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Judi Lynn

(161,089 posts)
Wed Dec 23, 2015, 09:29 PM Dec 2015

US Christmas lights use more energy than entire countries [View all]

Source: Agence France-Presse

US Christmas lights use more energy than entire countries
December 23, 2015

American household Christmas lights, a favorite holiday tradition, use up more electricity than some poorer countries—such as El Salvador or Ethiopia—do in a year.

Bright lights strung on American trees, rooftops and lawns account for 6.63 billion kilowatt hours of electricity consumption every year, according to a recent blog post by the Center for Global Development.

That's more than the national electricity consumption of many developing countries. El Salvador for one, uses 5.35 billion kilowatt hours, while Ethiopia consumes 5.30 billion and Tanzania 4.81 billion.

The researchers, Todd Moss and Priscilla Agyapong, used data from a 2008 US Department of Energy report and the World Bank to carry out their research.

Read more: http://phys.org/news/2015-12-christmas-energy-entire-countries.html#jCp

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I wonder KentuckyWoman Dec 2015 #1
Could be, if we didn't come to DU we'd be driving our hot cars around, cruising, hangin' out, Judi Lynn Dec 2015 #15
Some electricity use is good trillion Dec 2015 #95
Odd around here this year (mid-michigan) as not that many Purveyor Dec 2015 #2
Maybe Andy823 Dec 2015 #6
Just glancing over at the pile of christmas receipts we have accumulated, I just might Purveyor Dec 2015 #10
Sounds like the War on Christmas has hit the person's area rpannier Dec 2015 #21
L.E.D. lights? xfundy Dec 2015 #3
this article gives a good comparison restorefreedom Dec 2015 #28
beats spending that $$ on those pesky poor, hungry, and/or homeless people nt msongs Dec 2015 #4
Aw, Helping the poor isn't the "True Christmas Spirit" ... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #39
How the hell do you know that most of us don't do both? GGJohn Dec 2015 #42
Money spent on Christmas lights is money NOT Herman4747 Dec 2015 #45
I spend MY, yes, MY money on both. GGJohn Dec 2015 #47
So with that rationale, you should not be using a computer because that money you spent yeoman6987 Dec 2015 #57
You are choosing to browse DU Travis_0004 Dec 2015 #60
Your priorities are in apparent need of examination... Marengo Dec 2015 #68
So is money spend on TV's,Computers, BluRays, dinner out etc.. EX500rider Dec 2015 #70
Same thing with marijuana FrodosPet Dec 2015 #82
Some of you folk are serious killjoys... Adrahil Dec 2015 #88
It is NOT up to me to forgive you. Herman4747 Dec 2015 #92
Whatever. Happy Holidays. My lights are on, btw. Nt Adrahil Dec 2015 #99
Pssst - so are mine JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #102
Well I'm a atheist, and I try to help people year around rockfordfile Dec 2015 #98
I never said I help those in need just one day, I do it year round with not just money, GGJohn Dec 2015 #100
Such Pessimism cantbeserious Dec 2015 #76
What a silly article PSPS Dec 2015 #5
Bingo! I will NOT feel guilty about Christmas lights. I binge at snappyturtle Dec 2015 #8
Riddle Us This - Why Should Americans Get A Pass On Climate Change Inducing Sparkling Lights cantbeserious Dec 2015 #20
Nope...not feeling guilty. I use all LED and have recycled everything the snappyturtle Dec 2015 #30
So LED Lights Gives One A Pass - Pretty Sad - That Thinking Will Doom America cantbeserious Dec 2015 #32
Well if that upsets you this will really upset you. snappyturtle Dec 2015 #35
Well Thinking Small - Leads To - Small Perspectives cantbeserious Dec 2015 #51
I've thought about doing CO2, but my...um...vegetables are doing just fine without it so far. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2015 #90
Should we all wear hair shirts too? Adrahil Dec 2015 #83
Using Lights At Night Unnecessarily - Contributes To Light Pollution And Global Climate Change cantbeserious Dec 2015 #85
Hey, do what you want. I'll do the same. Happy Holidays! nt Adrahil Dec 2015 #87
It's necessary for some of us to use lights at night. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2015 #91
During World War 2, FOOD WAS RATIONED... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #40
As a matter of fact, GGJohn Dec 2015 #44
Sad to hear that your capacity to visualize... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #46
Oh but you're wrong, GGJohn Dec 2015 #48
Pretty sure the computer you're typing on uses far more energy NYC Liberal Dec 2015 #59
Why don't you get rid of YOUR computer... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #64
.... GGJohn Dec 2015 #65
