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In reply to the discussion: Latest DU4 status update [View all]
THANK YOU EARLG for all you do and for DU! CousinIT Dec 7 #1
Nice work, DU! Niagara Dec 7 #2
Fabulous malaise Dec 7 #3
Thanks for the work you do! Wounded Bear Dec 7 #4
Thank you! 2naSalit Dec 7 #5
Thank you! Goddessartist Dec 7 #6
Thank you! I like that blue at the bottom of the page, too. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 7 #7
Thank you EarlG PatSeg Dec 7 #8
Thanks for all you do. Happy holidays of your choice, and there's $50 on its way. ❤️ Hekate Dec 7 #9
I'm really liking the changes! NutmegYankee Dec 7 #10
Thanks for the site - will send a little holiday bonus :) redqueen Dec 7 #11
Wonderful DU, real quality. Thanks for all, EarlG, things look great! appalachiablue Dec 7 #12
my insurence went down after almost tripling last year Kali Dec 7 #13
I would like a way to make a donation... MN2theMax Dec 7 #14
If you make a one-time Star Membership purchase, that's effectively a separate donation EarlG Dec 7 #19
Okay MN2theMax Dec 7 #20
Thanks very much for everything. nt TeamProg Dec 7 #15
thanks youse guys! (sent a little something for your end of the year bonus) orleans Dec 7 #16
Thanks! Looks great IronLionZion Dec 7 #17
Your wish is my command RussBLib Dec 7 #18
Thanks! highplainsdem Dec 7 #21
Okay, that didn't work. 2naSalit Dec 7 #22
The new upgrades are great! -nt CrispyQ Dec 7 #23
Donated! Happiest Holidays to all two of you!! AmBlue Dec 7 #24
I like it Tom Kitten Dec 7 #25
Ads Still Blocking Text bikes and bunnies Dec 7 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #28
Those overlapping ads are the bane of my existence EarlG Dec 7 #32
Can't stand Wackypedia - which I wish you could run, Earl. peppertree Dec 7 #27
Suggestion: a Home or Top link in the blue at the bottom Hermit-The-Prog Dec 7 #29
D'oh! Nevermind -- every post has a "Top" link which brings the banner link in view. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 8 #67
Thanks, EarlG! ShazzieB Dec 7 #30
Happy to help! A little something for the DU stocking... NewHendoLib Dec 7 #31
Thanks for all the work you do to keep DU... Think. Again. Dec 7 #33
You're Jimmy Wales??? WTF?? madinmaryland Dec 7 #34
Done. Thanks, DU is great. Polly Hennessey Dec 7 #35
Thumped the collection plate Major Nikon Dec 7 #36
OF COURSE we'll pitch in... FailureToCommunicate Dec 7 #37
Thank you Earl. Joy to you and yours this Holiday season. riversedge Dec 7 #38
I am happy to donate for DU! Blue Dawn Dec 7 #39
Great work and awesome communicationn edisdead Dec 7 #40
You done a Wales of a job with the fixes! True Dough Dec 7 #41
It's getting better, thanks! burrowowl Dec 7 #42
Thank you! Hope22 Dec 7 #43
Thanks for listening, and making moonscape Dec 7 #44
Do some of us have automatic Star renewal??? How do we find out?? LAS14 Dec 7 #45
You should be able to see your current Star Membership status EarlG Dec 7 #48
Thank you bdamomma Dec 7 #46
THANK YOU!!!!! netrace Dec 7 #47
Glad to make a contribution now.. HUAJIAO Dec 7 #49
trying to help OldSWODog Dec 7 #50
Hi there EarlG Dec 7 #52
thanks much OldSWODog Dec 8 #63
Thank you for all your hard work!!! CaptainTruth Dec 7 #51
You got it EarlG mountain grammy Dec 7 #53
Thanks and sure thing, I can chip in! n/t KatK Dec 7 #54
I'd appreciate having a General Discussion section on the Home Page again. SunSeeker Dec 7 #55
K&R n/t Alice Kramden Dec 7 #56
I'm in! Skittles Dec 7 #57
Many Thanks to You and All the Many Folks Behind the Scenes Who Must The Roux Comes First Dec 7 #58
Donation sent! Thanks for all your work to keep this community running! nt Lisa0825 Dec 8 #59
Thanks for the great website, but RocRizzo55 Dec 8 #60
I love the new format. Have since you rolled it out, so thank you. BUT something I have noticed, Scrivener7 Dec 8 #61
Done! Happy Holidays! More_Cowbell Dec 8 #62
Thank you, EarlG! crickets Dec 8 #64
Renewed my star membership EleanorR Dec 8 #65
Donated - send me a message if you want more. What would I do without Democratic Underground? NBachers Dec 8 #66
Thanks for listing the forums nitpicked Dec 8 #68
I have a super lazy ass request, if possible at some time. Kali Dec 10 #69
Yes we can do that EarlG Dec 10 #70
cool! Kali Dec 10 #71
I see you did this already! Kali Dec 12 #72
DU lookin good! Got a star membership in Oscar's name. A-Schwarzenegger Dec 13 #73
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