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2. Dear Mr. Trump: The camera never blinks
Thu Oct 20, 2016, 03:26 PM
Oct 2016

And unless you own the show, your little display of anger is captured forever. Impressive, though, that you managed to tear apart two sheets of paper stapled together with those tiny little hands.

he's one arrogant asshole spanone Oct 2016 #1
I think he's an insecure child, who knows he just got owned. cwydro Oct 2016 #19
that too! spanone Oct 2016 #20
lol DK504 Oct 2016 #34
He does indeed. cwydro Oct 2016 #36
Dear Mr. Trump: The camera never blinks gratuitous Oct 2016 #2
That is some barely contained rage there... hlthe2b Oct 2016 #3
He probably takes it out on Melania. sarae Oct 2016 #5
I wonder if she has to keep lots of mnhtnbb Oct 2016 #8
I still feel very sorry for her Ellen Forradalom Oct 2016 #38
that high-necked blouse was a pussy-bow crepe de chine by gucci. after the tapes. oooops. niyad Oct 2016 #31
That is so telling! kentuck Oct 2016 #4
Says everything malaise Oct 2016 #13
This is why I want jack Nicholson and not Alec Baldwin playing him in the movie ;) unblock Oct 2016 #6
I understand Jack Nicholson has been bulking up for the part Brother Buzz Oct 2016 #10
ack! wardrobe! unblock Oct 2016 #11
Ew! Eye bleach, please. smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #25
Caption: Sniff.... FSogol Oct 2016 #7
What is he thinking malaise Oct 2016 #9
Send this everywhere with just this - Groper Don the Con malaise Oct 2016 #12
SNL is going to have a field day with that one. sheshe2 Oct 2016 #14
I can't wait! silverweb Oct 2016 #15
Me either! sheshe2 Oct 2016 #35
I see steam coming out of his ears. lpbk2713 Oct 2016 #16
He's nasty. joshcryer Oct 2016 #37
Creepy ailsagirl Oct 2016 #17
That last little jut of the jaw-- I can hear him say, annabanana Oct 2016 #21
Coke jaw and a sniffle. nt awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #22
God he's repulsive. ismnotwasm Oct 2016 #23
Are those his notes? crim son Oct 2016 #24
A face badly in need of a fist if there ever was one. smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #26
No a good old fashioned Middle School goose. gordianot Oct 2016 #33
He stood back there for so long, Island Blue Oct 2016 #27
That moment when he realized that a woman just kicked his ass all the way back to Manhattan armed_and_liberal Oct 2016 #28
Did anyone else see..... jimmil Oct 2016 #29
missed it! dang it Divine Discontent Oct 2016 #32
They have that on HP with Johnny Cash singing..I Hurt Myself amuse bouche Oct 2016 #30
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