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21. Solidly progressive.
Mon Jun 20, 2022, 03:14 PM
Jun 2022

You admins have it here as a feature here and not a bug. That's a pretty stunning (and great) accomplishment these days.

Ty, EarlG! SheltieLover Jun 2022 #1
Thank you to you both, IngridsLittleAngel and EarlG. Solly Mack Jun 2022 #2
Thank you. It is distressing when people thoughtlessly hurt other people's feelings Walleye Jun 2022 #3
Cudn't agree more;precisely why bigots like JKRowling & other fascists should be promptly cancelled! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2022 #240
Good. Behind the Aegis Jun 2022 #4
this right here!!!!! mopinko Jun 2022 #26
I agree! I wish we could have Cha Jun 2022 #42
I would like that too, but would settle for just the "bigotry" rule because it is complicated. Behind the Aegis Jun 2022 #57
Yes! Solly Mack Jun 2022 #101
I could not agree more. The comments from the alerter gave some context that is so often hlthe2b Jun 2022 #200
100% agree. soldierant Jun 2022 #202
Very true! Eom Karma13612 Jun 2022 #280
While we're discussing DU juries, I'd like to know how any juror can possibility judge, Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 2022 #248
Yes. That is generally a "crystal ball" issue. There are undoubtedly some alerters with a "pattern," hlthe2b Jun 2022 #269
And even if the alerters have a pattern, like alerting on every issue they see ... marble falls Jun 2023 #323
I agree, Karma13612 Jun 2022 #281
actually that is not true for real juries Kali Jun 2022 #290
Are those witnesses and evidence somehow Karma13612 Jun 2022 #315
Personally, I would like the jury system here to be abolished. MarcA Jun 2022 #313
You can go to the original OP and look ... marble falls Jun 2023 #324
+1000 n/t FreeState Jun 2022 #292
Thank you EarlG for the information and education. Irish_Dem Jun 2022 #5
Good on ya' EarlG! AndyS Jun 2022 #6
Kudos to IngridsLittleAngel. Irish_Dem Jun 2022 #7
We had a transgender human come out in a group setting. It wasn't easy for this person. LakeArenal Jun 2022 #8
Duly noted... and thanks. AmBlue Jun 2022 #9
Thank you for this clarification, my dear EarlG. CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2022 #10
This YoshidaYui Jun 2022 #12
Progress, not perfection. joshdawg Jun 2022 #87
Working for sure. notinkansas Jun 2022 #252
Thank you, EarlG! Aristus Jun 2022 #11
I think this is a good idea. phylny Jun 2022 #13
nobody is out there persecuting xtians. mopinko Jun 2022 #27
Indeed. Excellent point, mopinko. Sad but true. calimary Jun 2022 #55
Nobody? ruet Jun 2022 #72
fine. nobody here. in this country or on this board. mopinko Jun 2022 #76
Context SpankMe Jun 2022 #246
Using the term "sky-daddy" refers to all religions, deists, all people that believe in God. Dysfunctional Jun 2022 #113
I agree. Maraya1969 Jun 2022 #137
People that believe in a paternalistic monotheism. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #156
"persecuting" & "insulting" are both supposed to be frowned upon oldsoftie Jun 2022 #176
THANK you.. whathehell Apr 2023 #320
Christians aren't a persecuted minority Kali Jun 2022 #36
But... lees1975 Jun 2022 #50
Agree. EVERY INDIVIDUAL should be protected from bigotry/insensitivity. Hortensis Jun 2022 #94
Well said and that is my point, but you phylny Jun 2022 #126
As usual, you say it better than anyone can. Eliot Rosewater Jun 2022 #227
Lol. Thanks, but think I imprinted Jane Austin as a kid. Hortensis Jun 2022 #272
when individual Christian democrats are personally attacked I will be sure to alert on the post. Kali Jun 2022 #206
Thank you! Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2022 #293
I Think That... ruet Jun 2022 #51
I think that I don't vote with my phylny Jun 2022 #117
The no bigoted/insensitivity rule posted specifically mentions religion MichMan Jun 2022 #53
My point and thank you. phylny Jun 2022 #120
God, do you not get why posting this here is a bad idea? obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #52
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author ruet Jun 2022 #64
Pathetic prejudice going on here.... nt LAS14 Jun 2022 #90
Seems pretty clear to me what the revised rules states MichMan Jun 2022 #62
I feel I must ask how this works when the religious belief of Republicans NullTuples Jun 2022 #224
Yup. Thanks for this. nt LAS14 Jun 2022 #84
I don't accommodate this anymore. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #106
Whether you accommodate this or not doesn't phylny Jun 2022 #124
