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In reply to the discussion: You gave me a D?? BANG! [View all]
You gave me a D?? BANG! [View all] Photographer Aug 2016 OP
How often has it happened? Marengo Aug 2016 #1
Well, we never had a global thermonuclear war. DetlefK Aug 2016 #5
Thank God for Matthew Broderick! pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #14
University of Arizona-- 3 Nursing School Professors killed October 29, 2002 irishlassie Aug 2016 #46
Was that person a legal Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #52
yES . All the news stories indicate he was ... etherealtruth Aug 2016 #98
That makes 2 incidents indicated so far in this thread. Did the U of A permit firearms on campus... Marengo Aug 2016 #53
No jberryhill Aug 2016 #60
How many shootings have occurred on campuses that permit firearms, and how many of... Marengo Aug 2016 #65
Good point. We don't, nor should we, all lose our ability to drive because a few will drive drunk. jmg257 Aug 2016 #68
No one has said that jberryhill Aug 2016 #69
Agree - AFAIK, no one called for no driving at all. Yes - like no drunk driving, jmg257 Aug 2016 #71
Even one is too many, yeah? procon Aug 2016 #85
Can you provide a cite or link to where I have made "excuses"? Marengo Aug 2016 #89
That's a weak response. procon Aug 2016 #95
You made a claim, now back it up. Where, specifically, have I made excuses? Marengo Aug 2016 #97
That's terrible. procon Aug 2016 #101
Where have I stated that restrictions are unnecessary. Please provide a citation. Marengo Aug 2016 #107
Why do you think that irrelevant semantics are a valid excuse for gun violence? procon Aug 2016 #112
You are claiming I hold a position that I have not articulated. How can this not be considered... Marengo Aug 2016 #117
I'm still waiting on a cite to where I stated restrictions are unnecessary. Or, do we need to open.. Marengo Aug 2016 #125
Yes, daddy. procon Aug 2016 #127
Please cite where I have stated restrictions are unnecessary, and to where... Marengo Aug 2016 #128
I had to read that twice... beevul Aug 2016 #130
I regret that the absurd irony was not as apparent to you as it was to me; my bad! procon Aug 2016 #138
"I am very encouraged that public safety will be restored." Are you talking Texas campuses, or jmg257 Aug 2016 #141
What is your reasoning why one public venue should be different from another? procon Aug 2016 #146
As the practice seems to be a safe one (at least in Texas), where's the problem? friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #149
Where is the human "safety" component? procon Aug 2016 #151
Some people carry/want guns so they can feel safer. Other people don't want jmg257 Aug 2016 #153
Generally I don't. I also think that is the same argument many pro-gunners use. jmg257 Aug 2016 #150
I can't criticise scathingly or otherwise, of a figure who isn't what you say... beevul Aug 2016 #152
Ack... please don't tell me about your penis problems. procon Aug 2016 #154
Ack please dont tell me about your control problems. beevul Aug 2016 #155
Still can't comment on the topic? procon Aug 2016 #157
I was just following your lead. beevul Aug 2016 #159
You may also cite where I have stated I open carry in a public space. Marengo Aug 2016 #158
Well, you've had about an hour. Where's the link or cite I asked for? Marengo Aug 2016 #96
Prof. William Klug, UCLA jberryhill Aug 2016 #59
1987, 1993, & 2002. Anything more recent on campuses that permit firearms, or have for some... Marengo Aug 2016 #61
Why? The point was made and you just cannot accept the facts. Rex Aug 2016 #114
Why not? I like to have as much information as possible before staking out a position... Marengo Aug 2016 #118
Only one of those incidents *may* have involved a person with a permit, per a quick... friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #135
And none of them happened where carrying a gun was legal friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #143
What will stop it from happening? Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #2
Well, we could make it more difficult for nutjobs to get their hands on guns... Photographer Aug 2016 #4
At the expense of seeming cynical I can't help but wonder if the statement Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #8
Yeah, pretty much. Photographer Aug 2016 #12
I assume you're referring exclusively to my intepretation of the presumed subtext. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #15
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #16
I made several statements in that post. You declined to make a plain reply. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #18
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #23
