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Sun Jan 22, 2017, 12:25 PM Jan 2017

Do you agree with me that it is your patriotic duty to punch a NAZI [View all]

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17 (41%)
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Nazi punching is a great American tradition MrScorpio Jan 2017 #1
Yep workinclasszero Jan 2017 #23
Damn skippy! MrScorpio Jan 2017 #34
Act like a NAZI as a means of protesting what a NAZI is saying? guillaumeb Jan 2017 #2
My old man was ordered to kill NAZIS in WW ll DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #9
Violence will be used by Spencer as a recruiting tool. guillaumeb Jan 2017 #10
My old man was ordered to kill Nazi's too. He was luckier with the shrapenel (hit his shoulder) in rzemanfl Jan 2017 #81
I'm sure that was "accidental".... Wounded Bear Jan 2017 #3
Not accidental. I saw the clip. It was self-defense. NCjack Jan 2017 #17
Guess you missed the intended sarcasm... Wounded Bear Jan 2017 #19
My sarcasm piling on your sarcasm failed. NCjack Jan 2017 #20
You're both wrong Orrex Jan 2017 #30
I did not see that inversion of the event. It is possible, in a Conway NCjack Jan 2017 #37
You're getting bogged down by your "alternative facts" Orrex Jan 2017 #39
In WW2, it was our patriotic duty to kill them. roamer65 Jan 2017 #4
... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #5
Oh noes! A liberal college professor punching a servicemember for his political views! backscatter712 Jan 2017 #12
They way I saw the video is this Spencer guy is quite clumsy. He tripped and fell right into that TrekLuver Jan 2017 #6
There are no real Nazis.. speaktruthtopower Jan 2017 #7
The quickest way to tell is to punch one. bluedigger Jan 2017 #11
Ok, I LOL'ed. Orrex Jan 2017 #32
I wish shenmue Jan 2017 #53
American tradition forces us to punch nazis bravenak Jan 2017 #8
Yes...nt SidDithers Jan 2017 #13
Nazi Gets Punched In The Face, Internet Celebrates Scurrilous Jan 2017 #14
We can "punch" Nazis in a multitude of ways uponit7771 Jan 2017 #15
Easier to punch them now than workinclasszero Jan 2017 #16
I defer to Captain America and Woody Allen on this temporary311 Jan 2017 #18
OMG! I must've missed that Woody Allen movie! Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #22
You missed Manhattan? oberliner Jan 2017 #35
Maybe Annie Hall is more acclaimed? Yes, I never saw Manhattan. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #40
Maybe so oberliner Jan 2017 #43
I just looked at the plot summary and see what you mean. Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #45
This scene from Annie Hall reminds me of my mother... Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2017 #46
Yes, Annie Hall is great oberliner Jan 2017 #47
He won an oscar for Annie Hall (nt) leftynyc Jan 2017 #64
I think Manhattan was his highest grossing movie, though oberliner Jan 2017 #67
Woody! underpants Jan 2017 #26
I liked that! Perfect. BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2017 #58
What would John Wayne do?... lame54 Jan 2017 #21
Know your enemy...these punks will put you in your grave if given a chance workinclasszero Jan 2017 #24
Yep. But the consequences are more than A&B. They'll kill you, if possible. NT Eleanors38 Jan 2017 #70
I believe it is my patriotic to use non-violent methods to the fullest extent possible struggle4progress Jan 2017 #25
I agree MountCleaners Jan 2017 #87
I do wonder if I have become a bad person... HopeAgain Jan 2017 #27
Can we punch Communists and Muslims too? NobodyHere Jan 2017 #28
Muslims and Communists equal... Nazis?? Charles Bukowski Jan 2017 #36
Did a poster just compare Muslims to NAZIS?/nt DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #42
Yes. And Communists. emulatorloo Jan 2017 #84
Odd response DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #85
Yeah very odd. He's putting words in your mouth to make you look bad. emulatorloo Jan 2017 #86
Are you suggesting Communists and Muslims are NAZIS? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #41
Are they comparable leftynyc Jan 2017 #65
I think he is trying to ask a good question Yupster Jan 2017 #100
NAZISM is an eliminationist philosophy . Islam isn't. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #118
If it is what Captain America would do, than I am all for it! Rex Jan 2017 #29
It's part of a long tradition Orrex Jan 2017 #31
Aldo Raine would approve! Initech Jan 2017 #33
Waiting until a NAZI sarisataka Jan 2017 #38
People act like the Nazis were born at the Nuremberg rallies Charles Bukowski Jan 2017 #44
This applause of violence is a sad reflection on our era tritsofme Jan 2017 #48
"For us it is conquer or die...Hail Trump..." -Richard Spencer DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #49
Bullshit.. you can't play nice with those evil bastards nini Jan 2017 #69
So at what point is violence justifiable against your political opponents? tritsofme Jan 2017 #88
Are you shitting me? nini Jan 2017 #89
You are no better. tritsofme Jan 2017 #92
You hope I go to jail nini Jan 2017 #93