Start a separate thread in GD, please. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #128
It's not about "me." phylny Jun 2022 #129
There's a time to step up and a time to step back. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #130
Next time I need advice on posting here phylny Jun 2022 #131
I have temporarily blocked you from posting in this forum EarlG Jun 2022 #135
Attacking ideas is not attacking the person who Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #143
Do you often ask "Don't all lives matter?" yardwork Jun 2022 #181
Thanks for this Sunsky Jun 2022 #188
That's different. fescuerescue Jun 2022 #199
Excellent. MontanaMama Jun 2022 #14
Right there with you!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2022 #237
Thank you. irisblue Jun 2022 #15
Thank you. momta Jun 2022 #16
Kickin' Faux pas Jun 2022 #17
They've been doing a good job of moderating, but it's likely been a lot of extra work NullTuples Jun 2022 #149
There are no moderators on DU. There is a jury system. We are all moderators. yardwork Jun 2022 #183
It would help if jurors were told the outcome on the cases they're called to judge. TheRickles Jun 2022 #185
I agree with your point. There is no feedback. How am I doing as a juror? 70sEraVet Jun 2022 #209
+100000000 Karma13612 Jun 2022 #282
Yes, but entire discussions have been taken down. I assumed that was not due to a jurist NullTuples Jun 2022 #226
You're right, that would be volunteer Hosts. yardwork Jun 2022 #274
If an OP itself is taken down, the rest of the discussion stays up, but is locked. Makes sense to me marble falls Jun 2023 #322
Keep an eye out whenever there is any news blurb Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #175
Not only that vercetti2021 Jun 2022 #228
Correct IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #231
Yep vercetti2021 Jun 2022 #233
I'm already anticipating that possibility IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #256
Wow! Faux pas Jun 2022 #278
TY for this bluestarone Jun 2022 #18
I am very happy to see this. MuseRider Jun 2022 #19
Thank you! GoneOffShore Jun 2022 #20
Solidly progressive. Torchlight Jun 2022 #21
Good! BumRushDaShow Jun 2022 #22
Best of luck with this. William769 Jun 2022 #23
What's deadnaming? wryter2000 Jun 2022 #24
Definition billh58 Jun 2022 #78
Thanks wryter2000 Jun 2022 #102
Here's some information about deadnaming: EarlG Jun 2022 #80
I assume it's using the name the person was given originally but no longer uses Ocelot II Jun 2022 #82
Thanks for this, EarlG. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2022 #25
Let's hope so! William769 Jun 2022 #33
We've been working on him (my brother-in-law) greatauntoftriplets Jun 2022 #56
I know a good few like that. And thats why he lost. oldsoftie Jun 2022 #173
It took some convincing because he's always voted for president. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2022 #186
To win you HAVE to keep your original voters. he started bleeding them. oldsoftie Jun 2022 #191
I am unclear on what this means... LiberatedUSA Jun 2022 #28
What if the unsensitive comment is made by a Democratic public figure? MichMan Jun 2022 #38
It's really just a common sense reminder EarlG Jun 2022 #75
Some of us jurors do not understand what's wrong with the post complained of. Shrike47 Jun 2022 #29
This is good to know, thank you! arthritisR_US Jun 2022 #30
Thank You so much EarlG.... Tikki Jun 2022 #31
K&R spanone Jun 2022 #32
Forgive my ignorance please, but what is "deadnaming"? nolabear Jun 2022 #34
I didn't know either... Moosepoop Jun 2022 #40
Thanks! nolabear Jun 2022 #70
"Deadnaming" is using a trans person's name prior to transition. Behind the Aegis Jun 2022 #41
Thanks. I kind of figured. nolabear Jun 2022 #71
That's when you call Caitlyn Jenner by her former name instead of her current one. LonePirate Jun 2022 #47
Gotcha. Thanks. Makes sense. nolabear Jun 2022 #74
Thank you, EarlG. This place is an ongoing education Hekate Jun 2022 #35
One of the biggest plusses on DUs side is its embrace of diversity. lpbk2713 Jun 2022 #37
Thank you, EarlG!!! Maeve Jun 2022 #39
Thank you!!!! Scottie Mom Jun 2022 #43
Maybe you could get EndlessWire Jun 2022 #44
are you serious? Kali Jun 2022 #207
Oh boy obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #265
Thank You, EarlG & IngridsLittleAngel! Cha Jun 2022 #45
It would be nice if those of us who had posts hidden for calling out transphobia obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #46
+ 1000 I hope earlg will take note of this. Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #178
