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Thu Sep 14, 2017, 04:24 AM Sep 2017

Without googling...At a four-way stop, if 2 cars reach the intersection simultaneously, [View all]

which of the following options is the correct action?

51 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Flash headlights or wave to let the other driver go first
0 (0%)
Wait for a second to see what the other driver does, then go if s/he doesn't move
0 (0%)
The vehicle on the left must yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right
47 (92%)
The vehicle on the right must yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on left
1 (2%)
Whoever stopped first should go first
2 (4%)
None of the above
1 (2%)
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I don't get why you have this option: Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #1
Hmm, I guess I was thinking both arrived at same time but one ecstatic Sep 2017 #3
and since when do people even really stop........oh they'll slow down, but that rolling thing a kennedy Sep 2017 #45
Vehicle on the *right* goes first if stops are simultaneous. tblue37 Sep 2017 #51
You're right...... a kennedy Sep 2017 #61
Let me guess: Someone has faulted you. DetlefK Sep 2017 #2
No. A tweet by the police department ecstatic Sep 2017 #4
I learned that 58 years ago. pangaia Sep 2017 #25
That's a fairly universal rule worldwide. brooklynite Sep 2017 #36
Agreed, and also applies to boating! Kleveland Sep 2017 #54
New drivers in my family Bettie Sep 2017 #39
Do you know the John Prine song The Accident? Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #5
Never heard of him or the song until now. ecstatic Sep 2017 #9
Okay - John Prine - definitely not a parody singer, though he writes some funny songs. GoneOffShore Sep 2017 #10
Not really. Folksy-rootsy Americana genre. Not everyone's cuppa, but Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #11
And don't forget 'Sam Stone' which I posted above. GoneOffShore Sep 2017 #14
Yes! Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #18
One of Prine's greatest. kentuck Sep 2017 #33
Thank you Bob Loblaw Sep 2017 #23
Lucky you! I've only seen him once, ages ago. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #24
I'll save that for later Bob Loblaw Sep 2017 #26
Agree - He is a national treasurer. SharonClark Sep 2017 #44
Whoever has the bigger vehicle goes first. TexasTowelie Sep 2017 #6
What if... KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2017 #15
Roadside rochambeau at the corner. TexasTowelie Sep 2017 #16
There are a LOT of 4-ways by me. annabanana Sep 2017 #7
This is presumably for "when both cars want to go straight on" muriel_volestrangler Sep 2017 #8
It's not the direction they approach from. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #19
OK, so 1 car approaches from the north, 1 from the south muriel_volestrangler Sep 2017 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #28
Yeah, this is my concern. I guess that is why we are seeing so many traffic circles pop up... hlthe2b Sep 2017 #38
See my post. Rarely are cars going parallel (North - South) approaching each other head-on anneboleyn Sep 2017 #52
Of course... the issue is head on meeting simultaneously with one wanting to make a left turn hlthe2b Sep 2017 #59
In most cases those cars would be in different lanes, so it's a non-issue. Car from North would anneboleyn Sep 2017 #49
Again. It does not matter where you approach from. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #53
But you do need a rule for when it is 2 cars arriving from opposite directions muriel_volestrangler Sep 2017 #60
Ahh, of course. Sorry! Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #69
In the southern hemisphere, of course, it would be car on left with right of way pangaia Sep 2017 #27
Obviously none of you guys lives in WA state ... fierywoman Sep 2017 #12
Arrrrghhhh! This is why I don't support anarchists. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2017 #20
We have a 4 way stop just down the street from us. I have witnessed rurallib Sep 2017 #40
depends... bluecollar2 Sep 2017 #13
The tiebreaker must be a burnout contest Amishman Sep 2017 #17
What if four cars reach the intersection simultaneously? Orrex Sep 2017 #29
Leave It To You, Orrex! ProfessorGAC Sep 2017 #41
There's one busy 4-way in our area at which this happens constantly. We just nod/wave Nay Sep 2017 #46
I'm A Waver, Too ProfessorGAC Sep 2017 #50
There's all sorts of unwritten rules that happen in local areas Major Nikon Sep 2017 #63
There's only one sure-fire way to resolve this: unblock Sep 2017 #30
What if there are no front license plates? mwooldri Sep 2017 #31
If two cars are on opposite sides of a stop sign. kentuck Sep 2017 #32
The trick is to ease up to the line so that there Lars39 Sep 2017 #34
That was easy... Ohiya Sep 2017 #35
except in my town we have the 'wave'..the driver on the right... samnsara Sep 2017 #37
people struggle with the simple concept of the turn signal melm00se Sep 2017 #42
Embrace Modernity.... OnDoutside Sep 2017 #43
Why not google to find the correct answer? left-of-center2012 Sep 2017 #47
If they all arrive at the same time, everyone is on everyone else's right. haveahart Sep 2017 #48
Actually, it is the car coming toward the 4-way stop that has MineralMan Sep 2017 #55
I detest 4 way stops. 3catwoman3 Sep 2017 #56
Other: I go first. JoeStuckInOH Sep 2017 #57
You don't even have to get there first with namby-pamby drivers Brother Buzz Sep 2017 #68
Turn off your car and walk away..... n2doc Sep 2017 #58
Could someone please answer definitively, soon? Mr. Ected Sep 2017 #62
Quite often three or four cars at a four-way stop... maveric Sep 2017 #64
A woman went off on me at a 4 way stop Kaleva Sep 2017 #65
The car with the popular vote must yield to the one with the Electoral College. n/t Orsino Sep 2017 #66
didn't have to google DiverDave Sep 2017 #67
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