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question everything

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Sun Dec 11, 2016, 09:04 PM Dec 2016

In a rare rebuttal, CIA is pushing back [View all]

From the WSJ story


Intelligence officials pushed back Sunday for the first time against Mr. Trump’s criticism, a rare rebuttal against an American elected official.

“It’s concerning that intelligence on Russian actions related to the U.S. election is being dismissed out of hand as false or politically partisan,” a U.S. intelligence official said in a written statement.

"The inclination to ignore such intelligence and impugn the integrity of U.S. intelligence officials is contrary to all that is sacred to national-security professionals who work day and night to protect this country.”

U.S. intelligence agencies have rarely been at odds with the commander-in-chief, or an incoming president, over their assessment of a key American adversary. While the assessments during the George W. Bush administration of Iraqi weapons proved wrong, they weren’t the subject of such a public back and forth.


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In a rare rebuttal, CIA is pushing back [View all] question everything Dec 2016 OP
High-drama clusterfuck already cilla4progress Dec 2016 #1
Stocking my liquor cabinet weekly. sarcasmo Dec 2016 #3
LOL! Me too. Cheers. Missn-Hitch Dec 2016 #38
I may need to buy another fridge. Mr. Evil Dec 2016 #43
Indeed. I have two - one mini in the garage, but scotch is kept at room temp. Missn-Hitch Dec 2016 #45
Speaking of which DK504 Dec 2016 #84
One fridge for beer only. sarcasmo Dec 2016 #112
Better learn to make your own hooch--Hair Furor is allegedly a teetotaler. MADem Dec 2016 #57
snort, I don't think so wordpix Dec 2016 #77
Shit, you're right, dude's a teetotaler just like his hero IronLionZion Dec 2016 #106
Hitler was high on meth for years. lagomorph777 Dec 2016 #111
Damn Joke Freeman0311 Dec 2016 #39
Do not clump THE CIA with the FBI. The CIA did nothing wrong. AgadorSparticus Dec 2016 #55
Joke Freeman0311 Dec 2016 #63
thank you!!! tomp Dec 2016 #66
Right now, they are trying to preserve the Republic. You may not trust them AgadorSparticus Dec 2016 #89
Joke Freeman0311 Dec 2016 #92
Your "joke" in the subject line is like trump saying "wrong" at the debate AgadorSparticus Dec 2016 #95
Joke Freeman0311 Dec 2016 #104
The CIA never claimed WMD's. Dr Hobbitstein Dec 2016 #105
Response Freeman0311 Dec 2016 #109
How about the approach of ShakeWell Dec 2016 #114
Response Freeman0311 Dec 2016 #115
write to EC: http://www.asktheelectors.org wordpix Dec 2016 #75
It is epic. Unchartered. Bizarro world. Beyond the threat to our sovereignty, I cannot imagine zonkers Dec 2016 #117
... Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #2
I have been trying to meditate daily... pbmus Dec 2016 #4
As have I. bettyellen Dec 2016 #10
Yes, I am relearning to spend more time in that calm center. NBachers Dec 2016 #29
I need to start, and sadly, I'll have to tune out the daily ecstatic Dec 2016 #49
Hahaha GatorDem82 Dec 2016 #83
Welcome to DU pbmus Dec 2016 #108
Se response #3 above (wink, n/t) PJMcK Dec 2016 #88
Praying for a miracle. WomanWhoRoars Dec 2016 #5
Praying for a wiretap Jean-Jacques Roussea Dec 2016 #6
Yeah, me too. n/t LisaM Dec 2016 #26
The Hamilton Electors! kennetha Dec 2016 #7
they could start by releasing his taxes.nt. drray23 Dec 2016 #27
try this instead..... pangaia Dec 2016 #34
I saw a shooting star the other night and hoped the same thing... mnhtnbb Dec 2016 #67
They are pushing back against Putin. Trump is a puppet. McCamy Taylor Dec 2016 #8
It should come out in order to save us from being blackmailed - but I do think Trumps real motive is bettyellen Dec 2016 #13
I'm thinking he has in mind to expand the military to provide security for his foreign "investments" classof56 Dec 2016 #22
There is unlimited opportunity internationally- oil drilling in the arctic and shipping down the bettyellen Dec 2016 #24
"Getting to where words can't really express my fears." CrispyQ Dec 2016 #28
We can write letters, make calls, petitions, do all of that, but someone with major authority has RKP5637 Dec 2016 #52
totally agree wordpix Dec 2016 #85
profit and narcissism pangaia Dec 2016 #35
profit motive wins the Bingo wordpix Dec 2016 #79
Trump wouldn't care about a sex tape Liberty Belle Dec 2016 #14
I agree--didn't see your post before adding my similar one. spooky3 Dec 2016 #42
agree 100%, except mopinko Dec 2016 #20
You can't blackmail a narcissist Nevernose Dec 2016 #32
