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17. very impressive
Wed Dec 28, 2016, 11:19 PM
Dec 2016

Kerry was most articulate today in explaining the present and the past of the Israeli conflict.
He did not defend Hamas, but he defended the US vote of abstention.
He also went over the decades of history and that the US has been the staunchest ally of Israel, which is unappreciated.
He spoke for more than an hour in great detail and those who find fault are simply not paying attention.
Kerry is exactly what we should expect in a fine Secretary of State. In fact, he exceeds expectations.

Sigh. LisaM Dec 2016 #1
+1,000,000 Auggie Dec 2016 #2
Yes, indeed!! Kerry truly is one of a kind. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2016 #3
Yes, he will be missed. CentralMass Dec 2016 #4
I think we have seen the end of the statesman. smirkymonkey Dec 2016 #5
In a way its like the decline of the serious news anchor. milestogo Dec 2016 #9
How low we have sunk. smirkymonkey Dec 2016 #10
This is what I think, too. -nt CrispyQ Dec 2016 #20
He would have done a commendable job as President... ailsagirl Dec 2016 #6
Gore, Kerry, Clinton - milestogo Dec 2016 #7
Honestly, I was hopeful it would never again happen ailsagirl Dec 2016 #8
that was a killer NewJeffCT Dec 2016 #13
Agreed he is all class and many of the other senators and congressman including republicans know lancelyons Dec 2016 #11
The incoming administration bucolic_frolic Dec 2016 #12
I think he was the best statesman that the war baby/baby boom generation produced karynnj Dec 2016 #14
Well said. milestogo Dec 2016 #15
Yes mcar Dec 2016 #16
very impressive mehrrh Dec 2016 #17
And one doesn't acquire all that knowledge without caring deeply about it. milestogo Dec 2016 #18
yes indeed. n/t MBS Dec 2016 #21
John Kerry bdamomma Dec 2016 #19
The Real Thing, for sure. MBS Dec 2016 #22
He has been an outstanding SoS MBS Dec 2016 #23
I hope so. milestogo Dec 2016 #24
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