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Waaaay too late to do that without firing some shots. n/t dogknob Jul 2012 #1
We did that, it was called The Civil War. Motown_Johnny Jul 2012 #145
The 2nd amendment had enlightenment Jul 2012 #152
Yes, and IMO it existed because the slave states wanted to keep armies Motown_Johnny Jul 2012 #156
Please explain, through grammar, history and case law... PavePusher Jul 2012 #171
If you choose to believe enlightenment Jul 2012 #213
So you don't think the fact that the Framers just fought a war Trunk Monkey Jul 2012 #248
The confiscation of firearms Confusious Jul 2012 #261
that is a very ignorant MrDiaz Jul 2012 #154
I know my history thank you Motown_Johnny Jul 2012 #158
There is a place for the second amendment, but not the Skidmore Jul 2012 #2
You are surrounded, every day, by items that can be used as weapons. PavePusher Jul 2012 #174
Yep, guns are good. I got the message. They are always good and Skidmore Jul 2012 #187
Not at all what I said, of course... PavePusher Jul 2012 #205
Bingo! Myrina Jul 2012 #194
Yes. However, it will never ever happen. Cooley Hurd Jul 2012 #3
There will always be extreme views on both sides, it does not mean we crazyjoe Jul 2012 #11
The 10th amendment... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #251
That's a stereotype krispos42 Jul 2012 #253
Never said it WAS on DU... Cooley Hurd Jul 2012 #271
Re work it at least. xchrom Jul 2012 #4
This place cracks me up N.I.O.F. Jul 2012 #32
? NeverEnuff Jul 2012 #53
Who regulates the militia? Hatchling Jul 2012 #249
I wouldn't vote in this poll. Don't want a truckload of ammonium nitrate to show up on my doorstep. onehandle Jul 2012 #5
That brings up another point. This theater shooter bastard also had bombs in his apartment. Zalatix Jul 2012 #91
You might as well vote now. bluedigger Jul 2012 #133
Yes. Because it has been consistently & deliberately misinterpreted throughout it's history. baldguy Jul 2012 #6
+10000000 etherealtruth Jul 2012 #208
What's next? 1 through 10 in an orderly progression? geckosfeet Jul 2012 #7
Nope. MrSlayer Jul 2012 #8
Never n/t GarroHorus Jul 2012 #9
Hell no, then only the criminals will have the guns, with no fear of law abiding citizens. crazyjoe Jul 2012 #10
You do realize that they have stricter gun control then we have? n/t eridani Jul 2012 #14
I'd like to think he was writing satire... But then I remember Poe's Law, and feel sad n/t Scootaloo Jul 2012 #19
don't be sad, I know it's hard to comprehend that if guns are outlawed for everyone, crazyjoe Jul 2012 #22
Think about what you're saying. It's inherently fucking dumb Scootaloo Jul 2012 #114
I guess with the lack of anything intellegent to say, you can always call someone fucking dumb. crazyjoe Jul 2012 #279
not if we repeal the 2nd amendment they wouldn't. Are you following the conversation? crazyjoe Jul 2012 #20
So you're saying Canada has a Second Amendment? Fumesucker Jul 2012 #26
Much stricter. ALL handguns are either prohibited or restricted. RC Jul 2012 #147
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Zoeisright Jul 2012 #115
Agreed CbtEngr01 Jul 2012 #258
Holmes was wearing full body armor CJCRANE Jul 2012 #269
It's not necessary. People should have a reasonable and responsible right to bear arms, cecilfirefox Jul 2012 #12
btw, based on the 75-25 split this poll is taking on a "liberal message board", i don't think crazyjoe Jul 2012 #13
...just trying to get the collective feeling of those here Not Me Jul 2012 #15
The poll merely backs up my view that many liberal and progressive individuals ... spin Jul 2012 #48
My wife and I do...and she just ordered No weapons signs for her clinic. ileus Jul 2012 #49
The founder's intent quaker bill Jul 2012 #16
Was it the Founder's intent for the 1st Amendment to only allow people to use a quill & inkwell? Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #23
I think Gutenberg invented the press in the 16th century quaker bill Jul 2012 #164
So you'll generously allow the use of the printing press as it pertains to the 1st Amendment? Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #168
You misread well quaker bill Jul 2012 #274
Post removed Post removed Jul 2012 #212
And since they distrusted a standing army, they wrote the 2nd amend to establish "militias" apocalypsehow Jul 2012 #99
The gun culture won't like that. But, so what. Hoyt Jul 2012 #117
True: though they seem to wake up every day salivating about a "Red Dawn" scenario apocalypsehow Jul 2012 #128
This ^^^^^ Kalidurga Jul 2012 #203
You are totally making things up. former9thward Jul 2012 #231
What about the current Natl Guardsman? CbtEngr01 Jul 2012 #260
Except there's no evidence whatsoever Yamamoto said any such thing caraher Jul 2012 #272
I beg to differ but... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #166
America Loves Its Guns MORE Than Its Children! CBGLuthier Jul 2012 #17
Not sure I've seen the data on that poll. Link? dmallind Jul 2012 #47
No, I would support registration and insurance for gun owners to carry in public. SecularMotion Jul 2012 #18
Ridiculous argument that only gives Republicans ammo. UnrepentantLiberal Jul 2012 #21
Actually, only 33 states would have to sign on. LAGC Jul 2012 #27
I sure would if I could. But it won't happen in this country and it is one of the things that is CTyankee Jul 2012 #24
