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22. Fogle's Defense Trifecta
Thu Nov 19, 2015, 09:11 PM
Nov 2015

Last edited Fri Nov 20, 2015, 04:49 PM - Edit history (3)

TMZ 11/13:
...Fogle is asking for 5 years, saying although it was "inexcusable" he had sex with minors, "these individuals were far older (aged 16 and 17) than many victims of this same crime..."

...(T)he bulk of the photos and videos in his possession were from a thumb drive that (was given to) him, and he notes he never requested it...

TMZ 11/19:
...(The) judge just sentenced...Fogle...to 15.6 years in prison...after his attorneys tried to blame weight loss for his "mild pedophilia..."

Jared Fogle's attorneys...had a sexual behavior expert testify that Fogle had compulsive eating disorder -- but...once he lost the pounds he developed compulsive hypersexuality disorder...

"Mild" pedopohilia -- is that anything like being "a little bit" pregnant?

Federal system, you have to serve 87% of your sentence bluestateguy Nov 2015 #1
Plea deal was no less than 5, no more than 12 (requested by prosecution) .... Myrina Nov 2015 #7
Should be double that. romanic Nov 2015 #2
Adios you fucking monster. geomon666 Nov 2015 #3
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #4
My guess is he will be in protective custody agtcovert Nov 2015 #5
I wouldn't wish it upon anyone either liberal N proud Nov 2015 #6
Ask Jeffery Dahlmer, Timothy Dunivan about how "protected" staus worked out for them. marble falls Nov 2015 #15
Chances of parole - slim MowCowWhoHow III Nov 2015 #8
Even slimmer than he is... rocktivity Nov 2015 #23
Light sentence considering the magnitude of the crime Miles Archer Nov 2015 #9
Agreed. Especially with the diganoses .... Myrina Nov 2015 #10
"Mild" pedophelia? Didn't confess to more than what he was charged with? "Mild pedophilia"..... marble falls Nov 2015 #16
His Argument Was Classic SoCalMusicLover Nov 2015 #11
Especially since he was running online porn from IU-Bloomington BEFORE Subway found him Myrina Nov 2015 #12
Yeah, it almost sounds as if his lawyer was trying to reduce his sentence or something jberryhill Nov 2015 #14
The NERVE of that lawyer!! nt COLGATE4 Nov 2015 #18
Damned 6th Amendment jberryhill Nov 2015 #19
If his name was Duggar, keithbvadu2 Nov 2015 #13
That POS should have gotten a lot more! Hepburn Nov 2015 #17
Good! Dont call me Shirley Nov 2015 #20
Fogle tried and sentenced-check chapdrum Nov 2015 #21
Fogle's Defense Trifecta rocktivity Nov 2015 #22
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