It's all empty talk anyway melman Jan 2017 #78
I almost punched one with the emphasis on almost DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #122
High school is a different thing melman Jan 2017 #124
That guy hit Spencer and ran away. I have a problem with that. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #127
It truly is... rumdude Jan 2017 #99
it's called preemptive heaven05 Jan 2017 #50
Yes! Whenever, wherever you can. eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2017 #51
He deserved to be punched just for being such an insufferable, self absorbed wildeyed Jan 2017 #52
Like Joe Louis punched Germany's Max Schmeling on 6/22/1938... VOX Jan 2017 #54
Richard Spencer got off easy. FuzzyRabbit Jan 2017 #55
Poor guy . . . . . . he could have hurt his hand. Hoyt Jan 2017 #56
There have been some fun treatment of this punch Gothmog Jan 2017 #57
... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #59
From my twitter feed Gothmog Jan 2017 #60
LOL workinclasszero Jan 2017 #61
It would be my patriotic duty to spill a staining liquid on the front of his pants... cynatnite Jan 2017 #62
Remember when a protestor at a Trump rally was sucker punched? Did you support that? brooklynite Jan 2017 #63
No - he wasn't a nazi leftynyc Jan 2017 #66
Yes it does... brooklynite Jan 2017 #68
I remember the movie "Holocaust" from when I was a kid DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #75
...and when we live in a fascist dictatorship, you can apply different principles... brooklynite Jan 2017 #77
Nope - I don't accept that leftynyc Jan 2017 #83
The OP poster suggested violence against other DUers that did not PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #91
That is libel DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #94
What is true is not libel. Note that I said your cited post advocating violence may have PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #95
I would never advocate violence against someone for merely holding a different opinion. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #96
You're blowing DSB's post WAY out of proportion, and you know it. BlueCaliDem Jan 2017 #97
DSB's post here advocating violence is at best in poor taste and counter productive PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #101
Punching Nazis is hilarious "period" JHan Jan 2017 #109
Everything is context. I use to really like Hogan's Heros when young. PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #112
Your analysis is deeply flawed and sad Gothmog Jan 2017 #110
I really don't think so. PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #113
I have a sense of humor. Gothmog Jan 2017 #114
I whole heartily agree with you. PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #115
From the Daily Kos Gothmog Jan 2017 #126
Again. You've blown the OP out of proportion and making it into something it isn't. BlueCaliDem Jan 2017 #111
It was way more than that. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #119
Fact: Last year DSB made a post suggesting violence against DUers that held an opinion PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #128
So you refuse to apologize for dredging up old grudges? Okay. I guess I know where you're BlueCaliDem Jan 2017 #130
I don't get the reasoning why I owe DSB an apology. PufPuf23 Jan 2017 #131
Fact: "history of violence" you're putting words in DSB's mouth, and making up shit. emulatorloo Jan 2017 #133
I never advocated violence against anybody for merely holding a different opinion. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #116
Being a Nazi makes a difference. It does. NT Adrahil Jan 2017 #73
It's a patriotic duty to STOP a Nazi MurrayDelph Jan 2017 #71
I'm certainly not going to cry over it. But, generally, a Nazi's words should be met prayin4rain Jan 2017 #72
What does it accomplish meadowlander Jan 2017 #74
Shunning, punching, yelling...whatever it takes to drive them back into the dark hole manicraven Jan 2017 #82
It's funny as fk ..lol JHan Jan 2017 #76
I think of it more in terms of... Turbineguy Jan 2017 #79
I am more into cursing get the red out Jan 2017 #80
My WWII Army dad is spinning in his grave nini Jan 2017 #90
I find something vaguely Nazi-like in the phrase "patriotic duty" Spider Jerusalem Jan 2017 #98
There are always going to be Nazis MountCleaners Jan 2017 #102
There are still a few WW11 vets left randr Jan 2017 #103
They were brainwashed by hate radio workinclasszero Jan 2017 #104
So true randr Jan 2017 #105
And people wonder zipplewrath Jan 2017 #106
I wonder how many people here MountCleaners Jan 2017 #107
Does it take violence? zipplewrath Jan 2017 #108
Primary? No. Adrahil Jan 2017 #120
No one zipplewrath Jan 2017 #121
Exactly MountCleaners Jan 2017 #123
Many of our problems won't end until we get to this zipplewrath Jan 2017 #129
i am vice chair of the local dem party in a very very red area dembotoz Jan 2017 #117
No Madam Mossfern Jan 2017 #125
"Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel" sl8 Jan 2017 #132
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