I've had similar experiences AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2022 #198
I'm usually firm, but civil - Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #201
Thank you Earl G. and IngridsLittleAngel. Moosepoop Jun 2022 #48
Bravo EG! 👍🏻 Floyd R. Turbo Jun 2022 #49
Thank you. This shit has been driving me up a wall lately. Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2022 #54
littlemissmartypants Jun 2022 #59
big+ llashram Jun 2022 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author 867-5309. Jun 2022 #61
What does that have to do with the OP? obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author 867-5309. Jun 2022 #79
Oh, I see -- you are pushing obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #83
I'm wondering about Hillary Clinton's recent statement that she thought, pnwmom Jun 2022 #63
What if a similar comment is posted & someone is critical of it being said?? MichMan Jun 2022 #91
I'm avoiding commenting, too much stuff I have to look up like Captain Zero Jun 2022 #261
The rule does not appear to preclude this. Jirel Jun 2022 #112
I'm going to ask a genuine question IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #158
I don't think anybody said Hillary's carry more weight. Lots of posts here get ignored, pnwmom Jun 2022 #218
I'll just leave it at this: IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #221
Last Wednesday FreepFryer Jun 2022 #230
And I'll add to that: President Biden on March 30, 2022 (Transgender Day of Visibility): IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #232
I admit to having problems with the "they/them" pronouns. LonePirate Jun 2022 #65
Actually, from a grammar standpoint, single but indeterminate individuals are also "they." TygrBright Jun 2022 #96
Ill bet you use a singular they more often than you think. Chellee Jun 2022 #147
A bit of context: NullTuples Jun 2022 #160
ME TOOOOO!!!! Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #192
Omg why do you keep posting this? obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #267
Second-hand pronouns Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #305
Singular they has been used as centuries obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #266
I really like They/Them DBoon Jun 2022 #312
thank ya's ! freedom mean's " all people - not just a few " ! cloudboy07 Jun 2022 #66
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #68
Do you not get that this post breaks the new rule? obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #81
I told you I'm in trouble now. n/t SleeplessinSoCal Jun 2022 #86
Wow, you are really proud of this obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #89
Works for me... 2naSalit Jun 2022 #69
Earl, are you one of the people ... Jeebo Jun 2022 #73
Some info on juries Yonnie3 Jun 2022 #95
Personal opinions will always enter into the equation EarlG Jun 2022 #99
What is the recourse, then, for those battered by transphobic or homophobic posts left standing? Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #184
+1000 Karma13612 Jun 2022 #283
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #77
"life choices" -- what about being trans is a life choice? obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #88
Yeah, referring to an element of someone's identity as a "life choice" could be offensive. TygrBright Jun 2022 #100
That is so fcuking annoying I can't even Jilly_in_VA Jun 2022 #165
I know, I know, Jilly... TygrBright Jun 2022 #170
There is only one "choice" when it comes to this.. IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #168
I commend you for this service to DU and you have my full support!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2022 #235
This is a step in the right direction but may not be enough. yardwork Jun 2022 #85
Good things happen. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #92
LOUD APPLAUSE!!!! n/t TygrBright Jun 2022 #93
Good idea. FoxNewsSucks Jun 2022 #97
Sometimes we are in need of enlightenment, or at least reminders. Ocelot II Jun 2022 #98
Having read this thread, I see I'm not the only person that didn't know what deadnaming is... Takket Jun 2022 #103
Even if we didn't know the term wryter2000 Jun 2022 #109
This. Exactly this. IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #210
Such an excellent point, one that even conservatives with names like, NullTuples Jun 2022 #245
I did wonder EarlG Jun 2022 #115
I would suggest putting it in the context of how journalists are expected to handle it: AP Stylebook hlthe2b Jun 2022 #190
