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herding cats

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34. Seriously, McConnell is trying to give him a crash course in politics now?
Tue Aug 22, 2017, 11:12 PM
Aug 2017

Way too late, Mitch. He's not teachable neither is he reachable.

You're all saddled with him. You supported him, you've propped him up and now you own him in all his glory. It really must suck to be you and your party, I know.

Hey, at least you hold all the power of all the branches of our government! Oh, yeah, that means it's ALL gonna be on your heads. Damn, that's a tough break, dude.

Dogs, fleas, etc.

If there is a God.. HipChick Aug 2017 #1
Really. Most calls like that are recorded for prosperity . But prosperity Lint Head Aug 2017 #8
prosterity? panader0 Aug 2017 #12
Posterity? cos dem Aug 2017 #28
You're the winnah! nt marybourg Aug 2017 #31
Sadly. There isn't. broadcaster90210 Aug 2017 #33
Can you bdamomma Aug 2017 #2
Probably sounded a little like this: sandensea Aug 2017 #29
The Tortoise is not growing a spine ......... just loves the power Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #3
No, his impeachment remark referred to Trump bad mouthing Republican Senators Marie Marie Aug 2017 #16
With Trump gone Tortoise regains his power Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #18
Nope both are the same rockfordfile Aug 2017 #25
The part about the Nazi, was that on Rachel? yardwork Aug 2017 #4
No. That's my hyperbolic mixing of The Elephant Man with McConnell finally coming out from under Lint Head Aug 2017 #10
It was funny. yardwork Aug 2017 #21
Turtle sold his soul to get his wife a cabinet post Takket Aug 2017 #5
In the South we have a saying.... 7wo7rees Aug 2017 #6
In NJ we say "have a nice day" Kber Aug 2017 #14
I imagine so..... 7wo7rees Aug 2017 #15
If it's a death match-- JohnnyLib2 Aug 2017 #7
Guaranteed Mitch ordered that leak Blaukraut Aug 2017 #9
It will be delicious if ultimately, trump supporters Ilsa Aug 2017 #11
Assface will soon take the stage in Phoenix... Cracklin Charlie Aug 2017 #13
This lends credence to the theory that the House of Rep. DID thwart the House investigation. Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #17
and Nunes sent the aides to London Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #19
Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. So Nunes is still trying to obstruct for Trump. It didn't work, tho. Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #23
after he rescued himself Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #24
"Mitch McConnell threatening Trump with impeachment" ? left-of-center2012 Aug 2017 #20
Apparantly his aide indicated that. That Mitch was so mad the next thing he might do Lint Head Aug 2017 #22
Not that McConnell would pursue that. I think he meant he would support it. Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #26
Mitch probably wonders if he died and went to hell. dubyadiprecession Aug 2017 #27
Again - Please shadowmayor Aug 2017 #30
If true I doubt it was due to Mitch growing a spine let alone professional ethics but rather cstanleytech Aug 2017 #32
Seriously, McConnell is trying to give him a crash course in politics now? herding cats Aug 2017 #34
McConnell will pull his head back in his shell--when he realizes how guilty he is, too. C Moon Aug 2017 #35
These republicans MFM008 Aug 2017 #36
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