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Exactly how he handles GOP congress - he grabbed em by the pussy and they let him do anything blm Jun 2017 #1
Boy ...do I ever have experience with this kind of behavior... Zoonart Jun 2017 #2
Brilliant. Admittedly I would never have seen the symmetry. jmg257 Jun 2017 #3
Fantastic...... MyOwnPeace Jun 2017 #4
Trump was grooming w/talks of I hope, I demand loyalty BS. Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #5
Exactly! "I hope we have sex" when said by a boss to an employee isn't just about "hope" is it. anneboleyn Jun 2017 #19
and why did the "I hope" convo have to happen with 2 of them alone if it was so innocent? Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #22
I read this opinion piece this morning at breakfast and was just about to post it mnhtnbb Jun 2017 #6
I worried about Comey's family Marthe48 Jun 2017 #7
That's not how Trump works. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #10
that's how his deplorables work Skittles Jun 2017 #15
yes Marthe48 Jun 2017 #25
We don't know what he does Marthe48 Jun 2017 #26
That'll come soon enough ... Benedict Donald is a wanna be gangster YCHDT Jun 2017 #12
"you have a nice family. . . would be a shame if anything happened to them. . . . " niyad Jun 2017 #14
I agree. Trump was threatening Comey. Comey intimidates the SHIT out of baby Trump anneboleyn Jun 2017 #20
Neither Trump nor the people around him . . . OldRedneck Jun 2017 #8
In his whole life Trump just takes what he wants Mr. Evil Jun 2017 #9
it is and i had not looked at it from the same perspective. barbtries Jun 2017 #11
And then there's McCain's reaction cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2017 #13
SPOT ON!!!!! niyad Jun 2017 #16
K&R Scurrilous Jun 2017 #17
There should something empowering about this analysis, AND BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2017 #18
What I said last night: it was a seduction scene. All the men with good reputations now soiled... Hekate Jun 2017 #21
Using the "power" of being physically present in the Oval Office, Ilsa Jun 2017 #23
In the meantime few GOPers at the hearing try to minimize the situation! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #24
I can't even post this on my FB anymore. Have young relatives. So sad the Pres of USA is so Potty trueblue2007 Jun 2017 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Pacifist Patriot Jun 2017 #28
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