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14. of course they do.
Sun May 21, 2017, 11:40 AM
May 2017

Every upper class saoudi is educated, usually in the best british universities. This audience is not random people off the street, they are the rulling cast.

OMG That's HILARIOUS!! onecent May 2017 #1
hahahahahahahahaha! luvMIdog May 2017 #2
I don't see headphones on them - without a translation to listen to, I would imagine it DrDan May 2017 #3
Are you assuming they don't speak English? nt DURHAM D May 2017 #4
yes DrDan May 2017 #5
Why? DURHAM D May 2017 #6
are you assuming they speak English well enough to follow the speech without a translator? DrDan May 2017 #8
Yes and it put them to sleep. DURHAM D May 2017 #10
why would you make that assumption? DrDan May 2017 #11
Have you traveled out of the US much? nt DURHAM D May 2017 #12
I have lived and worked out of the US for 10 years - to include 4 in Riyadh DrDan May 2017 #13
In that room of diplomats and foreign service members DURHAM D May 2017 #15
so those wearing headphones are making a fashion statement DrDan May 2017 #19
almost every child outside of the US gets English as a foreign language grantcart May 2017 #25
I am sure they speak it better than Trump does at any rate. smirkymonkey May 2017 #20
of course they do. drray23 May 2017 #14
Thank you. nt DURHAM D May 2017 #16
I doubt those with eyes closed are Saudi - but yes I agree, most upper-class Saudis have been DrDan May 2017 #17
Wilbur Ross? Thinkingabout May 2017 #23
yes - he is probably not Saudi DrDan May 2017 #26
Agreed left-of-center2012 May 2017 #28
Even among the "middle class", many went to college in the U.S. dalton99a May 2017 #27
No no they aren't asleep they just had to close their eyes an contemplate underpants May 2017 #7
They are thinking "I didn't lnow that you could stack it that high." CentralMass May 2017 #18
Touche! smirkymonkey May 2017 #21
Awesome. dalton99a May 2017 #9
Sec. Ross dreaming of getting his walking papers on returning to the U.S. oasis May 2017 #22
Trump lullaby Thinkingabout May 2017 #24
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