Excellent. vanlassie Jun 2022 #104
Thank you. scarletlib Jun 2022 #105
Thank you vercetti2021 Jun 2022 #107
I also strongly support this new rule/clarification of existing rules LetMyPeopleVote Jun 2022 #108
Thank you. I alerted on a post that was clearly anti-Trans...and it was not hidden...I get that some Demsrule86 Jun 2022 #110
In this thread? Same obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #116
Which post? EarlG Jun 2022 #139
Oops i didn't refresh the thread obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #153
Sadly that's pretty common AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2022 #140
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #169
Amen! Jack-o-Lantern Jun 2022 #111
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #114
Oh brother obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #119
FYI: Posting privileges revoked Behind the Aegis Jun 2022 #125
Member for 10.5 years dpibel Jun 2022 #132
never a good idea to show your ass in the owners thread. mopinko Jun 2022 #148
Words of wisdom n/t Yonnie3 Jun 2022 #159
You have no idea how hormones work do you? vercetti2021 Jun 2022 #123
Thank you for updating the No bigotry/insensitivity" rule with the help of IngridsLittleAngel yaesu Jun 2022 #118
When someone tells me their name, that name is what I call that person. MineralMan Jun 2022 #121
Well, but what if you keep having to repeat the name, Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #189
I ask, if there's any question. When talking to that person, though, MineralMan Jun 2022 #205
Recommend. sheshe2 Jun 2022 #122
Can I still be mean to TFG and Mrs. TFG? COL Mustard Jun 2022 #127
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! rainin Jun 2022 #133
TY! Lithos Jun 2022 #134
Thank you for this very helpful spotlight mahina Jun 2022 #136
Thank you, EarlG wendyb-NC Jun 2022 #138
I appreciate the rule clarification hueymahl Jun 2022 #141
Thank you. Voltaire2 Jun 2022 #142
well done jcgoldie Jun 2022 #144
TY, being extra careful here. Magoo48 Jun 2022 #145
I have a transgender grandson Frances Jun 2022 #146
Thank you, EarlG! crickets Jun 2022 #150
Thank you EarlG and IngridsLittleAngel. Well done. c-rational Jun 2022 #151
Thank you! n/t KatK Jun 2022 #152
This message was self-deleted by its author CurtEastPoint Jun 2022 #154
You're welcome everyone and thank you EarlG IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #155
Thank you for stepping up, Tarc Jun 2022 #171
Left or right, blue or red, all we can do in life is learn and grow IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #215
K&R. +1000. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2022 #174
You're welcome IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #216
So sorry to hear about this problem. Callalily Jun 2022 #157
Sounds good. Martin68 Jun 2022 #161
From a trans woman & parent of a trans teen...thank you so much for this. NullTuples Jun 2022 #162
Sorry I was recently asked to be on a jury.I did not understand the rd2 and star wars If there was r Oppaloopa Jun 2022 #163
K&R uppityperson Jun 2022 #164
thank you so much! Javaman Jun 2022 #166
this is why I keep donating to DU Skittles Jun 2022 #167
Thank you, Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #172
Thank you EarlG and IngridsLittleAngel. Very nicely handled! Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #177
Reaffirms my fragile membership in the PTL Club. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2022 #179
Thank you. This has been a long time coming. Autumn Jun 2022 #180
Thanks for the clarity... Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #182
Ask them how they want to be called AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2022 #203
I don't have a problem when I'm directly addressing them. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #234
Not really AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2022 #241
No problem Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #297
No, unless you can show me where trans folks aren't allowed have grammar rules applied to them obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #309
I know some situations can be confusing. Best advice? Ask them IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #213
This is not my problem. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #236
I've probably forgotten half of my grammar over the decades IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #255
It is are, not is obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #262
OK, that Karma13612 Jun 2022 #284
