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Mon Feb 27, 2017, 10:00 AM Feb 2017

Let's Shine Some Light On The Awfulness That Is Bill Maher [View all]

Interesting article from Cracked.com

Here's a taste:

The asshole on the left ((of the picture)), I mean. Bill Maher. He took credit for Yiannopoulos' downfall, stating, "Sunlight is the best disinfectant." And since Yiannopoulos showed up on his show Real Time immediately before imploding, clearly it was Maher's sunlight that purged Yiannopoulos' dank, moldy rind of fame. I'll get into who really brought down Yiannopoulos later. Right now, let's shine some sunlight on Maher. As the Boston Globe pointed out, Maher's gone out of his way to repeatedly defend adult women raping teenage boys. He called a 28-year-old man fucking a 13-year-old girl "a crime," but claimed a 35-year-old woman being with a 14-year-old boy was just "a little offbeat" and that the only crime was that "we didn't get it on videotape."

Cracked.com gets a bit of flak because it's (primarily) a comedy site with a poorly balanced ratio of female:male contributors, and also an occasional over-reliance on boob jokes. However, they frequently offer quite insightful commentary. Robert Evans in particular has had a number of strong pieces worth reading in the current and recent political atmosphere.

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Nope...I adore Bill amuse bouche Feb 2017 #1
Yes, his fans always play the "purity" card Orrex Feb 2017 #6
Their opposition to the "purity card" is the liberal version of Trump supporters raging against EffieBlack Feb 2017 #11
No, you're spinning it to favor Maher at the expense of reality. Orrex Feb 2017 #15
When you play "devil's advocate" are you going to offend people? yallerdawg Feb 2017 #29
That's not devil's advocacy. Orrex Feb 2017 #31
You missed my point EffieBlack Feb 2017 #38
Oh. Sorry. Orrex Feb 2017 #43
His writers produce some good comedy for him, but he is deeply sick re: women and Muslim humans. n/t Judi Lynn Feb 2017 #83
I've been a fan of his for years but lately I can't stomach his show ebbie15644 Feb 2017 #59
Gee, I wonder why? Could it be bullshit myths like "Liberals demand purity!" kcr Feb 2017 #8
So it's a "No True Scotsman" fallacy? Goblinmonger Feb 2017 #37
No, this isn't a No True Scotsman fallacy kcr Feb 2017 #39
There is a huge differnce between "that maybe some of the criticism you do hear is right" amuse bouche Feb 2017 #85
What is it you like about him? RedWedge Feb 2017 #12
I like the fact that republicans hate him and call him a raging asshole amuse bouche Feb 2017 #82
He's an imperfect human being Dem2 Feb 2017 #18
Exactly. Such a shame they can't see it amuse bouche Feb 2017 #20
These aren't minor flaws Orrex Feb 2017 #30
He's not in a "tent", he's just a crude comedian Dem2 Feb 2017 #41
You mean like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Crunchy Frog Feb 2017 #72
+1 putitinD Feb 2017 #90
Right on. No one's perfect Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #36
agreed Mr Dixon Feb 2017 #49
Bill Maher is a raging asshole who I happen to agree with on some issues. Tommy_Carcetti Feb 2017 #2
On some things he's a raging asshole (his Islam stance), but he's our asshole. I say keep him. brush Feb 2017 #5
Maher is quite frequently very funny, but he is an ass. Maru Kitteh Feb 2017 #3
I've been watching his show since the Comedy Central days. Even after I got rid of cable Guy Whitey Corngood Feb 2017 #4
He's a mixed bag Bettie Feb 2017 #7
The linked article highlights some pretty unforgivable flaws IMO Orrex Feb 2017 #9
Are we talking about "speech" or "public policy"? kentuck Feb 2017 #10
I like me some "awful" Bill Maher once a week ksoze Feb 2017 #13
Interestingly... Orrex Feb 2017 #27
Just don't watch him - your Maher witch hunt is maddening ksoze Feb 2017 #45
I don't watch him. Like Republicans should have condemned the trash talking Trump, Jim Beard Feb 2017 #52
he frustrating at times but far from awful, sometimes he's brilliant Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #14
Did you read the linked article? Orrex Feb 2017 #16
Yes, I understand... He's obviously not for everyone and I'm not defending evertyhing he's said. Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #40
Sorry...I'd rather have his voice against Trump than not have it......... Bengus81 Feb 2017 #17
Did you read the linked article? Orrex Feb 2017 #21
