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Then Chomsky can feel free to start his own party that reflects his views. This isn't rocket science Trust Buster May 2016 #1
...or the moderate Republicans can start their own party n/t leftstreet May 2016 #2
We won. You and Chomsky are the ones complaining. Figure it out. Trust Buster May 2016 #4
"you" keep winning lower voter turnout. Some victory n/t leftstreet May 2016 #6
We will not budge. Chomsky and friends need to understand that. Trust Buster May 2016 #7
LOL leftstreet May 2016 #9
The arrogance of those that side with the billionaires. rhett o rick May 2016 #180
Then the D Party will go the way of the Rs, i.e., we will take it over and then KPN May 2016 #129
Stay the course. frylock May 2016 #168
Nope, you will not awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #198
Who won? imagine2015 May 2016 #15
"we?" Are you a moderate republican? cyberswede May 2016 #48
By her answer I assume she is. HooptieWagon May 2016 #59
On the basis of that post and others she's made, yes. closeupready May 2016 #89
Isn't that position SwankyXomb May 2016 #105
It was, until Hillary became the front-runner, more or less. closeupready May 2016 #117
Yes indeed. arikara May 2016 #158
Probably not very moderate. frylock May 2016 #170
Last I checked... Else You Are Mad May 2016 #151
All you won is the probable fracture and destruction of the party and the country. Some win. FighttheFuture May 2016 #166
Yes, moderate Republicans have won. frylock May 2016 #167
"We won" Well, thanks for admitting it Scootaloo May 2016 #174
Don't spend those "winnings," they may be confiscated and your candidate may be shown the door. leveymg May 2016 #178
Hahaha! Bangbangdem May 2016 #188
So I take it you agree with his analysis. imagine2015 May 2016 #11
Glad to see that at least one person acknowledges RoccoR5955 May 2016 #18
And the consequences of that will likely be a choice between floriduck May 2016 #119
And by "coup d'etat" you mean "people elected by Democrats"? brooklynite May 2016 #126
Don't tell us you... ReRe May 2016 #145
WHEN doesn't matter.... brooklynite May 2016 #149
We're doing that right now. :-) eom ReRe May 2016 #154
Not going so well, hmm? brooklynite May 2016 #159
I think Bernie is doing swimmingly. ReRe May 2016 #164
Just because they have been selected in an election RoccoR5955 May 2016 #192
"It can be carried on by lying to the constituents..." brooklynite May 2016 #193
No, I am not saying that I am smarter RoccoR5955 May 2016 #194
Time for loyal center/right Democrats that own the party to throw Chomsky under the bus Feeling the Bern May 2016 #71
+1 for speaking truth. leeroysphitz May 2016 #90
I was planning to just ignore him, as I always do. brooklynite May 2016 #177
Yep. . .party over principle. Join the Party then you can criticize it Feeling the Bern May 2016 #186
In our winner take all Democracy, a third party doesn't have a chance fasttense May 2016 #87
The So called Democrats won the right to rule over the Democratic Party All in it together May 2016 #104
... or the moderate republicans can move back to the republican party arikara May 2016 #156
DURec leftstreet May 2016 #3
given this kind of tripe, Noam Trotsky's place on this board ericson00 May 2016 #5
"Our party"? Do you have as much influence and control as big business and Wall Street in the party imagine2015 May 2016 #12
I think the "Our Party" refers to the elite few who own it. zeemike May 2016 #20
.+1 840high May 2016 #64
Your red-baiting is so last century. And off base, besides. Redwoods Red May 2016 #19
Define "our." As it currently exists, it has left me. nt SusanCalvin May 2016 #27
! Phlem May 2016 #33
"Noam Trotsky"? sylvanus May 2016 #43
You are always true to form, Senator McCarthy. nt villager May 2016 #45
NSA Much? billhicks76 May 2016 #55
give me a break. If a corporatist faction of the Democratic Party AntiBank May 2016 #56
Wow. Alkene May 2016 #88
Nice red-baiting, there. Odin2005 May 2016 #93
Oh FUCK, GET OUT OF THE 1980s, man. HughBeaumont May 2016 #99
He's attacking Republicans who call themselves Democrats. Ikonoklast May 2016 #107
Obama himself said his policies are that of 1980's republicans. arcane1 May 2016 #127
Spoken like a true Republican FauxNews fanatic. KPN May 2016 #130
Erik Erickson posts again on DU. n/t brentspeak May 2016 #152
Yes the ideals of democracy are subordinate to... Beartracks May 2016 #157
He is expressing Truth to Power. I pity you that that concept is so foreign to you. FighttheFuture May 2016 #169
.. frylock May 2016 #171
Wake up and smell the divided "our party". The leadership of "our party" has been rhett o rick May 2016 #185
Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along... coffeeAM May 2016 #8
This video describes it better... Xolodno May 2016 #10
