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103. Wow, EarlG!
Sat Dec 2, 2023, 06:58 AM
Dec 2

I took it off Skinner Mode to take a look. It's so much better that I might just leave it this way. Thank you!

Hi Earl G. and many thanks for all that you and your crew are doing. The site is wonderful and I look forward to SheilaAnn Dec 1 #1
Thanks so much! Goddessartist Dec 1 #2
And there it is dweller Dec 1 #3
Wow. Much better! relayerbob Dec 1 #4
I was startled and wondered what happened -- thanks for the explanation & TY for all you do Hekate Dec 1 #5
Love the tabs flying_wahini Dec 1 #6
You're simply the best malaise Dec 1 #7
I lie this WA-A-A-AY better!! lastlib Dec 1 #8
Looks/works great NewHendoLib Dec 1 #9
Rolling with the punches. Thanks for all of your hard work, EarlG! ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 1 #10
Looks awesome...love it! Thanks for all the work. MiHale Dec 1 #11
Nice improvement!! CrispyQ Dec 1 #12
Yes!!! The tabs are so much better! Initech Dec 1 #13
Thanks EarlG, in spite of the omission of a coffee warming clicky thingy. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 1 #14
NICE!!! we can do it Dec 1 #15
oh! nicely done! Tesha Dec 1 #16
Looks to be an improvement over the "phone-y" interface! nt Shermann Dec 1 #17
Thanks, I think I'm going to like this. Definitely like that Sidebar Collapse option. nt TeamProg Dec 1 #18
Thank you! Picaro Dec 1 #19
Thanks for improving the tabbed navigation at the top of the page. Means fewer clicks to get where I want. emulatorloo Dec 1 #20
Great updates! redqueen Dec 1 #21
I'm nobody, but I have an opinion, I found myself on DU probably only 10% of the time that I spent before the update. Comfortably_Numb Dec 1 #22
Earl, any chance of adding a search bar to the website? 3Hotdogs Dec 1 #23
There is one... EarlG Dec 1 #27
Now, I've embarrassed myself. 3Hotdogs Dec 1 #47
No worries EarlG Dec 1 #53
Oh no, changes !!11!!!1 Yonnie3 Dec 1 #24
I like it a lot. nt Susan Calvin Dec 1 #25
Love it so far, thanks! Mosby Dec 1 #26
Thank you, this is much better IronLionZion Dec 1 #28
Who do I send a screenshot to? ArkansasDemocrat1 Dec 1 #29
It sounds like your browser might have cached some of our old files instead of using the new ones EarlG Dec 1 #34
Now I can see what everyone is talking about ArkansasDemocrat1 Dec 1 #51
Same thing happened to me canetoad Dec 1 #66
Much Better! Richard D Dec 1 #30
YES!! I love it thank you!! nt TalenaGor Dec 1 #31
sweet jcgoldie Dec 1 #32
Cool! Liberal In Texas Dec 1 #33
Bravo! And thanks! highplainsdem Dec 1 #35
NICE! Thanks EarlG! n/t CousinIT Dec 1 #36
Can anyone tell me why on my phone the site extends beyond the right side of the screen? flashman13 Dec 1 #37
It's most likely an incorrectly sized ad loading in EarlG Dec 1 #38
Thank you! diane in sf Dec 1 #39
You Rock! NutmegYankee Dec 1 #40
Thank you for the tabs! KatyaR Dec 1 #41
Thank you for all your great work! All administrators! Wild blueberry Dec 1 #42
Oh thank you PatSeg Dec 1 #43
Thank you for making the front page all one font again. intheflow Dec 1 #44
Not very attractive. EOM. Scottie Mom Dec 1 #45
The only change I would like to see is a separate tab for non-political videos Quixote1818 Dec 1 #46
Do this... EarlG Dec 1 #56
Wonderful. Thanks nt Quixote1818 Dec 1 #80
Thank you for turning off the blinks on my subscriptions! Lulu KC Dec 1 #48
Oh no now it's blinking again Lulu KC Dec 1 #89