No ProfessorGAC Jul 2012 #25
What restrictions on numbers, firepower, and ammunition types do you advocate? Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #29
You're The Expert Then ProfessorGAC Jul 2012 #50
My personal take on it: Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #69
Well, We're Of Different Minds Then ProfessorGAC Jul 2012 #88
As I've explained a few times already today: Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #96
Well, a renewed ban on assault weapons and a limit on the amount of ammo ... soccer1 Jul 2012 #63
We'll certainly have to agree to disagree on the cosmetic features ban (otherwise known as the AWB). Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #70
I don't know. soccer1 Jul 2012 #84
If you don't know then what's your point? Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #90
Educate me.....if you don't mind..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #95
It's actually much quicker to list the states that don't allow citizens to own machine guns: Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #116
Thank you for your reply..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #123
No discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #125
So, these weapons are still being made and sold in the U.S? soccer1 Jul 2012 #127
As the other response said... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #140
Okay. Thnaks soccer1 Jul 2012 #143
The so-called "AWB" didn't really ban anything but certain combinations of features. PavePusher Jul 2012 #178
Thanks, anyway! soccer1 Jul 2012 #195
Assault weapons vs. machine guns: Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #135
Well, this is depressing........ soccer1 Jul 2012 #148
The term is quite accurate. A semiautomatic firearm is one which fires once per pull of the trigger Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #150
"I do not understand a society that condones citizens owning semiautomatic weapons..." PavePusher Jul 2012 #182
Yes, I know the response...guns don't kill, people kill..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #201
Most firearms can be used for hunting. PavePusher Jul 2012 #209
Yes, I know that about the second amendment..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #215
The difference is one of them gives a gun nut wood,...and it's not the wooden one.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2012 #229
Sorry, I don't share your sexual fetishes. PavePusher Jul 2012 #265
LOL!!! Those aren't MY thoughts. It's theirs. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2012 #267
Question about the silencer Progressive dog Jul 2012 #157
High quality silencers don't wear out quickly. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #161
Why do you own all those guns? soccer1 Jul 2012 #86
A number of reasons. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #93
Investment...okay..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #97
Regarding selling them: Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #103
So, technicaly, you could sell your assault weapons to a person who wants it to commit a crime...... soccer1 Jul 2012 #105
Sure I could. Just as I could sell my car to someone who wants to use it to commit a crime. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #118
I think I'm a fairly reasonable person..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #122
re: "This should be a federal law" discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #126
Thank you. So, intra-state sales of firearms are controlled by the states? soccer1 Jul 2012 #129
Exactly discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #141
Okay. I'll have to get busy researching my state's firearm laws. I imagine... soccer1 Jul 2012 #142
You may also... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #144
Thank you soccer1 Jul 2012 #149
Law banning private sales of firearms are in place in some states such as California. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #132
Apparently, he bought them at gun shops, if the reporting is accurate. soccer1 Jul 2012 #134
Again, we'll have to simply agree to disagree. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #138
Why would the banning and confiscation of guns result in thousands of deaths? soccer1 Jul 2012 #169
A lot of gunowners take the phrase, "Out of my cold dead hands" very seriously. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #177
I don't mean to criticize. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #151
I'm not sure I agree with you that it is a right of free people to be armed...but.... soccer1 Jul 2012 #155
I love to elaborate but I'm a bit busy. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #160
Safe trip back to Philly..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #170
"...willing to learn..." discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #173
Yep, I like to gather facts..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #179
My thoughts discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #233
Do you believe people who visit mental health therapists or are on some type of soccer1 Jul 2012 #234
No. In general... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #245
