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geek tragedy

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Wed Jun 21, 2017, 05:19 PM Jun 2017

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This message was self-deleted by its author (geek tragedy) on Thu Jun 29, 2017, 12:51 AM. When the original post in a discussion thread is self-deleted, the entire discussion thread is automatically locked so new replies cannot be posted.

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Did you vote for Nancy Pelosi ? stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #1
So we're HELPING Zoonart Jun 2017 #10
This is a hit job on Nancy Pelosi, It's like the 5th op today telling us to hate Nancy Pelosi ! stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #22
Being trolled. Zoonart Jun 2017 #34
prolly russian/rwnj BOTS.. stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #38
Why would you have an OP that mouths GOP talking points? Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #63
What are the RW talking points i the OP? EL34x4 Jun 2017 #93
We are being concern-trolled about one of our BEST Dems, and those questions are not honest. Hekate Jun 2017 #199
It's a major right-wing meme that is also being Hortensis Jun 2017 #91
Enough already! secondwind Jun 2017 #185
I like Nancy Pelosi and I am in Illinois lunasun Jun 2017 #2
Absolutely Egnever Jun 2017 #3
How does Nancy Pelosi help the party appeal to left-behind populists geek tragedy Jun 2017 #4
I imagine you would have to identify what is important to people in those places Egnever Jun 2017 #6
voters in those places don't pay attention to legislative records or policy very much geek tragedy Jun 2017 #13
Then it doesn't make a shits bit of difference who Nancy or her mythical replacement is Egnever Jun 2017 #17
you don't think having someone who is (a) ancient and (b) representing geek tragedy Jun 2017 #29
So why is that her responsibility? It's never been the responsibility of a previous House Minority ehrnst Jun 2017 #52
Election performance has always been the main criteria they have been judged on - go look at the Midwestern Democrat Jun 2017 #179
So, are we . . . peggysue2 Jun 2017 #66
If we're talking about the Presidential nominee, Warren and Sanders are poor candidates imo. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #106
We are not talking . . . peggysue2 Jun 2017 #113
How exactly would Pelosi help get candidates over the line in competiive 2018 races? geek tragedy Jun 2017 #114
Ossoff . . . peggysue2 Jun 2017 #119
This message was self-deleted by its author Hekate Jun 2017 #200
"ancient" Skidmore Jun 2017 #146
I was 15 when Pelosi started serving in Congress. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #150
I get that literature too Skidmore Jun 2017 #152
experience is useful for governing, but a liablity in politics (in the USA anyways) geek tragedy Jun 2017 #155
I will take Sam Rayburns experience of 48 years any day as congressnab and Speaker of the House. Jim Beard Jun 2017 #166
So what did you think of people in those places who hated Obama? (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #54
Exactly right! spooky3 Jun 2017 #184
Since when is it the job of the minority House leader to do that? (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #50
Since there's been a Congress. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #108
So doesn't that make the DCCC redundant? ehrnst Jun 2017 #118
Why is that Pelosi's problem and not say, the Ohio Dem Party? Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #139
It's both. nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #188
Exurban Columbus is generally Romney Republicans spooky3 Jun 2017 #186
That's not the Speaker's or Minority Leader's job EffieBlack Jun 2017 #5
+10000. This OP is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the minority leader. yardwork Jun 2017 #8
She also got a lot of other tough legislation through the House EffieBlack Jun 2017 #12
It is bullshit. Unmitigated. yardwork Jun 2017 #14
Thank YOU! smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #84
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #86
+1000. stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #23
Exactly! procon Jun 2017 #61
Thank you, and this is all coming from a spectacularly unsuccessful wing of the party, if you know.. Tarheel_Dem Jun 2017 #167
