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54. Skittles, I think it's intentional distraction.
Mon Oct 9, 2017, 03:43 AM
Oct 2017

A normal prez would tell us the truth about what's going on in PR and have his subordinates provide accurate periodic progress updates to the public - say for water and food, infrastructure, etc. Instead, we're seeing not much more than his tweets in the news which are mean, cruel and mostly lies. As you know, this guy ain't normal. It's like trying to listen to opera with a jackhammer in the room.

I've believed all along that tRump does not orchestrate these responses, but instead has a group of very sharp and coordinated minders that design his responses for maximum confusion, distraction and anger in his opposition (that would be us) and the press, as well as feed red meat to his base.

Therefore, we're constantly distracted from the truth of what's really going on there.

For some relief form his bullshit, here's a link to a guy that really does know the story. His father is in one of the worst-hit areas: https://twitter.com/NelsonMRosario
(scroll down a ways and you can see some reality. Click on his posts and see the included discussions)

Horrible. Madam45for2923 Oct 2017 #1
She failed to praise king donald and the entire island is paying the price. spanone Oct 2017 #2
Exactly. NT enough Oct 2017 #4
In a nutshell. And Trump's the nut. But yeah; play the sycophant game, get what you need, and THEN WinkyDink Oct 2017 #9
I doubt even that would work. He'd pay lip service and then do nothing. SammyWinstonJack Oct 2017 #22
I think that is true PatSeg Oct 2017 #24
Trumpy is a racist from NYC and HATES Puerto Ricans. Eyeball_Kid Oct 2017 #29
Good points, esp. the NYC one. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #30
You are sadly correct I fear. bitterross Oct 2017 #36
This is criminal TEB Oct 2017 #3
Trump is still back in the Jets vs. Sharks mentality n/t DFW Oct 2017 #5
The man is sick TEB Oct 2017 #8
Republicans, apparently DFW Oct 2017 #10
+1!!! I just read in the Houston Chronicle today that a bill to require re-appraisal of flooded Dustlawyer Oct 2017 #15
Yet people vote their asses away voting for repugs TEB Oct 2017 #17
Abbott and Patrick are two of the most evil characters to defile the halls of the Statehouse DFW Oct 2017 #23
God stood by Plucketeer Oct 2017 #33
Mentally, Trump always needs someone to feud with. maddiemom Oct 2017 #41
For gods sake..... If America ever doesn't come out and gut punch these assholes right the hell out Afromania Oct 2017 #6
k and r Achilleaze Oct 2017 #7
whenever a gop asshole goes right to life we need to yell bullshit and point out the hypocracy dembotoz Oct 2017 #11
Let them eat paper towels. n/t ClusterFreak Oct 2017 #12
Beautiful, soft paper towels. Tommy_Carcetti Oct 2017 #14
Many people didnt know that they have towels made of paper. n/t Whiskeytide Oct 2017 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author Not Ruth Oct 2017 #13
They should have really said the problems on TV Thrill Oct 2017 #16
The media needs to be the voice of Puerto Rico bronxiteforever Oct 2017 #18
Many of you must have seen the clip of The Moron making fun spiderpig Oct 2017 #19
I haven't seen it SHRED Oct 2017 #21
Here's one spiderpig Oct 2017 #25
Even Dubya, who was pretty clueless in terms of empathy, and apparently a bully as a kid, maddiemom Oct 2017 #42
Yes. If you haven't read it, The Sociopatch Next Door by Martha Stout spiderpig Oct 2017 #43
Saw her on TV yesterday. femmocrat Oct 2017 #20
San Juan has received nothing from FEMA and everyone in the ICU died Not Ruth Oct 2017 #55
But Trump said he got an A+ on the PR efforts? NT Bleacher Creature Oct 2017 #26
This is nothing less than agonizing. I'm so angry. ancianita Oct 2017 #27
Puerto Rico residents. You have become a clear example of usaf-vet Oct 2017 #28
Reason for IMPEACHMENT # 2,546 nt vkkv Oct 2017 #31
Some good news snips from PR (CBS) KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #32
What I would like to know is.... KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #34
My guess... SHRED Oct 2017 #35
yep bluestarone Oct 2017 #37
Makes sense, looking at PR political history. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #39
The governor has to ingratiate himself in order to secure federal support. Tatiana Oct 2017 #45
Good perspectives, thank you. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #46
they are too busy kissing Trump ass Skittles Oct 2017 #47
What a crime on our democracy... KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #50
it is a DISGRACE Skittles Oct 2017 #53
Skittles, I think it's intentional distraction. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #54
the guy is a fucking moron Skittles Oct 2017 #56
Help shenmue Oct 2017 #38
"Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned" dlk Oct 2017 #40
This shell of a person bdamomma Oct 2017 #44
How many body bags will it take. Demtexan Oct 2017 #49
So where is the media down there they have Sat. Phones... Historic NY Oct 2017 #51
Meanwhile, FEMA has stated they are blocking communications from her... Crash2Parties Oct 2017 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author JonLP24 Oct 2017 #57
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