You seem to be an intelligent and articulate person. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #153
Second that. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #180
Agreed. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #200
"It makes absolutely no sense to me that a person should be allowed to buy an assault weapon." PavePusher Jul 2012 #186
I do understand your point about any type of gun being capable of killing multiple numbers of people soccer1 Jul 2012 #193
AR- and AK-pattern rifles are quite useful for hunting. PavePusher Jul 2012 #206
I understand. soccer1 Jul 2012 #217
That is the fly in the ointment sarisataka Jul 2012 #230
each one has a job to do CbtEngr01 Jul 2012 #263
Why do you have that much ammo? DiverDave Jul 2012 #92
Because it amuses me to have it. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #94
"sorta raises a red flag." PavePusher Jul 2012 #184
i'm with you prof SaveAmerica Jul 2012 #36
You've contradicted yourself. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #130
nope, you're not comprehending where i'm coming from SaveAmerica Jul 2012 #242
"...and imagine i would like the sense of peace i would have in that culture." PavePusher Jul 2012 #189
the discussion is about guns and our 2nd amendment SaveAmerica Jul 2012 #237
Just the opposite really. PavePusher Jul 2012 #266
Absolutely not. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #28
With you. Marinedem Jul 2012 #61
The contempt some have here for the Constitution is sickening. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #68
uhhhhh, the constitution provides for amendments, including repeal of previous amendments.... unblock Jul 2012 #111
Fair point. Johnny Rico Jul 2012 #119
+10 emilyg Jul 2012 #246
Absolutely not... MicaelS Jul 2012 #30
Do you believe the assault weapon ban should be renewed? soccer1 Jul 2012 #67
I'm Advocating a 'War on Nuts' Iggy Jul 2012 #31
I think we may have to work on our interpretation of that amendment as a nation TBF Jul 2012 #33
Another No vote here.... DLine Jul 2012 #34
No TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #35
Repeal? Absolutely not. Lawlbringer Jul 2012 #37
I hate guns but even I would say 'no' LynneSin Jul 2012 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author GarroHorus Jul 2012 #41
Agreed. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2012 #46
Very good post permatex Jul 2012 #216
This message was self-deleted by its author GarroHorus Jul 2012 #218
dealers ive seen do CbtEngr01 Jul 2012 #262
It makes me happy to see DU being so pro-constitution GarroHorus Jul 2012 #39
ITA, Garrohorus n/t Mimosa Jul 2012 #101
No. BumRushDaShow Jul 2012 #40
No... and it disgusts me that you would even post this. stlsaxman Jul 2012 #42
It's already been repealed through reinterpretation. mmonk Jul 2012 #43
A horrible idea that would end in blood. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2012 #44
No edhopper Jul 2012 #45
No, but a "well regulated militia" is a far cry from assault weapons Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #51
We have waiting periods and ID requirements hack89 Jul 2012 #54
Yeah - well tell the member arguing with me about why we shouldn't. Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #56
Just remember that gun violence is at historic lows and steadily declining hack89 Jul 2012 #59
Yeah - I didn't go to the Safeway in Tucson, the movies in Aurora Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #64
It is the truth hack89 Jul 2012 #65
"assault weapon" isn't a real term 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #72
Thanks - I'll keep using it then. Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #74
Sure if you like, but it just makes you sound ignorant 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #78
But it FEELS oh so good, Tejas Jul 2012 #81
I'll take that too. Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #85
You're proud of being ignorant? 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #113
Pride in ignorance?!?! PavePusher Jul 2012 #192
Someone wants to call me "ignorant" because I don't care to know Ruby the Liberal Jul 2012 #202
No, it's because you've been promoting government action based on fear and ignorance. PavePusher Jul 2012 #210
Repeal the 2nd Amendment? No. Just... No. mwooldri Jul 2012 #52
No, I don't support the repeal fredamae Jul 2012 #55
Ummmmmmmmm permatex Jul 2012 #219
Yes, I would..... soccer1 Jul 2012 #57
No KamaAina Jul 2012 #58
Please explain, through grammar, history and case law.... PavePusher Jul 2012 #196
Clearly the framers intended for the right to be exercised within the framework of a militia KamaAina Jul 2012 #199
So, no citations. Got it. n/t PavePusher Jul 2012 #207
It's too late for that, BUT SoCalDem Jul 2012 #60
I hate guns but repealing the second amendment? No. Initech Jul 2012 #62
No. n/t Daniel537 Jul 2012 #66
It's refreshing to see No leading Yes by nearly 3 to 1 slackmaster Jul 2012 #71
Every time someone gives a speech that incites others to riot and commit violence 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #73
Would support scaling it back but not complete repeal. Erose999 Jul 2012 #75
No, but I wouldn't mind seeing tighter laws. nt auburngrad82 Jul 2012 #76
Sure, no sense in enforcing the ones we already have. Tejas Jul 2012 #80
Sure, I love repeat offenders auburngrad82 Jul 2012 #112
