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22. Okay, that didn't work.
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 04:07 PM
Dec 7

For one, Paypal won't accept my valid, prepaid credit/debit card. I have always used them.

Then, Paypal says I have to change my security settings so they can plant cookies on my computer, I'm reluctant to go there.

Maybe I'll just mail it to you.

THANK YOU EARLG for all you do and for DU! CousinIT Dec 7 #1
Nice work, DU! Niagara Dec 7 #2
Fabulous malaise Dec 7 #3
Thanks for the work you do! Wounded Bear Dec 7 #4
Thank you! 2naSalit Dec 7 #5
Thank you! Goddessartist Dec 7 #6
Thank you! I like that blue at the bottom of the page, too. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 7 #7
Thank you EarlG PatSeg Dec 7 #8
Thanks for all you do. Happy holidays of your choice, and there's $50 on its way. ❤️ Hekate Dec 7 #9
I'm really liking the changes! NutmegYankee Dec 7 #10
Thanks for the site - will send a little holiday bonus :) redqueen Dec 7 #11
Wonderful DU, real quality. Thanks for all, EarlG, things look great! appalachiablue Dec 7 #12
my insurence went down after almost tripling last year Kali Dec 7 #13
I would like a way to make a donation... MN2theMax Dec 7 #14
If you make a one-time Star Membership purchase, that's effectively a separate donation EarlG Dec 7 #19
Okay MN2theMax Dec 7 #20
Thanks very much for everything. nt TeamProg Dec 7 #15
thanks youse guys! (sent a little something for your end of the year bonus) orleans Dec 7 #16
Thanks! Looks great IronLionZion Dec 7 #17
Your wish is my command RussBLib Dec 7 #18
Thanks! highplainsdem Dec 7 #21
Okay, that didn't work. 2naSalit Dec 7 #22
The new upgrades are great! -nt CrispyQ Dec 7 #23
Donated! Happiest Holidays to all two of you!! AmBlue Dec 7 #24
I like it Tom Kitten Dec 7 #25
Ads Still Blocking Text bikes and bunnies Dec 7 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #28
Those overlapping ads are the bane of my existence EarlG Dec 7 #32
Can't stand Wackypedia - which I wish you could run, Earl. peppertree Dec 7 #27
Suggestion: a Home or Top link in the blue at the bottom Hermit-The-Prog Dec 7 #29
D'oh! Nevermind -- every post has a "Top" link which brings the banner link in view. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 8 #67
Thanks, EarlG! ShazzieB Dec 7 #30
Happy to help! A little something for the DU stocking... NewHendoLib Dec 7 #31
Thanks for all the work you do to keep DU... Think. Again. Dec 7 #33
You're Jimmy Wales??? WTF?? madinmaryland Dec 7 #34
Done. Thanks, DU is great. Polly Hennessey Dec 7 #35
Thumped the collection plate Major Nikon Dec 7 #36
OF COURSE we'll pitch in... FailureToCommunicate Dec 7 #37
Thank you Earl. Joy to you and yours this Holiday season. riversedge Dec 7 #38
I am happy to donate for DU! Blue Dawn Dec 7 #39
Great work and awesome communicationn edisdead Dec 7 #40
You done a Wales of a job with the fixes! True Dough Dec 7 #41
It's getting better, thanks! burrowowl Dec 7 #42
Thank you! Hope22 Dec 7 #43
Thanks for listening, and making moonscape Dec 7 #44
Do some of us have automatic Star renewal??? How do we find out?? LAS14 Dec 7 #45
You should be able to see your current Star Membership status EarlG Dec 7 #48
Thank you bdamomma Dec 7 #46
THANK YOU!!!!! netrace Dec 7 #47
Glad to make a contribution now.. HUAJIAO Dec 7 #49
trying to help OldSWODog Dec 7 #50
Hi there EarlG Dec 7 #52
thanks much OldSWODog Dec 8 #63
Thank you for all your hard work!!! CaptainTruth Dec 7 #51
You got it EarlG mountain grammy Dec 7 #53
Thanks and sure thing, I can chip in! n/t KatK Dec 7 #54
I'd appreciate having a General Discussion section on the Home Page again. SunSeeker Dec 7 #55
K&R n/t Alice Kramden Dec 7 #56
I'm in! Skittles Dec 7 #57
Many Thanks to You and All the Many Folks Behind the Scenes Who Must The Roux Comes First Dec 7 #58
Donation sent! Thanks for all your work to keep this community running! nt Lisa0825 Dec 8 #59
Thanks for the great website, but RocRizzo55 Dec 8 #60
I love the new format. Have since you rolled it out, so thank you. BUT something I have noticed, Scrivener7 Dec 8 #61
Done! Happy Holidays! More_Cowbell Dec 8 #62
Thank you, EarlG! crickets Dec 8 #64
Renewed my star membership EleanorR Dec 8 #65
Donated - send me a message if you want more. What would I do without Democratic Underground? NBachers Dec 8 #66
Thanks for listing the forums nitpicked Dec 8 #68
I have a super lazy ass request, if possible at some time. Kali Dec 10 #69
Yes we can do that EarlG Dec 10 #70
cool! Kali Dec 10 #71
I see you did this already! Kali Dec 12 #72
DU lookin good! Got a star membership in Oscar's name. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 13 #73
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