It's about time someone said it. onecaliberal May 2016 #13
A lot of people have been trying to tell and say that or have even many times already said it nolabels May 2016 #38
I've said it many times here as well and yes it's obvious but no one in the media or onecaliberal May 2016 #70
Sort of like when a lot of the younger people told the party we want more than one choice nolabels May 2016 #76
More commonly known as "The Rahm Effect." :-( eom ReRe May 2016 #148
He's 100% right lastone May 2016 #14
Hi11ary is just not an option. chervilant May 2016 #21
I wish I felt I could afford that. SusanCalvin May 2016 #29
Yeah, well, I live in a very Republican state. chervilant May 2016 #68
First time I'm actually glad to reside in a red state. ...I don't have to vote for the flip side of SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #86
Isn't it about integrity of ones self or not to let Trump get the go. Pretty hard decision. bkkyosemite May 2016 #139
Real moderate Repubs would balk at the "Global Cop" wars, however. cprise May 2016 #78
Good point dreamnightwind May 2016 #191
Chomsky is just sore the majority of Democrats are reformists, not ideologues Albertoo May 2016 #16
And according to your chart zeemike May 2016 #23
+1 and it is ironic that Mbrow May 2016 #32
you seem to forget Obama came to power under the great Recession of 2007-8 Albertoo May 2016 #41
That is the fucking attitude that got us here. SkyIsGrey May 2016 #113
That effin attitude is called Obama's common sense Albertoo May 2016 #143
A pretty shitty "recovery"!! FighttheFuture May 2016 #172
Obama did a pretty good job Albertoo May 2016 #187
Today's mainstream Democrats have no interest in fair wages, health care for all or dflprincess May 2016 #30
unfortunately you are spot on nt AntiBank May 2016 #35
Believe me, it doesn't make me happy to say it dflprincess May 2016 #40
You're damn right it can be done. ReRe May 2016 #147
Says who? Albertoo May 2016 #42
Says a lack of action by mainstream Democrats. They don't even talk about these issues dflprincess May 2016 #49
So why did they fight for minimum wage increases and the ACA? CrowCityDem May 2016 #57
Does the ACA go far enough. runaway hero May 2016 #100
The question wasn't whether it 'was enough'... CrowCityDem May 2016 #106
You have to ask for the sky in those types of negotiations. runaway hero May 2016 #108
Pray tell me, how could you get Lieberman, et al, to vote for single payer? The public option? CrowCityDem May 2016 #109
I would have pushed harder for the public option. runaway hero May 2016 #111
In other words, you would have yelled more, and gotten the same result. CrowCityDem May 2016 #114
They fought for the ACA because it was a way to make sure the insurance cartels remain in Gene Debs May 2016 #122
Fight that we can't win? KPN May 2016 #136
Yes, there are fights we can't win. CrowCityDem May 2016 #141
That's the story line both parties have spinned for several decades now KPN May 2016 #199
Do you remember the words "Single payer is off the table?" Doremus May 2016 #155
ACA doesn't help anyone but private insurers Matrosov May 2016 #160
Listen to yourself... CrowCityDem May 2016 #162
Affording coverage is not the same as affording care, as all too many of these feel-good Gene Debs May 2016 #183
Reforming!! sylvanus May 2016 #47
Show me a system working better than capitalist social-democracy Albertoo May 2016 #63
Nope. It's fertilizer redstateblues May 2016 #79
Bullshit. BillZBubb May 2016 #80
Well, would you call Chomsky a mainstream Democrat? Albertoo May 2016 #81
KnR. If MLK, FDR, and Jesus agreed with Chomsky.... chknltl May 2016 #17
FDR believed in capitalism and Jesus is mostly a myth Albertoo May 2016 #46
I rest my case. chknltl May 2016 #51
FDR did not believe in unrestrained capitalism dflprincess May 2016 #52
The Economic Bill of Rights is pretty much what I initially stated Albertoo May 2016 #62
The Economic Bill of Rights is a good deal more than fair wage and health care dflprincess May 2016 #195
We agree on the Economic Bill of Rights, not on Sanders Albertoo May 2016 #197
It's become a pay to play system. Take the money or die. ErikJ May 2016 #22
Double, make that a triple REC for Chomsky! Fuddnik May 2016 #24
I disagree with Chomsky. tomg May 2016 #25
Noam is correct, of course. The Sanders Campaign is the last, best hope to save FDR's Party... NewImproved Deal May 2016 #26
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #44
+1,000,000 TIME TO PANIC May 2016 #61
Ha! Grazie... NewImproved Deal May 2016 #153
Brilliant national treasure. nt zentrum May 2016 #28
K&R n/t Joe Shlabotnik May 2016 #31
Anything that stops people from voting for liberal Democrats only helps RW Republicans. baldguy May 2016 #34
If Hillary is the nominee, which liberal democrat should I vote for? Arugula Latte May 2016 #37
