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red dog 1

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Sun Jul 10, 2016, 02:44 PM Jul 2016

Who will Donald Trump choose as his running mate? [View all]

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Besides the 10 choices listed in the poll, the following names have been mentioned as possible vice presidential candidates:

- Jon Huntsman
- Ben Carson
- Bob Corker (Withdrew himself from consideration as possible VP on July 6)
- Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval
- New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
- Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio)
- Florida Gov. Rick Scott
- Ohio Gov. John Kasich
- Scott Brown
- Sen. Jeff Sessions (Alabama)
- Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer
- Rand Paul
- Rudolph Giuliani
- Joe Walsh
20 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Lt. General George Flynn,USMC (Ret.)
2 (10%)
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
2 (10%)
Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas)
0 (0%)
Sen. Joni Ernst (Iowa)
0 (0%)
Newt Gingrich
9 (45%)
Sarah Palin
1 (5%)
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence
4 (20%)
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio
0 (0%)
Rudolph Giuliani
2 (10%)
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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In an attempt to make him appear sane by comparison, Gary Busey NightWatcher Jul 2016 #1
Newt Gingritch --- THe only man who makes Trump look like a good family man and good husband... Mass Jul 2016 #2
I'll add former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown to the "non-poll" list red dog 1 Jul 2016 #7
Susana Martinez shot the idea down weeks ago Warpy Jul 2016 #3
That's why Susana Martinez is not one of the choices in the poll red dog 1 Jul 2016 #25
Jeff Sessions (who's not in the poll), is a lock louis c Jul 2016 #4
I've added Sessions to the non-poll list red dog 1 Jul 2016 #9
His daughter. He likes to keep it in the family. nt Quackers Jul 2016 #5
I thought his daughter was a Democrat. red dog 1 Jul 2016 #26
So was Trump at one time. Quackers Jul 2016 #35
Ivanka Trump is 34 - one year too young jmowreader Jul 2016 #39
She's turning 35 before the election. emulatorloo Jul 2016 #56
Go Sarah! Go Sarah!...you betcha Demonaut Jul 2016 #6
I'd say Pence is the most likely; he brings a swing state and region: ericson00 Jul 2016 #8
Pence is definitely a top contender red dog 1 Jul 2016 #12
if Indiana is a swing state, Trumptoast for breakfast, sports fans! Gabi Hayes Jul 2016 #67
Indiana voted for Obama. B Calm Jul 2016 #74
there is no way huntsman and probably kasich would agree to run as his VP JI7 Jul 2016 #10
You're right about Kasich, red dog 1 Jul 2016 #15
no he hasn't. you must be thinking of someone else. JI7 Jul 2016 #16
From The Atlantic article cited in the OP red dog 1 Jul 2016 #17
ok, i looked it up and it was more things like "he could maybe bring the party together" JI7 Jul 2016 #28
I still think he'd accept it if it were offered to him red dog 1 Jul 2016 #34
Most Republicans would accept it if it was offered jmowreader Jul 2016 #40
Retired Lt. Gen. Flynn book_worm Jul 2016 #11
I'll add Lt. General Michael Flynn to the poll red dog 1 Jul 2016 #14
It has to be someone with a dead career and Hortensis Jul 2016 #13
John Kasich will decline a draft rbrnmw Jul 2016 #33
Well, shoot. Last time I read he was. Hortensis Jul 2016 #62
I could be wrong a Republican friend told me he wasn't going rbrnmw Jul 2016 #63
You're likely right. It's been a while since I've looked, Hortensis Jul 2016 #64
The only person who is as fantastic and great and also as very very very smart as he is... Salviati Jul 2016 #18