You seem to feel lots of thing but Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #25
Yawns. Photographer Aug 2016 #26
"Yawns." Beyond some fatuous animosity towards people in the ether, sounds like you don't care. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #77
I think you should apologize Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #28
too late for that pintobean Aug 2016 #35
Indeed so Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #47
Because it's the "easily replaced tool" that seems result in so many deaths mythology Aug 2016 #139
"We've proven as a species we can't own them responsibly. " Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #140
"Which is why I refuse to be defenseless in an dangerous world." And which is why I... friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #144
The usual refrains are -- Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #147
There's a one-sentence reply for that: "Donald Trump and his supporters" friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #148
A big part of the issue is that they are not going away. jmg257 Aug 2016 #145
Just needs to happen once. baldguy Aug 2016 #3
Like pit bull maulings? Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #9
3 vs 30,000 baldguy Aug 2016 #20
Just needs to happen once. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #24
If it only saves one life... ileus Aug 2016 #33
Saw that comin' linuxman Aug 2016 #39
LOL! Well, that was easy. Marengo Aug 2016 #34
Why is it that RWers always try to deflect & distract with non sequiturs baldguy Aug 2016 #103
"deflect & distract with non sequiturs when their argument goes south?" Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #108
Just as bad. baldguy Aug 2016 #122
I would offer it's authoritarianism. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #123
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #124
Apparently you've abandoned any discussion of facts in order to hide behind labeling me RW Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #126
The extreme left wing and extreme right wing may meet at anarchy, however... beevul Aug 2016 #129
I knew a few people in college that were so obsessed with their GPAs TexasTowelie Aug 2016 #6
The only grade-obsessed "Bang" I knew of was an offer from a student at U. of Texas... Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #78
Is this thread in reference to something in the news this week? linuxman Aug 2016 #7
A federal judge declined to grant an motion to allow a university in Texas to prohibit Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #10
Oh. Seems like a silly OP then. linuxman Aug 2016 #11
While I absolutely agree with your assessment I't think discussion of opposing views is ever silly. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #13
NRA schill, eh? Photographer Aug 2016 #19
Yep baldguy Aug 2016 #21
You think advocating for discussion is the mark of a shill? Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #22
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #29
You're very uncivil, you know that? linuxman Aug 2016 #40
No doubt, allowing for only one single possibility is certainly the sign of a disciplined mind LanternWaste Aug 2016 #58
Maybe this ? eppur_se_muova Aug 2016 #70
U of Iowa 25 years ago rurallib Aug 2016 #17
A couple of questions Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #30
far as I know back then guns were banned on campus rurallib Aug 2016 #43
So you are saying it was a person breaking the law Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #50
most laws are irrelevant if there is no enforcement rurallib Aug 2016 #102
Who wants to put weapons in the hands Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #105
damned if I know. I thought that's what you were arguing for. rurallib Aug 2016 #106
I have NEVER argued or even spoke of that Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #111
back in your first couple of responses rurallib Aug 2016 #113
Of course I accept that apology Duckhunter935 Aug 2016 #115
Oh it certainly can...some people are nuts...under pressure to get good grades. jmg257 Aug 2016 #27
Far to often. Photographer Aug 2016 #31
You earn D's...the instructor doesn't "give" anything. ileus Aug 2016 #32
Gunners encouraging young people to arm up. How'd you like folks legally toting in your classrooms, Hoyt Aug 2016 #36
+1 Person 2713 Aug 2016 #37
hahaha Younemeen Aug 2016 #41
That's Dylan Roof. He murdered 9 people in a church in Charleston, SC Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #42
FU*K! that's already not funny Younemeen Aug 2016 #45
That last image is gross. cyberswede Aug 2016 #55
You may want to ask to poster. He seems up on these guys. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #79
