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10. We moved up to Boulder (from Golden, CO) not long after
Wed May 17, 2017, 11:57 PM
May 2017

a severe windstorm in 1988 that collapsed part of an overpass being built there. It's long enough ago that I can no longer remember the details, but it was pretty dramatic.

We lived there about years, but I never got over being impressed by the winds. I'd lie awake at night, listening to the wind, and then in the morning would hear the reports as to just how strong the winds were. It wasn't long before I could correctly estimate winds to within 5mph.

We moved from there to Kansas, and even with the violent Midwest weather, I never experienced winds like the ones in Boulder. I sort of miss it.

Right now I'm in Santa Fe, and on April 29 we got about 12 inches of snow here. Yay! It was mostly gone by the afternoon. And a few days later got some amazing hail. Just like the Midwest.

I actually enjoy weather.

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