so I don't count DiverDave Jun 2016 #33
You count, the silent majority knows you are right. harun Jun 2016 #37
This is an important issue. alarimer Jun 2016 #32
As long as she has to deal with a GOP Congress, it will be as difficult as Obama's time Hekate Jun 2016 #24
They made 20/30 year contracts with States. SC could find private prisons unconstitutional ? Sunlei Jun 2016 #29
That would be wonderful if they did. Private prisons existing are shameful. PersonNumber503602 Jun 2016 #34
And the fact that most of the contracts have a 90%-95% fulfillment rate. MindPilot Jun 2016 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #35
Of course not; he knows she won't do anything. MindPilot Jun 2016 #36
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