I responded to a post earlier today... NCTraveler Jun 2017 #7
it's not an attack (hello, I live in Brooklyn) it's political reality. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #15
It is a complete regurgitation of the liberal elitist meme. Nt NCTraveler Jun 2017 #18
It's more than a meme, it's a pretty widely held belief amongst the left-behinds. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #20
"Only one of those will win elections." NCTraveler Jun 2017 #28
I feel liberated to make these points, because I'm close to the stererotype of an urban elitist geek tragedy Jun 2017 #30
Also doesn't mean it is the end all be all as you are outlining. NCTraveler Jun 2017 #36
At some point, the Democratic Party has to switch back to evangelist mode and away geek tragedy Jun 2017 #37
Oh, no. It's the opposite. kcr Jun 2017 #60
Everyone who understands Obama-Trump voters raise your hand. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #107
Okay, so what are you willing to give up to appease them? haele Jun 2017 #44
+1 betsuni Jun 2017 #163
So did we "toss more gasoline that bomb" by re-electing Obama? ehrnst Jun 2017 #68
Obama overperformed with the left-behinds--much better than Clinton did. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #109
So... when did the discussion of Pelosi turn into a discussion of HRC? ehrnst Jun 2017 #121
Democrats are more of a coalition than a coherent political party when they win. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #125
So you're saying that there wasn't significant anger and dislike of Obama ehrnst Jun 2017 #127
sure, it's not the hardcore rightwing or alt-right we're chasing geek tragedy Jun 2017 #134
Um... were you around for the last 8 years? ehrnst Jun 2017 #162
What are you playing at here? Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #143
Here's the point: our House leadership (including but not limited to Pelosi) geek tragedy Jun 2017 #148
Okay, fine... Who should be leading then? Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #153
that's question House Dems need to ask in earnest before geek tragedy Jun 2017 #156
You must have SOME ideas, since you're so convinced Pelosi is the worst thing ever... Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #158
Removing Pelosi in the middle of the 2018 race (now!) Hortensis Jun 2017 #94
When party leadership is old and entrenched, they wind up being a political liablity geek tragedy Jun 2017 #103
Or so you imagine. You might want to learn more on the use Hortensis Jun 2017 #110
I'm interested in the answer to that as well. Apparently "not Pelosi" is as far as I can get out of ehrnst Jun 2017 #130
the House Minority leader's official job duties are pretty much meaningless. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #135
Oh, now she's irrelevant? Then what's your problem? Hortensis Jun 2017 #169
Worst of both worlds in terms of efficacy. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #171
Okay. Sorry for misunderstanding. Actually, though, Hortensis Jun 2017 #173
Being selected by her peers as Minority Leader isn't about her "swing district status" ehrnst Jun 2017 #129
Democrats place way too much weight on seniority when it comes to picking leaders. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #137
On what do you base your opinion that "experience is pretty goddamned worthless without a majority" ehrnst Jun 2017 #160
So name somebody to take over then, if you're so smart... Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #141
I'm in Virginia and Pelosi's name has never ever come up... Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #142
What Congressional District? nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #145
2nd (Scott Taylor-R) Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #149
That district has had a Democrat represent it once in the past 9 elections. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #151
Nye actually (like a fucking moron) tried to distance himself from Ocare Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #157
Cultural political polarization has nothing to do with gender- or SF liberals?!?!? bettyellen Jun 2017 #9
"San Francisco liberals" plays up both cultural and geographic resentments. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #11
