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Response to kpete (Original post)

Brilliant! NT Ilsa Oct 2016 #1
Bwahahahahahaaa!!! DinahMoeHum Oct 2016 #2
Well played, Yale... SticksnStones Oct 2016 #3
Well done! nt brer cat Oct 2016 #4
Most excellent. Best failure to endorse ever! nt tblue37 Oct 2016 #5
Neutrality is important. Yale upholds a fine tradition Buzz Clik Oct 2016 #6
I love the poke in the eye to anti-vaxxer loon Jill Stein, too Tarc Oct 2016 #7
yep kpete Oct 2016 #8
Me too. BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #25
this reads like the scene out of "The Incredibles" melm00se Oct 2016 #9
Very good! I knew it reminded me of something! Maeve Oct 2016 #34
Now that's a unique way of endorsing her. Good for them! Laser102 Oct 2016 #10
WOW - super nice!! Laf.La.Dem. Oct 2016 #11
Nice. LisaL Oct 2016 #12
Cute Gothmog Oct 2016 #13
My Yale grad student son is flying back to NC today for the Halloween weekend and will early vote mnhtnbb Oct 2016 #14
Bravo Yale Review editors! FailureToCommunicate Oct 2016 #15
Slow on the uptake Proud Liberal Dem Oct 2016 #16
Great non-endorsement treestar Oct 2016 #17
Ahaha, Ahaha erpowers Oct 2016 #19
Solid. oasis Oct 2016 #20
Nicely done Yale Record! Fla Dem Oct 2016 #22
She wa in a class with Robert Reich, Bill Clinton and Clarence Thomas csziggy Oct 2016 #38
Oh, that was SWEEEEEET!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #23
Boolah-boolah! First Speaker Oct 2016 #24
Well, they are using the rules properly, no problem. Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #26
Well played! Roland99 Oct 2016 #27
We wouldn't like it if a charity pulled this stunt to support Trump. NT Eric J in MN Oct 2016 #28
how many drumpfy supporters are that clever? niyad Oct 2016 #30
Lighten up, Francis. nt msanthrope Oct 2016 #31
How many actual charities does Trump support? bluesbassman Oct 2016 #32
it's the campus humor magazine not the melinda and bill gates foundation La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2016 #37
you seem very concerned. stonecutter357 Oct 2016 #41
I am so glad I read the article--I was fuming at the headline!! niyad Oct 2016 #29
K&R... spanone Oct 2016 #33
I admit. I fell for it. Good one. lindysalsagal Oct 2016 #35
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #36
That's good. livingonearth Oct 2016 #39
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Oct 2016 #40
Heh Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #42
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