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Mc Mike

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36. I used to go to Maddow's MSNBC site, and look at different segments.
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Mon Oct 24, 2016, 10:44 PM
Oct 2016

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As MSNBC, over time, found they had a marketable program, they made it harder to access, and it completely overloads my old o.s. So I can't even go on her site or Maddow blog. It will keep trying to load, crash, recover.

I don't have cable t.v. to get her that way. I have an Apple TV, but it doesn't offer real access to her show. It just gives random, eclectic samples of it, some episode segments are years old, and there's no way to search the offerings in temporal order.

That's why I miss Galraedia's stuff so much. I could always get some modern Maddow, and scroll back through V&M pages to get them in reverse temporal order. Buzzflash used to offer some of her stuff, too, but their truthout merge knocked that out, mostly.

I miss Benen's writing on Maddow blog, too. Excellent analysis, well written.

She did. Chill out. The point is the Consent Decree that has not expired yet. nt Xipe Totec Oct 2016 #1
Yes I got that, but arcane details about Crazy Eddie way back in the day added nothing to the Dream Girl Oct 2016 #8
Did she have "the expert" who she finally asks... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #31
I thought it was an interesting coincidence that his brother-in-law was spearheading bullwinkle428 Oct 2016 #2
Precisely malaise Oct 2016 #6
Took me a long time to get used to her style, but I like how she connects the dots.. HipChick Oct 2016 #11
Many forget that Rachel has a PhD malaise Oct 2016 #16
YES! These things do matter. Thank you. Silver Gaia Oct 2016 #44
I love her approach n/t malaise Oct 2016 #57
And I love that kind of stuff. Granted it may not be for everyone. nt stevenleser Oct 2016 #55
Same here n/t malaise Oct 2016 #56
I personally like her style, and she always makes a good point emulatorloo Oct 2016 #3
Yes...I've only recently been able to get MSNBC again on cable and the wind-up she does hlthe2b Oct 2016 #4
Let republicans live and die by the tweet. JoePhilly Oct 2016 #5
It's usually very geeky. I like geeky. I like Rachel very much. nt longship Oct 2016 #7
I love Rachel Lefthacker Oct 2016 #9
I Quit Watching Her The River Oct 2016 #10
I'm with you randr Oct 2016 #58
Same here... Duppers Oct 2016 #68
I like the way she tells the tale. blogslut Oct 2016 #12
She is detailed oriented and I busterbrown Oct 2016 #13
Lenny? Dream Girl Oct 2016 #19
Crazy Eddie's (a cheat) lawyer is Trump's Brother-in-law awake Oct 2016 #14
many people actually like the history and context and the brilliant way she connects the dots niyad Oct 2016 #17
I admit I used to love it, but it's gotten old...the connections don't seem brilliant Dream Girl Oct 2016 #18
I wonder if she does it to fill time since not too many want to come on her show? brush Oct 2016 #21
I nearly mentioned the same thing Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #22
Right. Exactly what most news coverage is missing. Historical context. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #23
Context is great when it's relevant...but some times her "connect the dots" are more like random Dream Girl Oct 2016 #26
No offense meant to you, D. G. We disagree, but I didn't address your o.p. negatively. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #30
exactly how i feel. that's why the opening of her show is my favorite JI7 Oct 2016 #42
sadly, you are quite correct. niyad Oct 2016 #60
I love history and context, but I absorb information very rapidly, and I have little tblue37 Oct 2016 #67
Perhaps 20% of the time I'm patient enough Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #20
The long Rachel-splaining lead ups, followed pnwest Oct 2016 #62
Rachel Maddow is actually my favorite. Doreen Oct 2016 #24
I am consistently annoyed with Rachel talking down to her audience, like we don't know anything. Zen Democrat Oct 2016 #25
Yeah I used to listen to her show on Air America. She was really good. But she does talk down to her Dream Girl Oct 2016 #27
Put me in the Rachel admirers. To me, she's one of the smartest talking heads on TV. napi21 Oct 2016 #29
What you said, yortsed snacilbuper Oct 2016 #33
I'm not doubting your agreement, but I am compelled to point out.. aidbo Oct 2016 #54
I don't like that show's style either. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #35
I definitely agree... tallahasseedem Oct 2016 #38
I agree too much getting around to, rather than getting to the point I also find her higher pitched Monk06 Oct 2016 #40
Yep. That's a common and correct complaint about Rachel's opening here at DU. stopbush Oct 2016 #39
Rachel is smart but she irritates the hell out of me because she takes too long to get to the Raine Oct 2016 #41
I really enjoyed that Crazy Eddie/Trump piece, highly informative. The coincidence was amazing. OnDoutside Oct 2016 #43
It once again makes me wonder what Trump is up to. Is it ecstatic Oct 2016 #49
Based on what we know of him, he wouldn't have remembered. OnDoutside Oct 2016 #64
She's incredibly smart but terrible at hosting a show. Inkfreak Oct 2016 #45
I stopped watching her years ago. I listen to Amy Goodman now. Javaman Oct 2016 #46
I strongly disagree Gothmog Oct 2016 #47
I like it. Helps me remember what is said ecstatic Oct 2016 #48
Not rambling.. BklynBgoddess Oct 2016 #50
welcome to du niyad Oct 2016 #61
So skip the first ten minutes of her show every night. Paladin Oct 2016 #51
You seem concerned. nt msanthrope Oct 2016 #52
She needs more car chases Renew Deal Oct 2016 #53
Drives my mom nuts MFM008 Oct 2016 #59
Rachel needs to take a basic journalism class at someplace like Harvard Extention, MSNBC needs mulsh Oct 2016 #63
That is exactly why I cannot bear to watch her show. nt tblue37 Oct 2016 #65
I stopped long ago. PDittie Oct 2016 #66
She follows the old "Connections" tv show premise.... ProudProgressiveNow Oct 2016 #72
I remember this program. Dyedinthewoolliberal Oct 2016 #74
Yes, she does - and I like her. LisaM Oct 2016 #76
I agree, when Rachel gets her goof on, she's annoying as hell lanlady Oct 2016 #79
I like that she doesn't dumb it down for the masses. alarimer Oct 2016 #80
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