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Rec redstateblues Dec 2017 #1
Better would be to contact the other democratic senators JI7 Dec 2017 #2
K&R n/t rzemanfl Dec 2017 #3
Whether to resign or not is Franken's decision, ultimately only he can make or unmake it. n/t PoliticAverse Dec 2017 #7
Senators have to work with others. JI7 Dec 2017 #8
Public demand is too great. Franken must stay in the senate onit2day Dec 2017 #107
Yes, I've been doing that too. mountain grammy Dec 2017 #25
Me too. Feminist Purity, is that what they thought? BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2017 #33
And Tina Dupuy.. my god! mountain grammy Dec 2017 #36
Done catrose Dec 2017 #61
I think... Dem2 Dec 2017 #4
I hope he will "un-resign" regardless pandr32 Dec 2017 #85
He hasn't resigned yet. Thor_MN Dec 2017 #102
I Called My Senators SeaDoo77 Dec 2017 #5
Good idea. i am gonna tell them that Leeann and Don Jr are long time twitter buddies. Amaryllis Dec 2017 #18
Great Idea - I only called Al Franken mchill Dec 2017 #23
I'll K&R that! McCamy Taylor Dec 2017 #6
Agree cate94 Dec 2017 #9
Gillibrand can take a long walk on a short pier. Pinkflamingo Dec 2017 #10
Shes one of my senators. I thought she was good. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2017 #32
She's one of my senators also LoveMyCali Dec 2017 #38
Al is my senator dflprincess Dec 2017 #40
Both of mine said he should resign and they both heard from me the day before Al spoke Amaryllis Dec 2017 #104
Thank you. dflprincess Dec 2017 #123
Ambition eats ethics for breakfast. dchill Dec 2017 #66
If she ever makes it to a national ticket usaf-vet Dec 2017 #44
Yup, it's not even debatable! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #52
I replied to an email from her today. TNNurse Dec 2017 #89
I did the same with Elizabeth Warren. nt. druidity33 Dec 2017 #110
R&K Angry Dragon Dec 2017 #11
K&R InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #12
Stay Al, stay riverwalker Dec 2017 #13
Response o riverwalker Carey1 Dec 2017 #17
Riverwalker? Amaryllis Dec 2017 #19
s/he is replying to Riverwalker's post, I think. spooky3 Dec 2017 #56
welcome to DU! spooky3 Dec 2017 #55
K&R BootinUp Dec 2017 #14
K&R Roland99 Dec 2017 #15
K&R Dem2theMax Dec 2017 #16
I did too, and my wife also wrote to each of the female Canoe52 Dec 2017 #79
K&R n/t Scruffy1 Dec 2017 #20
Dude, hold your fire. denbot Dec 2017 #21
Don't Resign lindalou65 Dec 2017 #22
Come back, Al. TheCowsCameHome Dec 2017 #24
Dont resign Al....we need you! /nt sdfernando Dec 2017 #26
Fight the power, Al. nocalflea Dec 2017 #27
His real friends want him to stay. To hell with the backstabbers. nt oasis Dec 2017 #28
Please stay, Senator Franken! scarletwoman Dec 2017 #29
Amen! dflprincess Dec 2017 #41
Kick and Rec BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2017 #30
The problem is zentrum Dec 2017 #31
I disagree CommonHumanity Dec 2017 #46
That's true. zentrum Dec 2017 #80
But he's not a Republican. nini Dec 2017 #92
I also disagree. LakeArenal Dec 2017 #58
So furious that he was ousted. zentrum Dec 2017 #81
I sent Sen. Franken an email the other day Marthe48 Dec 2017 #34
Please don't resign. rainin Dec 2017 #35
putin fingerprints. don't let him win. pansypoo53219 Dec 2017 #37
Those dems screwed you. My thought is they can make another rash decision like that and lunasun Dec 2017 #39
I posted a late breaking thread about Mr. Evil Dec 2017 #42
Concerted effort to retain Al? CommonHumanity Dec 2017 #43