They're "repeat" because they don't care about laws. Tejas Jul 2012 #120
I didn't say new laws, now did I? auburngrad82 Jul 2012 #121
Oh, okay, "tighten" as in.....what? Tejas Jul 2012 #124
I'm not going to bother auburngrad82 Jul 2012 #136
Well, if you refuse to give any examples then good luck on Tejas Jul 2012 #137
NFWIH. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws, and the 1% controlled cops/government, will have guns. Zorra Jul 2012 #77
start with #1, repeal them all. Tejas Jul 2012 #79
No Mimosa Jul 2012 #82
hell no rollin74 Jul 2012 #83
I guess alot of people DiverDave Jul 2012 #87
I guess you think the rest of the planet is gun-crime free? Tejas Jul 2012 #100
Like me with nearly 9K posts? Mimosa Jul 2012 #106
Yeah..for sure.. Upton Jul 2012 #109
I am a "people", therefore the Right is mine. PavePusher Jul 2012 #197
Only in favor of an expanded version. NewMoonTherian Jul 2012 #89
Absolutely not. closeupready Jul 2012 #98
I support more emphasis on the "well-regulated" clause n/t Retrograde Jul 2012 #102
No: it should simply be interpreted correctly. Five right-wing scumbags on the Supreme Court apocalypsehow Jul 2012 #104
No way... Upton Jul 2012 #107
heck no. fascisthunter Jul 2012 #108
The Bill of Rights is untouchable. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #110
Where were the CCW holders? HockeyMom Jul 2012 #131
Training is a good thing! Darkness, tear gas, a panicked crowd... slackmaster Jul 2012 #175
Did not answer my question. HockeyMom Jul 2012 #181
The answer to your question is unknown and unknowable slackmaster Jul 2012 #183
It didn't HELP either HockeyMom Jul 2012 #185
If it does no harm, freedom of choice is inherently good slackmaster Jul 2012 #188
UPDATE - HockeyMom, I may have to revise my answer based on another thread... slackmaster Jul 2012 #224
They were respecting the rules of the establishment. beevul Jul 2012 #268
So now you want to ensure there is a lawfully armed person at every venue? PavePusher Jul 2012 #198
Obeying the "no guns allowed" signs would be my guess. nt hack89 Jul 2012 #281
No - but I would support a National Curriculum to instill a sense of empathy in kids Taverner Jul 2012 #139
no, but it should be interpreted within the boundaries of reason and we need to adopt gun control Douglas Carpenter Jul 2012 #146
No nt Raine Jul 2012 #159
I love the results of this poll. Zax2me Jul 2012 #162
NO. Just because a few abuse it, NashvilleLefty Jul 2012 #163
Yes, with some exceptions. moondust Jul 2012 #165
No Marrah_G Jul 2012 #167
if you can ban Kinder chocolate reorg Jul 2012 #172
No, but it needs to be revised. Great Caesars Ghost Jul 2012 #176
More wankery sendero Jul 2012 #190
Not sure. Vattel Jul 2012 #191
Looks like bongbong Jul 2012 #204
Not just yes, but, hell yes etherealtruth Jul 2012 #211
Post removed Post removed Jul 2012 #214
No. But I do support the ban on semi-automatics. Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #221
Which ban? n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #222
Any ban that makes 'em illegal. Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #223
What should be done... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #227
I guess you deal with it, right? Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #228
Most guns... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #232
Imagine how many will be out in 10, 20, 30 years... Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #236
That's rather unrealistic. n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #243
I don't think so... Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #244
I don't believe... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #247
So, what's the answer then? Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #252
IMHO it's not a problem with only 1 dimension. discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #256
I agree... Drunken Irishman Jul 2012 #257
best always discntnt_irny_srcsm Jul 2012 #259
What a STUPID fucking question... Let's repeal the Bill of Rights! Yeah... THAT'S the ticket! cherokeeprogressive Jul 2012 #225
Gov. Rendell cited a law in his state, EmeraldCityGrl Jul 2012 #226
So if he had no access to guns.... EX500rider Jul 2012 #235
Any party openly going after part of the bill of rights will suffer severe election losses JVS Jul 2012 #238
No n/t OhioChick Jul 2012 #239
I only support tighter regulation, but not a repeal. n/t cynatnite Jul 2012 #240
No. What's next? banning sporks? ChromeFoundry Jul 2012 #241
It is a slippery slope indeed slackmaster Jul 2012 #276
I could go for that treestar Jul 2012 #250
That's just silly. No political support for that. Loudly Jul 2012 #254
Repeal would not alter fact RKBA is still an unalienable right and would be protected by the 9th. nt jody Jul 2012 #255
If the Democratic Party supported that, it would be the end of the party. limpyhobbler Jul 2012 #264
Repeal and Replace! TeamPooka Jul 2012 #270
way too late to corrall those horses. n/t Sheepshank Jul 2012 #273
No. HappyMe Jul 2012 #275
Still pleased the NO vote is over 70% nt GarroHorus Jul 2012 #277
Yes, and do a house-to-house confiscation of all guns in the US by SWAT teams. Dash87 Jul 2012 #278
If nothing else it's very badly written caraher Jul 2012 #280
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