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9. In a way its like the decline of the serious news anchor.
Wed Dec 28, 2016, 09:32 PM
Dec 2016

There will never be another Walter Cronkite.

The day 9/11 happened I went home and watched Peter Jennings. Not perfect but a man with enough gravitas to handle the subject for hours of unscripted television. I was glad he was there that day.

If something similar happened now there is no news channel or newsperson I would want to hear.

And if something like 9/11 happened under Trump I couldn't stand to look at him or listen to him.

Sigh. LisaM Dec 2016 #1
+1,000,000 Auggie Dec 2016 #2
Yes, indeed!! Kerry truly is one of a kind. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2016 #3
Yes, he will be missed. CentralMass Dec 2016 #4
I think we have seen the end of the statesman. smirkymonkey Dec 2016 #5
In a way its like the decline of the serious news anchor. milestogo Dec 2016 #9
How low we have sunk. smirkymonkey Dec 2016 #10
This is what I think, too. -nt CrispyQ Dec 2016 #20
He would have done a commendable job as President... ailsagirl Dec 2016 #6
Gore, Kerry, Clinton - milestogo Dec 2016 #7
Honestly, I was hopeful it would never again happen ailsagirl Dec 2016 #8
that was a killer NewJeffCT Dec 2016 #13
Agreed he is all class and many of the other senators and congressman including republicans know lancelyons Dec 2016 #11
The incoming administration bucolic_frolic Dec 2016 #12
I think he was the best statesman that the war baby/baby boom generation produced karynnj Dec 2016 #14
Well said. milestogo Dec 2016 #15
Yes mcar Dec 2016 #16
very impressive mehrrh Dec 2016 #17
And one doesn't acquire all that knowledge without caring deeply about it. milestogo Dec 2016 #18
yes indeed. n/t MBS Dec 2016 #21
John Kerry bdamomma Dec 2016 #19
The Real Thing, for sure. MBS Dec 2016 #22
He has been an outstanding SoS MBS Dec 2016 #23
I hope so. milestogo Dec 2016 #24
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