San Francisco is a thriving beautiful city that still has a middle class and bettyellen Jun 2017 #16
Tired of all the winning? geek tragedy Jun 2017 #19
Tired of listening to Dems quote Trump and company without irony. Wow. bettyellen Jun 2017 #21
You think Tr*mp created the conditions that allowed him to 'win?' geek tragedy Jun 2017 #26
I think trite phrases like "tired of winning" don't help you sound serious. bettyellen Jun 2017 #31
It's also anti-gay sweetloukillbot Jun 2017 #81
I'm sorry? I think SF is pretty diverse but that's only my experience. bettyellen Jun 2017 #99
It is more diverse, but when Republicans say "San Francisco values" they mean teh gay sweetloukillbot Jun 2017 #100
Ohhhh, yeah of course! And LA is Sodom and Gomorrah bettyellen Jun 2017 #115
Yeah, and Obama played up cultural and geographical resentments. ehrnst Jun 2017 #57
23 replies, 201 views this i hate nancy OP'S are not going very well.... stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #24
What's with all the hit jobs on Nancy Pelosi today? Nonhlanhla Jun 2017 #25
Looks very orchestrated. bettyellen Jun 2017 #33
Meh. People are just trying to understand the loss leftstreet Jun 2017 #40
What time is it in Moscow? AngryAmish Jun 2017 #41
It's because Congressional Democrats are complaining out loud nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #48
Especially the ones who lost the leadership election to her.... (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #78
yes, but there are also some who voted for her in the last leadership geek tragedy Jun 2017 #104
My understanding of the job of the minority party house leader is ehrnst Jun 2017 #120
None of those functions are relevant, or particularly hard to accomplish. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #124
The functions of the DCCC? Not clear on what functions you are referring to. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #126
job #1 of the minoriyt party leaderhip is to not be a liability in close elections geek tragedy Jun 2017 #136
Still didn't answer the question. ehrnst Jun 2017 #164
Negotiating with majority, leading floor debate etc nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #170
Not relevant? Not hard to accomplish? ehrnst Jun 2017 #174
Pelosi was the incumbent. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #175
CA voters chose Pelosi lapucelle Jun 2017 #193
The procedural/governing skill set is a lot more relevant geek tragedy Jun 2017 #196
So it's the "has an apocryphal skill set" for some lapucelle Jun 2017 #198
Senate and House have radically different rules geek tragedy Jun 2017 #201
Yup La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2017 #49
Um? They voted for an Urban Billionaire... Freethinker65 Jun 2017 #27
it also allows them to continually control the narrative. JHan Jun 2017 #32
The party deserpately needs fresh leadership (and fresh blood in general), BUT - Fait Accompli Jun 2017 #35
Yes, absolutely oberliner Jun 2017 #39
"urban millionaires" nini Jun 2017 #42
They will find reasons to hate ANYONE who successfully leads our party, pnwmom Jun 2017 #43
Exactly! peggysue2 Jun 2017 #128
Who would you suggest as a replacement? tinrobot Jun 2017 #45
Tim Ryan Kolesar Jun 2017 #133
Now, ask the same questions to Shuman.... bresue Jun 2017 #46
I don't vote depending on who is minority leader blueinredohio Jun 2017 #47
She's the only House Minority Leader that has ever been criticized for this. ehrnst Jun 2017 #51
While I agree with your positions on Nancy Docreed2003 Jun 2017 #112
OK. Thanks for the info - I stand corrected. ehrnst Jun 2017 #117
It's infuriating and frustrating for sure... Docreed2003 Jun 2017 #122
There's far more resistance to Pelosi w/in the D House caucus BeyondGeography Jun 2017 #53
What are the numbers on that? ehrnst Jun 2017 #55
63 people voted against her in Jan. BeyondGeography Jun 2017 #64
She has far less resistance than support, clearly - 134 support to 63 resistance. ehrnst Jun 2017 #67
Look at this thread BeyondGeography Jun 2017 #69
So you are getting your stats for all of DU from this thread? Faulty sampling. ehrnst Jun 2017 #73
Our seniority rules in the House are antiquated and that's on Pelosi BeyondGeography Jun 2017 #75
You mean the Pelosi that suggested that less experienced people should be encouraged? ehrnst Jun 2017 #80
Here's an article covering the Minority Leader vote KTM Jun 2017 #70