.... GGJohn Dec 2015 #66
I'm not the one arguing against the energy usage of Christmas lights. NYC Liberal Dec 2015 #67
So maybe your claim that: Herman4747 Dec 2015 #69
Yes because THAT'S the major cause of warming-XMAS lights!! lol EX500rider Dec 2015 #72
If I indicted others for the same actions I engages in, I rationalize my behavior too. LanternWaste Dec 2015 #105
Riddle us this-Why should be care what you think? GGJohn Dec 2015 #43
Riddle Me This - Why Should Anyone Care What You Think cantbeserious Dec 2015 #50
I never said anyone should care what I think, GGJohn Dec 2015 #52
Nighty, Nighty - Sweet Dreams cantbeserious Dec 2015 #54
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. GGJohn Dec 2015 #55
Because i dont give a damn Travis_0004 Dec 2015 #61
Clearly cantbeserious Dec 2015 #75
Yes we should all wear gunny sacks & walk 5 miles to work...lol EX500rider Dec 2015 #71
Such Pessimism cantbeserious Dec 2015 #77
I'm not the pessimistic one..I don't think the world is going to hell in a handbasket due to xmas.. EX500rider Dec 2015 #103
Maybe the stupid journalist was thinking in terms of energy used for non-essential purposes. Judi Lynn Dec 2015 #17
Maybe some of those poor countries didn't get your meme... EX500rider Dec 2015 #73
yes they are dlwickham Dec 2015 #22
In answer to your 2nd question - a resounding YES!!! Herman4747 Dec 2015 #37
With the LED lights on I don't need the porch and walkway lights. LeftyMom Dec 2015 #7
And how on earth did our ancestors... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #36
They were a bit busy dying of childhood diseases, minor injuries, malnutrition and tooth decay. LeftyMom Dec 2015 #49
Well said! johnp3907 Dec 2015 #62
You are destroying the earth with your computer usage yeoman6987 Dec 2015 #58
Indeed, and might I add chapdrum Dec 2015 #79
or antibiotics, or X-ray machines, or polio vaccines.... Adrahil Dec 2015 #84
And then of course, the energy consumed by our military bases all over the world... FailureToCommunicate Dec 2015 #9
bam! nt restorefreedom Dec 2015 #29
WTF is the comparison to Ethiopia? FLPanhandle Dec 2015 #11
how about compared to canada, western europe , australia etc ? JI7 Dec 2015 #12
I have two strings of lights outside and I donate to an organization that. LiberalElite Dec 2015 #13
Never heard of this organization before seeing your post. What a wonderful cause. Judi Lynn Dec 2015 #18
I don't recall how I learned about this organization LiberalElite Dec 2015 #19
switched to all led Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #14
Well, compare that to our renewable energy generation per year and per December in 2014. truthisfreedom Dec 2015 #16
Yeah? So what? GGJohn Dec 2015 #23
That's basically how the US acts about climate change too. Nihil Dec 2015 #24
Only the privileged few put up Christmas lights? GGJohn Dec 2015 #25
Comparatively speaking (i.e., with reference to the OP article), yes. (n/t) Nihil Dec 2015 #26
So only Americans put up Christmas lights? GGJohn Dec 2015 #27
Christmas lights can be beautiful FrodosPet Dec 2015 #53
From you, that response doesn't surprise me. nt Herman4747 Dec 2015 #38
Yeah? So what? GGJohn Dec 2015 #41
GGJ ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #106
hanks ProfessorGAC GGJohn Dec 2015 #107
Since switching to LED my power consumption went way, way down. (nt) Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #31
In Idaha, ya git yer Christmas lights on yer tank! Judi Lynn Dec 2015 #33
But they are so pretty. Every third house has lights up in my suburban neighborhood Liberal_in_LA Dec 2015 #34
And it is now common for many to leave their lights up year round. tblue37 Dec 2015 #56
Our Christmas tree lights use more Turbineguy Dec 2015 #63
But they are much happier than us FrodosPet Dec 2015 #86
Can't we have just one day to be happy? potone Dec 2015 #74
Et Alors? N/t Vogon_Glory Dec 2015 #78
bah humbug! nt warrprayer Dec 2015 #80
Oh the guilt...how will I ever live with myself. ileus Dec 2015 #81
Which burns more kilowatt-hours: America's Christmas lights or Tanzania? Judi Lynn Dec 2015 #89
"Christmas lights are a good thing. A beautiful thing! I'm not trying to be anti-Christmas at all." bananas Dec 2015 #93
So Todd Moss hates the world as well? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #97
As my christmas lights and the yard display blink. At least my state is on Hydro and Wind. trillion Dec 2015 #94
This is stupid... EX500rider Dec 2015 #96
More energy than entire countries? SmittynMo Dec 2015 #101
This just shows that some people want to be thought of as liberal, but are really just conservatives Township75 Dec 2015 #104
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