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9. I think we have a social responsibility...
Sun Oct 29, 2017, 06:35 PM
Oct 2017

to teach critical thinking to people on the internet.

These Trump followers go on and on about the "deep state" and the "globalists". People I am acquainted with listen to Alex Jones as if he is reporting the "truth". We must make more of an effort to debunk the conspiracy mongers. I don't think Trump truly believes most of this stuff, but he panders to it.

They've never been exposed to stuff like skepticism or concepts like debunking. Apparently they are not even aware of what the Enlightenment was about.

I'm trying to focus my social media presence on supporting people who take on Trump's credulous followers. For example, there is this great Twitter personality https://twitter.com/TakeThatDarwin named Take That Darwin. Lately this person has been re-tweeting scary people who "argue" that Trump was ordained by "God" to be President.

It will do no good to just hang out in friendly, supportive atmospheres. We have an opportunity to promote reason in social media and should put more effort into it.

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