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #72
Are you comparing Pelosi to Conyers? ehrnst Jun 2017 #77
Did others in the past who didn't win the leadership position go out and trash the person who did? ehrnst Jun 2017 #74
Does she has to? It's up to her district to decide if she represents them ebbie15644 Jun 2017 #56
If she did relate to the"left-behinders" tazkcmo Jun 2017 #58
It's not her job to do those things. alarimer Jun 2017 #59
She does her job...in the House and yes it does relate to her gender. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #62
Good fucking grief! STOP IT! NurseJackie Jun 2017 #65
Did Nancy Pelosi helping insure 30 million Americans make you ask these questions? L. Coyote Jun 2017 #71
Nancy Pelosi is great & role model for girls delisen Jun 2017 #76
It is a right wing talking point that Democrats need rebranding. We don't. They need to stop LaydeeBug Jun 2017 #79
Nancy Pelosi was born and raised in Baltimore, MD BumRushDaShow Jun 2017 #82
Fair questions loyalsister Jun 2017 #83
I'm not sure what Nancy Pelosi has to do with our problems here in Ohio Bradical79 Jun 2017 #85
What do you think? ismnotwasm Jun 2017 #87
She helps in NJ this year JustAnotherGen Jun 2017 #88
Do you know what he means by "left behinds"? ismnotwasm Jun 2017 #90
I *think* JustAnotherGen Jun 2017 #92
Ok that makes sense ismnotwasm Jun 2017 #97
Does Tim Ryan or somebody else? Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2017 #89
So the Don the Con... Adrahil Jun 2017 #95
What about those wealthy Republicans? Why aren't they dragging down their party? jalan48 Jun 2017 #96
All the replies seem pretty emotional and illogical LittleBlue Jun 2017 #98
What do you mean by "embrace change" and "adopt new ways of thinking"? 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2017 #101
This is 86-proof bullshit hatrack Jun 2017 #102
Nonsense, if they are left behind kacekwl Jun 2017 #105
Who the hell can be the ONE person EVERY liberal will approve of? nini Jun 2017 #111
My Republican friends don't know much of anything Awsi Dooger Jun 2017 #116
What makes you think Democrats don't call out the "fake news" bullshit? ismnotwasm Jun 2017 #132
None of that is her job, we'd have to purge all the women in leadership to make the GOP happy and bettyellen Jun 2017 #123
I do not understand these Pelosi questions...and enough!!! bresue Jun 2017 #131
Odd how I never heard people question where Ted Kennedy was from or his family money. tonyt53 Jun 2017 #138
Last I checked, Trump was an urban billionaire Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #140
Tr*mp speaks the language of uneducated white dumbasses nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #154
To do that, she would need to put on a hood Jakes Progress Jun 2017 #144
I'd have to see both the numbers and the analysis of those numbers LanternWaste Jun 2017 #147
One of the problems matt819 Jun 2017 #159
Nor do they relate to the job of Minority Leader BainsBane Jun 2017 #161
I LOVE THIS betsuni Jun 2017 #168
I think I'm in love with you ... EffieBlack Jun 2017 #194
San Francisco has its own health care and $15 minimum wage. Starry Messenger Jun 2017 #165
Good grief. She's from Baltimore's Little Italy... displacedtexan Jun 2017 #172
She was a fantastic Speaker. geek tragedy Jun 2017 #178
She is elected by her district treestar Jun 2017 #176
Nancy pelosi helps in way no one can see. Backroom Alice11111 Jun 2017 #177
There are no backroom negotiations for the geek tragedy Jun 2017 #180
Well what Democrat is doing the things you want Nancy Pelosi to be doing? Stargleamer Jun 2017 #181
People in rural Ohio appear to be fine voting for millionaires. gollygee Jun 2017 #182
you've really gone over the cliff with this one bigtree Jun 2017 #183
Can you name the last time a former Speaker geek tragedy Jun 2017 #190
They ALL relate to her gender if they are not questions that spooky3 Jun 2017 #187
I can't remember a Speaker who fought to remain geek tragedy Jun 2017 #192
Well, this I know, the "new blood" refused to go into Alice11111 Jun 2017 #189
Team Hillary was not 'new blood.' nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #191
Her JOB is to represent her district and to work with the Dems in Congress. pnwmom Jun 2017 #195
Is Nancy Pelosi running in Ohio or Michigan? Hekate Jun 2017 #197
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