If that was going to happen michreject Aug 2016 #38
If this is in reference to the decision regarding the Texas Professors, does it really make a Waldorf Aug 2016 #44
No need to make it legal and endorse immoral behavior, which is what NRA and other gunners want. Hoyt Aug 2016 #49
Theres nothing immoral about lawfully and peacably carrying a gun. Nothing. beevul Aug 2016 #86
That's the philosophy of the notorious right wing reactionary, Robert Bork: friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #133
Well "gunz are good" is philosophy of Trump and the white wing yahoos that support him. Hoyt Aug 2016 #137
Disapproval, however strongly felt, is not sufficient reason to ban anything friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #142
No. But being LEGAL means more people are likely to do it. Adrahil Aug 2016 #51
EXACTLY! Just what we need, a gun store or two popping up next to pizza joints and clubs near Hoyt Aug 2016 #56
I imagine you would get a lot more trouble from the bars nearby than a gun store or two Waldorf Aug 2016 #63
Especially if they go from class to the bar with their gun tucked in their pants. Might be illegal, Hoyt Aug 2016 #73
Apparently a felony...let's hope they learn that one when they get their permit. jmg257 Aug 2016 #74
How about the grow up, and act like an adult by leaving the friggin things at home. Hoyt Aug 2016 #75
In Texas?? Not sure "adult" has much to do with it. The adult legislature passed the law after all. jmg257 Aug 2016 #76
Heh. McBride's Guns is on the edge of U.T.'s West Campus Neighborhood, down the street Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #80
They will be glad of extra gun stores if UBC passes. Added convenience for all the private transfers jmg257 Aug 2016 #84
Probably would be convenient. But that store's stuff is high. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #90
They look more like a true sportsman store, but customer base still lacks diversity. Hoyt Aug 2016 #88
"Personally," I don't remember me describing it at all. Believe me it's a big store... Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #92
What's the issue with "diversity"? Marengo Aug 2016 #94
I believe the vast majority of gunners, gun profiteers, NRA, etc., are white wingers. Hoyt Aug 2016 #99
How often do you go to the range, gun store, or gun show? How many CCW classes have you attended? Marengo Aug 2016 #100
Ypy are free to post photos, start with a Massad Ayoob graduating class Hoyt Aug 2016 #104
Thats not an answer Hoyt. How about some numbers? How many times? Marengo Aug 2016 #109
Search under "gun shows." Post first few photos that show the croud. Do same for NRA meeting. Hoyt Aug 2016 #116
How many times have YOU visited a shooting range, gun show, or cow permit class? I want numbers. Marengo Aug 2016 #119
Many times in my younger years, the gun nut yahoos became disgusting quickly. They were Hoyt Aug 2016 #120
I'm not the one making any claims, you are. What did you visit many times? How many years... Marengo Aug 2016 #121
This doesn't look like the McBride's store to me. Hangingon Aug 2016 #156
You're slipping. You left out Chuck E Cheeze. beevul Aug 2016 #87
Glad you noticed. Guess that post won't go into your file. Hoyt Aug 2016 #91
File? Its called a brain. beevul Aug 2016 #93
There is plenty of historic precedent. Texas is not the first to allow this on campus hack89 Aug 2016 #57
My wife has had a few students who were nuts... Adrahil Aug 2016 #48
+1 Hekate Aug 2016 #66
Exactly. neeksgeek Aug 2016 #72
It is more likely to "improve" grades. RadiationTherapy Aug 2016 #54
Strange, with all this grade inflation I thought everyone was bordering on Phi Beta Kappa. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #81
At the local campus of University of California a grad student's thesis was rejected.... Hekate Aug 2016 #62
Its true that some people should just not have (access to) guns...if their state of mind so easily jmg257 Aug 2016 #64
I cannot give a B- in a Grad class... brooklynite Aug 2016 #67
Sounds like a much wider problem than gun laws, howeverwell-meaning, which are easily evaded. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #83
"I was going to murder you with a gun, but then I remembered they are banned on campus." Throd Aug 2016 #82
Could happen whether it was legal or not to carry on college campuses aikoaiko Aug 2016 #110
I've had a few students who are seriously... a la izquierda Aug 2016 #131
"Do I want them armed? Fuck no." Then arrange for metal detectors where you teach... friendly_iconoclast Aug 2016 #134
You do know that in Texas oneshooter Aug 2016 #136
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #132
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