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17. I agree with you.
Wed Oct 12, 2016, 06:42 PM
Oct 2016

Let's not forget that he's a textbook narcissist. He just wants to be the center of attention whether it be good or bad.

Like Sarah Palin, he won't go away after the election. The media will still be propping him up for ratings.

will there be a 3rd debate? [View all] gopiscrap Oct 2016 OP
Only if the moderator agrees to sign a contract saying he won;t fact check Trump tonyt53 Oct 2016 #1
And the unshackled slob it going to go so far into the gutter he'll fall into the sewer below meadowlark5 Oct 2016 #2
And Trump is so damn boring and stupid sounding. He says the SOS over and over again, absolutely RKP5637 Oct 2016 #3
He sounds like a coke head you can't wait to get away from at a bar. 6000eliot Oct 2016 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author 6000eliot Oct 2016 #18
I hope so...she should look trump in the eye and say...you are a lying piece of shit beachbum bob Oct 2016 #4
If the NRA candidate can think of a way to escalate without being arrested, there will be. stone space Oct 2016 #5
There may be no third debate, but I will bet anything that Trump wins the online polls about it. world wide wally Oct 2016 #7
Yes, and only Hillary will show matt819 Oct 2016 #8
Trumpy will try every trick he can to evade it Warpy Oct 2016 #9
He got such good press from his numbskull supporters, he'll want to do the same again. OnDoutside Oct 2016 #14
Isn't a Fox guy hosting it? Then yes, trump will be there. NightWatcher Oct 2016 #10
For personal reasons, I hope not caraher Oct 2016 #11
Yes, but it will again end up being one-sided. haele Oct 2016 #12
I think so, but if Trump is truly going maverick I could see him not doing it book_worm Oct 2016 #13
It's supposed to be the same format as the 1st debate, with the... Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #15
He is a meglomaniac and the debate is feeding him Johonny Oct 2016 #16
I agree with you. llmart Oct 2016 #17
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