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Fri Jun 15, 2012, 04:05 PM Jun 2012

I think we need to talk about the hatred of women. [View all]

It has escalated in our society to the point where it is becoming truly toxic, and not just among the right-wingers, either.

Take a look at the posts on this board today. Let's take a look at ourselves, shall we?

Is it okay to express hatred towards women here? And call it a joke?

23 votes, 6 passes | Time left: Unlimited
You can write anything you want, as long as you call it satire!
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Women have been making gains at the expense of men and it's time to put them back in their place!
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Yeah, it's fine to post misogynistic crap. What are you gonna do about it? Cry?
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I've seen the misogyny on the rise in our country and even on these boards and I'm sick of it.
23 (100%)
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To be truthful, Blue_In_AK Jun 2012 #1
Some women are hypersensitive EFerrari Jun 2012 #7
I missed something here Taverner Jun 2012 #11
It's old now and trust me, you didn't miss anything EFerrari Jun 2012 #13
I completely disagree with Eferrari. It is a real issue and pretending that it's just Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #38
Except you are disagreeing with something I didn't say. n/t EFerrari Jun 2012 #41
So, I misinterpreted "you didn't miss anything that deserved your attention."? n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #50
I think so. I was referring to the mind-numbingly stupid bullying, EFerrari Jun 2012 #51
OK, now I'm really confused. Bullying of unkachunk? n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #55
This must be my inarticulate Friday. EFerrari Jun 2012 #56
NP at all. I don't spend nearly enough time reading here to know most of what's going on. Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #57
LOL. EFerrari Jun 2012 #60
Oh no doubt. My GF has been here since 2004 I think. She turned me on to it then and I Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #64
It's me you're disagreeing with, Blue_In_AK Jun 2012 #65
Oh yeah, we had a crossed connection between my eyes and her fingers. complicated by my DUbie Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #67
And, of course, you're absolutely correct. Blue_In_AK Jun 2012 #17
This will likely get locked but, I'm glad you weighed in. EFerrari Jun 2012 #18
I am not a survivor of trauma. DURHAM D Jun 2012 #43
No, it isn't. It's honest and as a survivor myself, I approve that message. n/t EFerrari Jun 2012 #53
EFerrari, I like you, but it's not our job to tell others they are too sensitive Recursion Jun 2012 #46
Right, and I'm not advocating for telling anyone they are too sensitive. n/t EFerrari Jun 2012 #52
I don't think that E thinks that there is anything wrong with being hyersensitve Luminous Animal Jun 2012 #59
Right. I was describing, not proscribing. EFerrari Jun 2012 #61
It has claimed many lives this hatred. twitter1 Jun 2012 #2
Please don't cheapen this discussion EFerrari Jun 2012 #14
That link just led to an excerpt of "Shakespeare's Sister" by Woolf obamanut2012 Jun 2012 #28
Claiming that Woolf took her own life because of hatred EFerrari Jun 2012 #30
Maybe not within this thread, but why not on a thread? obamanut2012 Jun 2012 #31
Exactly my point. Start a thread because the topic will need at least one. n/t EFerrari Jun 2012 #40
female children are aborted or left to die by the millions *because they are female.* if that's not StarryNight Jun 2012 #111
What is really scary is the right wing sufrommich Jun 2012 #3
Although unsavory, there is real pain behind the misogyny. WingDinger Jun 2012 #4
You have a very good point, and I think what you are saying is very true. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #10
Being in pain is not a free pass to inflict pain on others. n/t EFerrari Jun 2012 #15
Certainly. And reeducation, to whatever extent possible, is called for. WingDinger Jun 2012 #16
Lord... redqueen Jun 2012 #62
LOL! LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #77
Their original EDUMACATION was by pimple faced Freddy down the block. WingDinger Jun 2012 #79
Interesting. nt redqueen Jun 2012 #84
There is a book I read a few years ago that talks about this, was a good book.. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #22
"the new crop of boys, having been given different expectations, will bear up fine and not lash out" lumberjack_jeff Jun 2012 #71
I'm horrified by it too. I'm seeing the effects of this on the men I care about in my family and LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #78
I'm thinking more of what they can expect out of marriage/coupling, men and women stuff. WingDinger Jun 2012 #83
Some of what is happening is, it's getting so much harder for both men and women LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #86
The answers ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #96
We need to have the courage to walk away from the dysfunction, don't we? LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #97
As CSN said, before they mowed down the hippies,We've got to get back to the garden, life is for WingDinger Jun 2012 #98
The ideas are popular now ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #100
Opportunities every day ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #99
I don't know how old you are, but I am in my mid 50's Tumbulu Jun 2012 #101
I'm 50. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2012 #102
well I think that it creates the context of how we see the world Tumbulu Jun 2012 #106
all that, and yet they still think they're better than women? oh well. nt StarryNight Jun 2012 #112
Intriguing, if true. Unfortunately it's 180 false. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2012 #117
Not certain what posts you mean on DU, but definitely seen it in society Scootaloo Jun 2012 #5
What's been a real eye-opener for me is the blatant misogyny tolerated on DU. n/t DLevine Jun 2012 #6
I have not seen mean spirited misogyny. Just ignorance. WingDinger Jun 2012 #42
Agree. DURHAM D Jun 2012 #44
yep; it's not just for the reactionary rw-ers. it's "cool" and "edgy" for the lw-ers, StarryNight Jun 2012 #113
this should be in meta Mosby Jun 2012 #8
Juries are composed of randomly chosen members of DU. laconicsax Jun 2012 #108
I think we also need a refresher on what exactly is misogyny Taverner Jun 2012 #9
the very fact that DUers need to be told why the B-word and the C-word are StarryNight Jun 2012 #114
