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he's one arrogant asshole spanone Oct 2016 #1
I think he's an insecure child, who knows he just got owned. cwydro Oct 2016 #19
that too! spanone Oct 2016 #20
lol DK504 Oct 2016 #34
He does indeed. cwydro Oct 2016 #36
Dear Mr. Trump: The camera never blinks gratuitous Oct 2016 #2
That is some barely contained rage there... hlthe2b Oct 2016 #3
He probably takes it out on Melania. sarae Oct 2016 #5
I wonder if she has to keep lots of mnhtnbb Oct 2016 #8
I still feel very sorry for her Ellen Forradalom Oct 2016 #38
that high-necked blouse was a pussy-bow crepe de chine by gucci. after the tapes. oooops. niyad Oct 2016 #31
That is so telling! kentuck Oct 2016 #4
Says everything malaise Oct 2016 #13
This is why I want jack Nicholson and not Alec Baldwin playing him in the movie ;) unblock Oct 2016 #6
I understand Jack Nicholson has been bulking up for the part Brother Buzz Oct 2016 #10
ack! wardrobe! unblock Oct 2016 #11
Ew! Eye bleach, please. smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #25
Caption: Sniff.... FSogol Oct 2016 #7
What is he thinking malaise Oct 2016 #9
Send this everywhere with just this - Groper Don the Con malaise Oct 2016 #12
SNL is going to have a field day with that one. sheshe2 Oct 2016 #14
I can't wait! silverweb Oct 2016 #15
Me either! sheshe2 Oct 2016 #35
I see steam coming out of his ears. lpbk2713 Oct 2016 #16
He's nasty. joshcryer Oct 2016 #37
Creepy ailsagirl Oct 2016 #17
That last little jut of the jaw-- I can hear him say, annabanana Oct 2016 #21
Coke jaw and a sniffle. nt awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #22
God he's repulsive. ismnotwasm Oct 2016 #23
Are those his notes? crim son Oct 2016 #24
A face badly in need of a fist if there ever was one. smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #26
No a good old fashioned Middle School goose. gordianot Oct 2016 #33
He stood back there for so long, Island Blue Oct 2016 #27
That moment when he realized that a woman just kicked his ass all the way back to Manhattan armed_and_liberal Oct 2016 #28
Did anyone else see..... jimmil Oct 2016 #29
missed it! dang it Divine Discontent Oct 2016 #32
They have that on HP with Johnny Cash singing..I Hurt Myself amuse bouche Oct 2016 #30
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