9 tabs are too many. Should eliminate the NameAlreadyTaken Dec 1 #49
Thank you. sheshe2 Dec 1 #50
I tried DU4 and went back to DU3. I'll wait a few days to go to DU4. Paper Roses Dec 1 #52
This is the first time in weeks I've signed in from the desktop, and NOT been forced to: DFW Dec 1 #54
Sorry about that EarlG Dec 1 #57
Don't gloat too early. DFW Dec 1 #64
Do you ever use a VPN? EarlG Dec 1 #68
Come to think of it, Dallas sent me a VPN link to our Texas network DFW Dec 1 #73
Hi EarlG, I was a UK-based DUer with this problem (presumably in the same boat as those still in the EU!) Emrys Dec 1 #78
So this is the new DU4 format? No more 'settings' to be in 'Skinner mode' or not? sinkingfeeling Dec 1 #55
The "My Stuff" button has been replaced with the "My DU" tab EarlG Dec 1 #59
LOVE LOVE LOVE the tabs. MontanaMama Dec 1 #58
Applause and thanks! Easterncedar Dec 1 #60
I have to say it looks great. Mr. Sparkle Dec 1 #61
Thank you wendyb-NC Dec 1 #62
I love the new layout of the home page. Sogo Dec 1 #63
The blue boxes draw my eyes up when I'm trying to read and gives me a headache questionseverything Dec 1 #65
For the next round of fixes EarlG Dec 1 #70
The color bothers HighFired49 Dec 3 #114
Looks great. Thanks, guys! DinahMoeHum Dec 1 #67
Thanks so much, EarlG. greatauntoftriplets Dec 1 #69
I like it claudette Dec 1 #71
Thank you for all that you do (which is considerable) UpInArms Dec 1 #72
Looks great! kanda Dec 1 #74
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Dec 1 #75
I gotta say.. I am so Cha Dec 1 #76
GREAT WORK!! Thanks!! WarGamer Dec 1 #77
Ahh that's better justaprogressive Dec 1 #79
my phone view of homepage has degraded fargone Dec 1 #81
I can tell you that the issue with the homepage is unfortunately related to an ad EarlG Dec 1 #91
Screenshots fargone Dec 3 #112
Curious. See how there are two Trending/Greatest sections on the homepage screenshot? EarlG Dec 3 #113
It may have worked! fargone Dec 4 #115
Hey, great EarlG Dec 5 #116
Why don't you just... ClearSky24 Dec 1 #82
Love, love, LOVE birdographer Dec 1 #83
So far, so good - I think. But I'm no techie on business like this. calimary Dec 1 #84
Liking it so far! SledDriver Dec 1 #85
Thanks! wysimdnwyg Dec 1 #86
I love it. byronius Dec 1 #87
Thank you! mahina Dec 1 #88
Thank you! 2naSalit Dec 1 #90
Es bueno! JoseBalow Dec 1 #92
Hmm thanks for the heads up EarlG Dec 1 #94
No problemo! JoseBalow Dec 1 #96
Btw EarlG Dec 1 #98
Well, this blows. A HERETIC I AM Dec 1 #93
Looks awesome to me Wednesdays Dec 1 #95
Awesome NowISeetheLight Dec 1 #97
Great Job - site is looking great! SouthernDem4ever Dec 1 #99
Hi EarlG democrank Dec 1 #100
Wonderful!! I did not realise that it could be better. Srkdqltr Dec 1 #101
Minor glitch noticed dweller Dec 1 #102
Wow, EarlG! piddyprints Dec 2 #103
Wow, lookin good... THANKS!! 👍 InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2 #104
I like it! LittleGirl Dec 2 #105
EarlG. Thanks for all your work. TomSlick Dec 2 #106
Thanks for everything you do! sarchasm Dec 2 #107
Two thumbs way up, thx for your hard work! (NT) HuskyOffset Dec 2 #108
Thanks for listening and the good work! dutch777 Dec 2 #109
Lookin' Good! mntleo2 Dec 2 #110
A few fine-tuning issues from the perspective of a UI designer Shermann Dec 2 #111
Hey EarlG Dec 7 #118
Most productive developers, damn good and fast. lostnfound Dec 5 #117
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