Very well said. nt redqueen Jun 2012 #119
Or...you can see it as a learning opportunity Taverner Jun 2012 #120
I get sick of hearing that anyone who is offended is being hypersensitive... cynatnite Jun 2012 #12
It does, doesn't it? LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #19
Imho, when women raise concerns about misogyny EFerrari Jun 2012 #20
As an old woman, HockeyMom Jun 2012 #21
Thank you for weighing in. I'm turning 51 this summer and have never seen it this bad, this much LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #24
i think overt nastiness of most kinds is more acceptable now; "keepin it real" you know. nt StarryNight Jun 2012 #115
As with any discussion of this nature, it is necessary to define our terms. lapislzi Jun 2012 #23
When you talk to or about women as if EFerrari Jun 2012 #25
Yes, thank you for stating that so eloquently! I was stumbling with trying to explain it. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #27
You're fine. EFerrari Jun 2012 #29
OK! No need for hostility. lapislzi Jun 2012 #33
I felt your question was respectful, felt no hostility towards you at all! I hope you didn't LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #35
There is no hostility in my post. EFerrari Jun 2012 #39
The best example I see here of people treating women as if they lack agency... lumberjack_jeff Jun 2012 #72
Oh, gosh, I can think of examples that are more straight forward than that. EFerrari Jun 2012 #73
I think you're confusing agency with something else. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2012 #93
I'm not confused. Telling a woman she *is* wrong, can't think, or that her experience is worthless EFerrari Jun 2012 #105
It's a good question. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #26
Thank you. That was actually helpful. lapislzi Jun 2012 #36
the denial on this board is stunning Skittles Jun 2012 #32
I don't understand. Could you clarify please? Thank you. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #34
In other threads... lapislzi Jun 2012 #37
I hate this notion that we get to dictate how others respond to our messages Recursion Jun 2012 #47
LOLOL Skittles Jun 2012 #104
My point exactly. lapislzi Jun 2012 #118
exhibit number one Skittles Jun 2012 #103
Hell yes. Compared to the early 90s we're back in the 1800s Recursion Jun 2012 #45
Good post. Luminous Animal Jun 2012 #63
K&R. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2012 #48
I'm very relieved and proud of DU for doing the right thing today and LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #49
I was completely blind to it until my friend was raped. Odin2005 Jun 2012 #54
Some of us have been talking about it for a long time. BlueIris Jun 2012 #58
I think it is time for DU to have some women admins join the boys in the band. Major Hogwash Jun 2012 #66
Facebook's Chief Operating Officer is a woman. MADem Jun 2012 #68
Is that a serious suggestion? muriel_volestrangler Jun 2012 #74
"V" is for Vagina. Major Hogwash Jun 2012 #75
You appear to want it so that more people are banned muriel_volestrangler Jun 2012 #76
DU is a business. Major Hogwash Jun 2012 #91
"Sandra Fluke is a whore" ... I didn't see a single person supporting it in any way on DU seabeyond Jun 2012 #95
It shows ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #109
You seem to be equating "disagreeing with your premise" 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #80
No, I'm pretty sure people were called sexist for pretending that *any* unaccountable difference, redqueen Jun 2012 #82
See this is my point exactly: 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #85
That 5% (or 23% or ?) which CANNOT be accounted for by choices, or anything else, is evidence... redqueen Jun 2012 #87
You're really not getting this 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #88
Like the arguments against global warming? Yes, but not like you mean. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2012 #94
+1. damn. sometimes you impress the hell out of me. seabeyond Jun 2012 #89
Post removed Post removed Jun 2012 #69
..... steve2470 Jun 2012 #70
I think there is a level of meanness and cruelty and nastiness that started in the right-wing maybe LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #81
Really good post here - TBF Jun 2012 #90
thank you for this post. i think it is a decade and half of manifesting a disrespect for women seabeyond Jun 2012 #92
. demmiblue Jun 2012 #107
it's definitely not confined to RW-ers, but it's nothing new. many LW men/women StarryNight Jun 2012 #110
At lEAST SomeONE is STaNdING UP for Men's RIGHTS!1!! pinboy3niner Jun 2012 #116
Bumping up DURHAM D Jun 2012 #121
I think it hasn't escalated, but that's just me. Maybe it's because I was alive back in the MADem Jun 2012 #122
no, i am sure you do not see it. i have yet to see you call one thing out as sexist and work at seabeyond Jun 2012 #123
So you think sexism against women has been escalating since the "mad men" era? 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #124
not the point. divert. regardless and i am not measuring, sexism is sexism. saying, well.... seabeyond Jun 2012 #125
The person you were responding to said that he hadn't seen it get worse since those days 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #126
Here: 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #127
Thank you for stating that so precisely. MADem Jun 2012 #130
Yeah, 4th law of robotics Jun 2012 #131
Yes -- it WAS the PRECISE POINT that I made. You're the one doing the "divert" nonsense. MADem Jun 2012 #129
I was born in 61 so I wasn't really aware of most stuff until about 79 when I had my first real job. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #133
In the WW2 and on days, when women first started to join the workforce in numbers, it was Open MADem Jun 2012 #135
Regarding sexual harassment - DURHAM D Jun 2012 #137
Oh it's still rampant in offices, too. redqueen Jun 2012 #139
Well, isn't that a broad-brushed and unfair commentary! MADem Jun 2012 #128
In much the same way as racism, it's still here, still strong, and still a lifestyle for far too man LanternWaste Jun 2012 #132
That wasn't "courage" back then--it was an undeserved sense of entitlement. MADem Jun 2012 #134
misogyny is no different than Racism yet it's tolerated and often encouraged. TNLib Jun 2012 #136
Yeah, sorry about that. Apparently it's all the fault of the mean, nasty feminists redqueen Jun 2012 #138
it appears to be ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #140
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