Yes, let's follow due process. raging moderate Dec 2017 #45
STAY! KT2000 Dec 2017 #47
Hang in there Al nt doc03 Dec 2017 #48
So they don't want things distracting from The Fight? But you're one of our best fighters, Al! Beartracks Dec 2017 #49
I made a big mistake of trying to defend Al Franken Mr. Evil Dec 2017 #50
LBN has specific posting guidelines, like you were told. Using the insulting language you did uppityperson Dec 2017 #51
You also attacked another poster with some fiery language nini Dec 2017 #95
I guess I didn't do it right or state it right but, Mr. Evil Dec 2017 #53
Please don't resign, Al annielion Dec 2017 #54
K&R. lunamagica Dec 2017 #57
Anyone writing to Senators--feel free to send these DU poll results: spooky3 Dec 2017 #59
Rather than call this a witch hunt hurple Dec 2017 #60
You are right. McCarthyism hits it on the head. Amaryllis Dec 2017 #124
K&R in support of Al Franken Greybnk48 Dec 2017 #62
Oh won't you stay just a little bit longer? catrose Dec 2017 #63
A huge K&R quickesst Dec 2017 #64
K&R! bluestateboomer Dec 2017 #65
I have e-mailed him asking him not to resign. smirkymonkey Dec 2017 #67
As his constituent, I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Mister Ed Dec 2017 #68
K&R Sedona Dec 2017 #69
KnR! nt Susan Calvin Dec 2017 #70
K&R Sunsky Dec 2017 #71
Please don't resign Al ! trusty elf Dec 2017 #72
K&R stevepal Dec 2017 #73
Yes! Sen Franken, please don't resign! ananda Dec 2017 #74
agreed wildflowergardener Dec 2017 #75
Please stay Al Franken ebbie15644 Dec 2017 #76
K&R. n/t ms liberty Dec 2017 #77
K&R 2naSalit Dec 2017 #78
Stay! Owl Dec 2017 #82
k&r dajoki Dec 2017 #83
Al is my Senator, because I live in Texas. northoftheborder Dec 2017 #84
+1!!! THIS Dustlawyer Dec 2017 #88
Kansas here and feel the same way! n/t USALiberal Dec 2017 #120
It's politics DownriverDem Dec 2017 #86
so moore thinks all gays should be killed,trans are not even human,slavery days were better questionseverything Dec 2017 #96
Exactly. LisaL Dec 2017 #111
Don't resign. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #87
Stay put and fight the Trump Criminal Enterprise... desi Dec 2017 #90
I never Rec a thread that asks to be Rec'd nini Dec 2017 #91
This country needs Al Franken ... Shoonra Dec 2017 #93
Al, dont resign. Youre one of our very best. argyl Dec 2017 #94
One of the highest rec'd threads ever flamingdem Dec 2017 #97
K & R like a 63-yarder. VOX Dec 2017 #98
Have Gov. Dayton name Al as his own replacement HelenWheels Dec 2017 #99
Agree. Al Franken needs to stay in the Senate. kiranon Dec 2017 #100
Wish I could rec more than once! JT99 Dec 2017 #101
I stand with Al Franken! FreeStateDemocrat Dec 2017 #103
Senator Franken we need You! Thank you for caring. n/t DemSoc Dec 2017 #105
K&R hwmnbn Dec 2017 #106
Al Franken has absolution by republican theory keithbvadu2 Dec 2017 #108
I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Rustyeye77 Dec 2017 #109
Don't resign, Al. Demoiselle Dec 2017 #112
Please don't resign. trueblue2007 Dec 2017 #113
K&R mvd Dec 2017 #114
K&R bigtime defacto7 Dec 2017 #115
I am a long time lurker ...... parkerMcDavis Dec 2017 #116
We will bitch, moan and get it out of system and then we'll come together again...what Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #117
I, too was a long time lurker. Collimator Dec 2017 #122
Please stay you are the bravest of them all del19713 Dec 2017 #118
Kick! nt USALiberal Dec 2017 #119
I support you riverwalker Dec 2017 #121
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