Why do some people think that having evidence of a sexual indiscretion would be powerful? spooky3 Dec 2016 #41
what's crazy here is treestar Dec 2016 #78
There were credible allegations before the election that Trump raped a KingCharlemagne Dec 2016 #99
Yeap, this isn't going away quietly in the night and the CIA isn't a group of folk to be fucked with uponit7771 Dec 2016 #9
Never thought I'd side with Langley in my life...but... roamer65 Dec 2016 #19
I never expected the country would be destroyed by the government. TNNurse Dec 2016 #11
The government's just the hammer Plucketeer Dec 2016 #16
+1 Duppers Dec 2016 #60
K&R... spanone Dec 2016 #12
This useless fuck is gonna gut everything Plucketeer Dec 2016 #15
He and his ignorant crowd lapfog_1 Dec 2016 #48
1%'rs only need the Pentagon for protecting their empires harun Dec 2016 #101
the president elect is taking sides with Russia over our own intelligence community Takket Dec 2016 #17
You're absolutely correct, this is TREASON onetexan Dec 2016 #50
USSA under Trump is next wordpix Dec 2016 #82
My 90 year old aunt in El Paso mountain grammy Dec 2016 #18
I'm so damn pissed mountain grammy. I'm 68 and distraught, but montana_hazeleyes Dec 2016 #61
Hugs to you too, Montana, mountain grammy Dec 2016 #71
In a way I'm grateful that I'm old. Ligyron Dec 2016 #90
I must say that at least once a day. mountain grammy Dec 2016 #91
The US intell community was right about WMD OldRedneck Dec 2016 #21
AND those jerks put Porter Gross in charge, ReverendHeretic Dec 2016 #25
For god's sake remember Scott Ridder trying to get the YOHABLO Dec 2016 #31
That's mostly how I remember it mercuryblues Dec 2016 #40
Yeap, Pelosi tweeted recently it was Tenet that said it was a slam dunk uponit7771 Dec 2016 #59
Tenet adamantly denies he said that mercuryblues Dec 2016 #69
Even more clarity for that time, Cheney is a fuckin liar but neither claim it wasn't said at all uponit7771 Dec 2016 #70
Cherry picked it and then stove-piped it, bypassing the KingCharlemagne Dec 2016 #102
Yes they did mercuryblues Dec 2016 #110
Thanks for this, OldRedneck NastyRiffraff Dec 2016 #74
Don't forget Douglas Feith, whom General Tommy Franks, himself no KingCharlemagne Dec 2016 #100
Dear God in heaven, Trump is such a fool. blue neen Dec 2016 #23
This could be the Dumpster's undoing. A lot of Republican's respect the CIA's role more than Nitram Dec 2016 #30
agree wordpix Dec 2016 #86
Certainly Jack Kennedy learned the hard way ... FraDon Dec 2016 #96
K & R FailureToCommunicate Dec 2016 #33
This has me thinking.. flamingdem Dec 2016 #36
Pelosi said this was wrong: "While the assessments during the George W. Bush administration of Iraqi spooky3 Dec 2016 #37
"While the assessments during the George W. Bush administration of Iraqi weapons proved wrong..." SunSeeker Dec 2016 #44
Thank you, SunSeeker! Big shock trump's Lying Again.. & did the M$M call him on it? Cha Dec 2016 #64
Like! Bout time one of our institutions grew some CAJONES against Don the Con. n/t iluvtennis Dec 2016 #46
yes it is wordpix Dec 2016 #81
Not just a rebuttal, a PUBLIC rebuttal bucolic_frolic Dec 2016 #47
A criminal doesn't want his crimes investigated. alfredo Dec 2016 #51
Trumper logic: He isn't a politician and at least he speaks his mind. Feeling the Bern Dec 2016 #53
Good Lord, this moron thinks he can take on the CIA. And come out alive? Tatiana Dec 2016 #54
Exactly what my hubs said. Duppers Dec 2016 #62
He thinks he is smarter than they are treestar Dec 2016 #80
When Stalin was told by the KGB DonCoquixote Dec 2016 #56
Someone in the IRS needs to grow a Deep Throat. WheelWalker Dec 2016 #58
Yeah, Please proceed turnip head.. take on the CIA.. Cha Dec 2016 #65
K&R secondwind Dec 2016 #68
Not particularly fond of spooks... malthaussen Dec 2016 #72
Was the CIA in line with W? stevepal Dec 2016 #73
recall Pres Cheney cherry picked the info he wanted from CIA wordpix Dec 2016 #87
There was the Office of Special Plans NewJeffCT Dec 2016 #94
Remember, too, Cheney would visit the CIA, & harass them when dmr Dec 2016 #103
things are crazy treestar Dec 2016 #76
Got any of those Castro tricks left? Big_K Dec 2016 #93
The CIA and the FBI have NEVER gotten along. YoungDemCA Dec 2016 #97
CIA vs. Trump - A plague on both your houses. - nt KingCharlemagne Dec 2016 #98
That's the thing right? Who among us can say the CIA *doesn't* need to be reined in a tad? AtheistCrusader Dec 2016 #107
There was hacking into the DNC during the primaries, with the assistance Thinkingabout Dec 2016 #113
let's hope AlexSFCA Dec 2016 #116
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