It is are, not is obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #263
they are bringing over the photo album Kali Jun 2022 #217
Ok. Let me explain it another way. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #238
You are elevating "rules" over people. Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #244
Do not project your own biases onto others. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #268
Perhaps you don't have the life experience to understand how your comments came across. Ms. Toad Jun 2022 #275
+1 obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #306
'Less offensive manner" Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #299
... Kali Jun 2022 #247
Passive voice, sentence 1. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #270
Just stop it obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #307
Why do you keep using improper grammar when talking about this? obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #264
Well it's because I don't know the correct grammar! Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #271
You literally know the correct grammar already obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #273
Jesus. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #277
But you do understand the grammar re: they obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #291
Textbook microagression and sealioning nt AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2022 #295
+++ quaint Jun 2022 #302
I suppose it's nice to have a perfect example in the thread about what not to do AZSkiffyGeek Jun 2022 #303
I really hope EarlG sees this thread obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #304
But...but... Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #311
I'll try to answer this fairly... IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #308
I sincerely appreciate this explanation. Trueblue Texan Jun 2022 #316
You're welcome IngridsLittleAngel Jun 2022 #317
3. Jerry wrapped their hands around the coffee cup. (Maybe?) eom Karma13612 Jun 2022 #285
A hypothetical. Saviolo Jun 2022 #289
"Transgendered" Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #296
Thank you for this obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #298
No problem Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #300
I agree obamanut2012 Jun 2022 #310
Awesome! ArizonaLib Jun 2022 #187
K&R ! stonecutter357 Jun 2022 #193
Thank you, EarlG Alice Kramden Jun 2022 #194
Acknowledged. Good idea. PatrickforB Jun 2022 #195
Bravo HAB911 Jun 2022 #196
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #197
WayTaGo DU, WayTaGo Admins! Stinky The Clown Jun 2022 #204
Thank you. AverageOldGuy Jun 2022 #208
Post removed Post removed Jun 2022 #211
Thanks. Great idea FloridaBlues Jun 2022 #212
This is wonderful! AwakeAtLast Jun 2022 #214
This is great, and it will make DU even stronger. Politicub Jun 2022 #219
thank you for this gopiscrap Jun 2022 #220
K&R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Jun 2022 #222
Thankyou!!! marble falls Jun 2022 #223
This is a good change. PTWB Jun 2022 #225
You know who doesnt have this problem? Eliot Rosewater Jun 2022 #229
Last, but not least..... BidenRocks Jun 2022 #239
You rock. Keep up the good work, n/t. Scruffy1 Jun 2022 #242
Thank you! Mad_Machine76 Jun 2022 #243
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Jun 2022 #249
EarlG.... Upthevibe Jun 2022 #250
100% agree!!! I myself have been attacked here on DU, for different reasons... CaptainTruth Jun 2022 #251
Thank you. TDale313 Jun 2022 #253
K&R ismnotwasm Jun 2022 #254
Thank you, and I apologize for any insensitivity MyMission Jun 2022 #257
Thank you so very much! LostOne4Ever Jun 2022 #258
Yes! Yes! Yes! Lunabell Jun 2022 #259
Everybody deserves respect. Aussie105 Jun 2022 #260
Thank You! MindHowYouGo Jun 2022 #276
Makes sense! Karma13612 Jun 2022 #287
I greatly appreciate this, EarlG Metatron Jun 2022 #279
Thank you. You expressed this far more tactfully, and graciously, Roisin Ni Fiachra Jun 2022 #286
Thank you both for taking the time and care to educate us all on this important issue RainCaster Jun 2022 #288
Thank you! FreeState Jun 2022 #294
Thank you Tree-Hugger Jun 2022 #301
One reason why DU is my favorite place to post ificandream Jun 2022 #314
A day (or 3 ) late, and a dollar short- Karma13612 Jun 2022 #318
Thank you, EarlG wendyb-NC Jun 2022 #319
Thnkyou, thankyou, thankyou. marble falls Jun 2023 #321
Good move. Thanks riversedge Jun 2023 #325
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