Academics study, understand, and explain. They aren't there to lead cheers for "the party.' Ed Suspicious May 2016 #39
What a mouth full of marbles. Phlem May 2016 #110
We legalized gay marriage, marijuana, passed most of a proper health care plan... joshcryer May 2016 #36
Except it was SCrOTUS that legalized gay marriage, truebrit71 May 2016 #50
The dozens of gay marriage challenges were spearheaded by democrats. joshcryer May 2016 #72
The Two Parties gordyfl May 2016 #53
Nader was sure wrong about that. Thank Ralph for Bush/Cheney redstateblues May 2016 #58
Also Thank gordyfl May 2016 #82
Someone HadTo State The Disgusting Truth billhicks76 May 2016 #54
Unfortunately there are many Trump enablers on DU. Sad redstateblues May 2016 #60
You realize "sad" is Trump's favorite tweet-word? hueymahl May 2016 #97
This and other sources would say otherwise. LiberalFighter May 2016 #65
If you disagree with Chomsky, just listen to the President. TIME TO PANIC May 2016 #66
Harry Enten" Hillary Clinton Was Liberal. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal (FiveThirtyEight) LiberalFighter May 2016 #67
Hillary and Bernie are both Liberal LiberalFighter May 2016 #69
Nope elljay May 2016 #163
I really don't give a flip what Chomsky thinks Gman May 2016 #73
Back In the 1800s and Early 1900s, Wasn't Democratic Party Very Racist? TomCADem May 2016 #74
k&r silvershadow May 2016 #75
Chomsky! stopbush May 2016 #77
K & R N/T w0nderer May 2016 #83
Legislators like to pretend we live in a center-right country. That's just not true ... Scuba May 2016 #84
Is Chomsky even registered to vote? BlueMTexpat May 2016 #85
Whether or not he's registered to vote has no bearing on whether his statement is true. But then, Gene Debs May 2016 #124
The republican party of today has moved into the insane asylum, so any thing else Loki May 2016 #91
That's kinda what he's saying, though... UtahJosh May 2016 #94
I'm a Democrat and I don't do labels. Loki May 2016 #95
"I'm a Democrat" and "I don't do labels" hueymahl May 2016 #98
So "Democrat" is a label. Loki May 2016 #102
And yet you label Noam Chomsky a "purist". UtahJosh May 2016 #103
I don't do purity tests either hueymahl May 2016 #116
Can somebody link to this wonderful pre-DLC pre-Clinton platform the DINOS ruined? whatthehey May 2016 #92
K&R.. disillusioned73 May 2016 #96
Overly harsh runaway hero May 2016 #101
Maybe that is my problem c-ville rook May 2016 #120
If you want to address the problem of a "lack of excitement for her," there'll have to be Gene Debs May 2016 #146
In the sense that more republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act in 1964 than Democrats, pampango May 2016 #112
What I've been saying and saying and saying. Everytime I do... Triana May 2016 #115
This message was self-deleted by its author NRaleighLiberal May 2016 #190
Kicked and recommended! nt Enthusiast May 2016 #118
Wow colsohlibgal May 2016 #121
Our country has become a feudal state...We, the Peasants and libdem4life May 2016 #123
Can we ever get through a Chomsky post w/o the words corporatist or neoliberal??? Gomez163 May 2016 #125
Just picture Hillary and you have the definition... Human101948 May 2016 #133
brilliant. Gomez163 May 2016 #135
Thanks! Human101948 May 2016 #138
compared to where conservatives are...I'll take moderate republicans....they are the ones who beachbum bob May 2016 #128
Yes, lets settle for less! KPN May 2016 #137
Tell me something I don't know (oh wait some people don't get it) PatrynXX May 2016 #131
Chomsky is focusing on economics, and he means a moderate GOPer from 1972 andym May 2016 #132
Obama: "back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican" arcane1 May 2016 #134
lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RT_%28TV_network%29 stonecutter357 May 2016 #140
At what point in time were elected Democrats much further left than they are now? n/t hughee99 May 2016 #142
Love Noam libodem May 2016 #144
K&R - Been saying it for years Ferd Berfel May 2016 #150
Chomsky is right on this issue d_legendary1 May 2016 #161
Hillary is not a moderatte. Shae is more to the right than many Republicans INdemo May 2016 #165
Which is why policy SUCKS harun May 2016 #173
We need Chomsky to bring back that old anarcho syndicalist party Progressive dog May 2016 #175
Since he is libertarian leaning himself then he is not a Democrat. Thinkingabout May 2016 #176
Definitely. nt valerief May 2016 #179
Reality Beowulf42 May 2016 #181
Chomsky must read DU felix_numinous May 2016 #182
I understand the corporate influence issue, however, ... HuckleB May 2016 #184
I agree with Chomsky. Which leads me to ask the GOP trolls here wtf they're problem with Hillary is? tenderfoot May 2016 #189
DU member since 2002 WITH the same profile name. nolabels May 2016 #196
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