if you haven't seen this, put down your pepsi: Gabi Hayes Jul 2016 #68
I had not seen that before... Salviati Jul 2016 #69
Gingrich...Isn't it being reported that Trump may quit if he wins? Nt maryellen99 Jul 2016 #19
"Donald Trump Hints To New York Times That he may Quit If he Wins" red dog 1 Jul 2016 #22
I've been having a rather evil thought about this very Different Drummer Jul 2016 #20
I've read the reports, red dog 1 Jul 2016 #21
I agree he might choose a woman Different Drummer Jul 2016 #23
He won't pick Martinez, because he knows she doesn't like him, red dog 1 Jul 2016 #36
Ernst took herself out of the running. See Iowa forum for details emulatorloo Jul 2016 #55
Thanks, I didn't know that red dog 1 Jul 2016 #71
Don't rule out wheniwasincongress Jul 2016 #24
Republican leaders would never allow that to happen, red dog 1 Jul 2016 #41
The question should be who will accept the offer! randr Jul 2016 #27
Leading the list of who will accept the offer, red dog 1 Jul 2016 #29
The mere acceptance of the offer would disqualify a candidate randr Jul 2016 #30
Good point! red dog 1 Jul 2016 #45
Kevin Spacey is topping his current shortlist. L. Coyote Jul 2016 #31
He should host a game show: "Who Wants To Be A Vice Knucklehead!" lindysalsagal Jul 2016 #32
I understand Flynn is pro choice. Kingofalldems Jul 2016 #37
That aint happening, then. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #44
Flynn n/t SickOfTheOnePct Jul 2016 #38
I would say Christie but I suspect Trump has little respect for all the bootlicking. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #42
My guess is that he will choose Gingrich, red dog 1 Jul 2016 #48
Satan. Rex Jul 2016 #43
Satan's like "ah, I'm in Cancun for the next few months. I'm really booked up" Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #46
Trump says hello and Satan says goodbye. Rex Jul 2016 #49
"I've got a reputation to think about, you know, Don" Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #51
Oh dam! Satan went there! Rex Jul 2016 #52
Best answer yet! red dog 1 Jul 2016 #47
It will be Satan Jr. poppy wants his son to learn from the worst. Rex Jul 2016 #50
Aren't there some things that even Satan wouldn't do? LeftishBrit Jul 2016 #60
I could watch that left-side video for hours red dog 1 Jul 2016 #72
OJ enid602 Jul 2016 #53
O.J. is still in prison and won't be eligible for parole until November 2017. red dog 1 Jul 2016 #79
Rudolph Giuliani no_hypocrisy Jul 2016 #54
Rudolph is now a poll choice red dog 1 Jul 2016 #83
Newt Gingrich, I wanna see a "family values" ticket with 6 marriages between the two of them. Shoulders of Giants Jul 2016 #57
Hey! Where's all the above? rock Jul 2016 #58
His ego? LeftishBrit Jul 2016 #59
Or a candidate backed by ALEC.. LeftishBrit Jul 2016 #61
Noot. nt arely staircase Jul 2016 #65
Rudy or Rand Paul is what I think. nt karadax Jul 2016 #66
1st vote for Rand Paul red dog 1 Jul 2016 #70
Tea Bagger Mike Pence B Calm Jul 2016 #73
He could pick JC himself madokie Jul 2016 #75
Gingrich. He and Trump are just alike in so many ways and both are useless pricks. tonyt53 Jul 2016 #76
Do you want what the prediction is today or tomorrow liberal N proud Jul 2016 #77
John Barron ChoppinBroccoli Jul 2016 #78
or John Miller red dog 1 Jul 2016 #80
Giuliani... liberalmuse Jul 2016 #81
Giuliani is now one of the ten poll choices red dog 1 Jul 2016 #84
Will vote. Thanks! n/m liberalmuse Jul 2016 #85
Adolf Hitler Re-Animated! John Poet Jul 2016 #82
Some speculation that the convention delegates will make the choice for him Shrek Jul 2016 #86
That would be awesome! red dog 1 Jul 2016 #87
Joe Walsh (the batshit one, not the good one). Buns_of_Fire Jul 2016 #88
I'll add him to the non-poll list red dog 1 Jul 2016 #89
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