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Sat Mar 25, 2017, 10:35 AM Mar 2017

I think we all agree that Bernie Sanders is a fine Senator, [View all]

who helps Democrats with their efforts in the Senate, despite not being a member of that party.

I don't know of anyone on DU who doesn't agree with that statement.

However, he is just one Senator who votes with the Democratic Caucus. We have many fine Senators in our Democratic Party, including the two from my state of Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken.

I think Bernie Sanders is doing an excellent job in the Senate, and encourage him to continue doing that as a full-time member of the Senate. I'm sure everyone agrees with that, as well.

We like you, Senator Sanders. That's clear. We'll count on you to continue voting with the Democratic Caucus, and we thank you for your cooperation with Senate Democrats.

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Take cover! n/t left-of-center2012 Mar 2017 #1
Why? I'm praising the man, just like I always have. MineralMan Mar 2017 #3
Pro-Sanders posts often get attacked left-of-center2012 Mar 2017 #5
Well, I am not ashamed to post a positive thing about MineralMan Mar 2017 #8
Bullshit. Point to one post "attacking" a pro-Sanders post. yardwork Mar 2017 #22
Joking, right? elleng Mar 2017 #25
That post proves my point. yardwork Mar 2017 #42
Disagreement is NOT whining. elleng Mar 2017 #47
Lol. You are the one equating disagreement with "attack." yardwork Mar 2017 #72
I am not, elleng Mar 2017 #73
Yeah, I was rolling my eyes over the above statement as well. That link is just the FailureToCommunicate Mar 2017 #29
"Let's all just get along okay?" left-of-center2012 Mar 2017 #31
I came to the decision bekkilyn Mar 2017 #35
I put the most obnoxious Bernie bashers on ignore during the primary, mac56 Mar 2017 #36
Yeah, it's not really something to raise blood pressure about, just kinda pointless now. Bernie FailureToCommunicate Mar 2017 #37
+1 beam me up scottie Mar 2017 #92
And thats why...things grow dim laserhaas Mar 2017 #30
Yeah, well you didn't nominate him for pres in 2020... Wounded Bear Mar 2017 #6
No. I was a Clinton supporter, as anyone who knows me MineralMan Mar 2017 #11
You included a sideways swipe about D party membership sharedvalues Mar 2017 #38
I included no swipe of any kind. Senator Sanders MineralMan Mar 2017 #58
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #49
How strange. Really? MineralMan Mar 2017 #59
There's an implication in the way you worded your OP, though Ken Burch Mar 2017 #81
I said nothing of the sort, nor implied it. MineralMan Mar 2017 #83
I have been attacked mercilessly... WiffenPoof Mar 2017 #121
Speaking Of A Fine Senator... Me. Mar 2017 #2
Senator Franken is, perhaps, the most approachable MineralMan Mar 2017 #4
In support of your OP... Wounded Bear Mar 2017 #10
Yes. I'm sure that's why he keeps getting re-elected. MineralMan Mar 2017 #12
IIRC, Vermont was a bit of a red state pre-Bernie... Wounded Bear Mar 2017 #16
Responding to voters' concerns is what the GOP calls... Beartracks Mar 2017 #60
I Also Understand Me. Mar 2017 #27
Senator Durbin is also very approachable. murielm99 Mar 2017 #52
He is not alone in that. I think most Democratic Senators MineralMan Mar 2017 #61
Franken spoke at our Governor's Day brunch murielm99 Mar 2017 #78
I would love to see Franken run for POTUS 2020 left-of-center2012 Mar 2017 #9
Fine By Me Me. Mar 2017 #28
Well, he told me in person that he wasn't interested in 2016. MineralMan Mar 2017 #62
And we want all congress persons.. coco22 Mar 2017 #7
Well, since Nunes is in the House of Representatives, MineralMan Mar 2017 #14
Nicey stated. Tom Rinaldo Mar 2017 #13
Thank you. There is no reason for anyone to bash Bernie Sanders. MineralMan Mar 2017 #15
What a lovely post. And there's no reason for anyone to accuse party leadership of being "feeble"... NurseJackie Mar 2017 #51
The problem is, there is a faction that brooks no criticism of the Democratic Party. alarimer Mar 2017 #91
I've yet to see this faction. What I've seen is a faction that brooks no criticism of synergie Mar 2017 #103
THIS. FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #104
I agree! The left needs to get back into the "big tent" mentality NWCorona Mar 2017 #17
K & R 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2017 #18
Thank you. CousinIT Mar 2017 #19
Thank you for this MM nt riderinthestorm Mar 2017 #20
Bernie is an asset to the American people. For this he deserves kudos and respect. Mr. Ected Mar 2017 #21
The Democratic Party and its leaders deserve respect as well. NurseJackie Mar 2017 #54
They have mine! Mr. Ected Mar 2017 #71
Yeah! I'm a proud and loyal Democrat, too! :-D NurseJackie Mar 2017 #74
I have a lot of faith in Perez and Ellison to lead the charge into 2018 Mr. Ected Mar 2017 #75
They're a great team! I like them both. NurseJackie Mar 2017 #79
Glad to hear you are on board with Bernie as a new leader of the D party Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #116
Thanks. elleng Mar 2017 #23
Finally some reason (nt) bekkilyn Mar 2017 #24
He is one of many mcar Mar 2017 #26
Yes he is a fine Senator Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #32
He usually raises really good points. liberalnarb Mar 2017 #63
Sanders isn't a Democrat Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #93
I wonder why he was chosen to help lead the D party by Senator Schumer? Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #95
He wasn't Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #99
Link? Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #100
He's not Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #101