Don't forget his anti-vaxx advocacy. Archae Feb 2017 #19
Yes, that's another important point Orrex Feb 2017 #23
I like Bill and disagree with you. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #22
Did you read the linked article? Orrex Feb 2017 #24
Chill Out-You're Irritating Stallion Feb 2017 #26
Post removed Post removed Feb 2017 #28
I saw one of the show where he brought this up. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #46
I like Bill. No, I don't agree with everything he says. logosoco Feb 2017 #25
You really made some great points. Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #50
Maher depends more on vulgarities instead of nuance. I've never liked the Beavis & Butthead crowd. randome Feb 2017 #32
I am a South Park fan my self...not the poop show though...there are limits! Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #47
Something can always be said about pushing the envelope with outrageousness. randome Feb 2017 #51
I don't think maher's show does that. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #53
Christine 'I'm not a witch!' O'Donnell? bravenak Feb 2017 #57
thanks...too lazy to look it up... Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #81
1. I read the article so don't ask. 2. His horribleness Exultant Democracy Feb 2017 #33
Bill Maher is not our enemy.....nt HAB911 Feb 2017 #34
Pathetic...ain't it ? amuse bouche Feb 2017 #42
Thanks for posting... SidDithers Feb 2017 #35
Bill Maher is fine.... qdouble Feb 2017 #44
Replace "Maher" with "Trump" EffieBlack Feb 2017 #48
He is messed up. Always has been. bravenak Feb 2017 #54
Thanks you for sharing this. Laffy Kat Feb 2017 #68
Yep. He is prettydisgusting but I try my best to like him. Its hard bravenak Feb 2017 #86
I like Bill Maher. You know where he stands, agree or not. He doesn't sugar coat the facts. n/t Lil Missy Feb 2017 #55
Obviously you were never a 14 year old male njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #56
What the heck does that mean? nt msanthrope Feb 2017 #60
It means some 14 year old boys are thinking about how great it would be to bang their teacher. njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #62
So, this is your defense to rape? nt msanthrope Feb 2017 #64
No, Its how I was when I was 14 njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #66
Right....14. Maher is not 14. And surely you've matured to the point of msanthrope Feb 2017 #71
Is it your understanding that all rape in the legal sense is equally njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #73
"all rape in the legal sense?" Can you expand on what you mean by that? msanthrope Feb 2017 #74
You remind of Victor Hugo's character Javert njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #75
We aren't talking about the theft of bread, but of rape. And look, msanthrope Feb 2017 #80
No, I never morally or legally defended the teacher's actions. njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #87
No--what I've done is a pretty good cross-examination of a pervasive attitude about rape. msanthrope Feb 2017 #91
Could I ask what that pervasive attitude about rape is? njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #92
If reading your own posts doesn't answer that for you, I can't help you. nt msanthrope Feb 2017 #93
He allows a variety of viewpoints to be discussed in an entertaining way MrPurple Feb 2017 #58
How awful it is to allow people to express varying viewpoints njhoneybadger Feb 2017 #61
His good far outweighs his bad Cosmocat Feb 2017 #63
Bill Maher types are pretty common in my circle of family, friends, and acquaintances... hunter Feb 2017 #65
Thank you for sharing this. It was a very interesting article. NurseJackie Feb 2017 #67
I only got about half way through this week's show. Crunchy Frog Feb 2017 #69
What I like about him is.. coco22 Feb 2017 #70
He sucks. He was WAY too flirty w/Milo and his transphobia is a dealbreaker (nt) FreepFryer Feb 2017 #76
i would have thought we had bigger fish to fry dembotoz Feb 2017 #77
He's an a-hole, but he's also a comedian, ecstatic Feb 2017 #78
Some people here are ok with bigotry, misogyny and the down-playing of rape... demmiblue Feb 2017 #79
Obviously, you've never read a Polanski thread here. Revolting. nt msanthrope Feb 2017 #84
Maher is great.eom Rustyeye77 Feb 2017 #88
no thanks. n/t miyazaki Feb 2017 #89
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