This is going to leave a mark Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #109
Doesn't make him a member of the party. Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #112
He is still a leader of the D party Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #115
Still not a member of the party Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #120
. Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #128
He's still an independent because that's what his constituency elected him as. liberalnarb Mar 2017 #96
That's an excuse. Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #98
Yet he got over 40% of the D vote for president in the primary season Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #110
Still not a member of the Democratic party. Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #111
Apparently you don't want this action passed because of an I Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #114
Doesn't change the fact he refuses to join the party. Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #119
Doesn't matter Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #127
Yes it does Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #132
So IF he won the D nomination you would have stayed home? Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #134
Of course not Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #135
Thank you for an honest answer Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #138
Bernie then would go against his constituents in VT by switching parties FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #105
That's fine Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #106
I disagree. FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #108
So it is OK that he joins Republicans Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #113
As was stated several times FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #117
It is an attack whether you admit it or not. Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #118
It was justified criticism FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #122
It is not a grudge Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #123
It doesn't matter if he's a member of the party, he has a roll in it FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #124
He promised that he would join the party Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #125
Can you link to where Bernie promised to join the party? FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #129
Then you are not paying attention Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #131
lol says you who didn't know Bernie was in a leadership position FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #136
It's a courtesy appointment, not a leadership position. Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #137
Our party isn't even close to dying. JTFrog Mar 2017 #126
Did I say it was corrupt? FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #130
Well said!!! nt Trumpocalypse Mar 2017 #133
Agreed and thank you. nt Doremus Mar 2017 #33
Minnesota senators are great! ananda Mar 2017 #34
I think you're wrong about all DU members agreeing with your assessment of Sanders. aikoaiko Mar 2017 #39
Why the swipe about his party membership in first sentence? sharedvalues Mar 2017 #40
Because if he keeps criticizing the party and wanting to change it La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2017 #45
I see no swipe. It's true and framed in a positive manner Tom Rinaldo Mar 2017 #48
I'm a Bernie supporter and didn't interpret it as a swipe bekkilyn Mar 2017 #50
That's hardly a "side-swipe" cwydro Mar 2017 #55
There was no swipe at him. MineralMan Mar 2017 #64
You're lucky to have two such fine Senators. tammywammy Mar 2017 #41
I have worked hard to help keep both of them in office. MineralMan Mar 2017 #66
Younger senators who will run in 2020 need some light La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2017 #43
Let's hear it for Bernie, he's done a splendid job n/t secondwind Mar 2017 #44
I understand what you mean mvd Mar 2017 #46
Yes, but DownriverDem Mar 2017 #53
I don't believe he changed back to I as an insult bekkilyn Mar 2017 #56
"Outreach" does not mean smearing Democratic Party leaders by calling them "feeble". (LOL) NurseJackie Mar 2017 #67
Oh my god! There you go questioning D leadership again Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #89
Why is this only a Bernie thing? FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #107
Vermont has open primaries. We don't have to register party affiliation. democrank Mar 2017 #57
His senior Senator, Pat Leahy, and Vermont's Representative are Democrats. George II Mar 2017 #69
Yes indeed, George II. democrank Mar 2017 #70
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #65
K&R defacto7 Mar 2017 #68
No one on DU should have an issue with your OP MM still_one Mar 2017 #76
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2017 #77
Please consider self-deleting this...it serves no good purpose. Ken Burch Mar 2017 #80
No, I won't do that. MineralMan Mar 2017 #84
What is the point of the OP, then? Ken Burch Mar 2017 #90
Why do you ask? MineralMan Mar 2017 #94
Ok. Ken Burch Mar 2017 #97
DU rec...nt SidDithers Mar 2017 #82
We are stronger together. StrictlyRockers Mar 2017 #85
I have to disagree with you, MM NastyRiffraff Mar 2017 #86
Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. MineralMan Mar 2017 #87
Maybe people here should realize that.... Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #88
Nope!! whistler162 Mar 2017 #102
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