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23. It is a Democratic Party Primary...
Mon Apr 18, 2016, 01:27 PM
Apr 2016

Not a "Anybody Party Primary".

If they don't want to be associated with the Democratic Party then they should not be deciding the nominee.

49.1% Democrats
23.8% Republicans
01.4% Conservative
00.2% Green Party
00.4% Working Families
04.0% Independence
00.0%+ Women's Eqaulity
00.0%+ Reform Party
00.0%+ Other
20.9% No Party Specified

New York State has some of the country's lowest turnout, NYC is even lower than the State and Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #1
+1 daleanime Apr 2016 #6
Many of DU Hillary NYs are astonished that you call for action a day before the primary, beastie boy Apr 2016 #14
We are very aware that it is too late for the primaries unapatriciated Apr 2016 #43
Guess what: I do care about GE. beastie boy Apr 2016 #58
Um, in the General Election EVERYONE can vote. brooklynite Apr 2016 #98
And in Alabama, where I was raised, while population is over 40% black, it remains Republican... Jeffersons Ghost Apr 2016 #145
But the point is that in NY everyone can vote in the GE, they just don't much bother to do so. Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #182
Similarly, many of Bernie's supporters are astonished that Hillary's supporters are ok with Loudestlib Apr 2016 #50
Remind me please: who sued the Arizona Election Board? Was it Bernie's campaign? beastie boy Apr 2016 #61
The two campaigns and the dem party nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #65
Actually, it was the DNC and the HRC Campaign that filed the joint lawsuit. stopbush Apr 2016 #73
You might want to try mother Jones nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #76
Actually, Hillary supporters are OK with Democrats picking the Democratic nominee. stopbush Apr 2016 #63
I agree. Close them everywhere nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #67
Taxpayers do pay for primaries. That's a problem, pay but no play. Loudestlib Apr 2016 #77
I know. That is why I am saying nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #80
My State has none of those issue, friend. NY has the problems, not my State. Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #181
Not getting your way =/= disenfranchisement CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #2
Excuse me? babylonsister Apr 2016 #3
Every vote does count, so long as you're registered. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #4
Last year.... daleanime Apr 2016 #7
And what if you've been unregistered? zalinda Apr 2016 #10
Why should you get to pick the candidate if it's not your party? Orrex Apr 2016 #13
What if you just made up your mind? elljay Apr 2016 #22
How often does that happen, exactly? Orrex Apr 2016 #32
I don't disagree elljay Apr 2016 #89
Why Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2016 #70
We're not typical elljay Apr 2016 #87
Good points. randome Apr 2016 #108
A refreshingly rational post Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2016 #152
So no one in an open primary state should be able to pick a candidate? Art_from_Ark Apr 2016 #131
If that's your opinion, then good for you. Orrex Apr 2016 #137
You wrote, and I quote, "Why should you get to pick the candidate if it's not your party?" Art_from_Ark Apr 2016 #139
If that's your opinion, then good for you. Orrex Apr 2016 #153
So once again, you are saying, indirectly, that voters in open primary states Art_from_Ark Apr 2016 #162
No, once again, YOU are saying that. Orrex Apr 2016 #164
YAY DEMOCRACY!!!! ...only for those in parties, and who register 3 months in advance, and nashville_brook Apr 2016 #207
You're unfairly conflating several issues there Orrex Apr 2016 #209
Register in a party and vote in that party's primary brush Apr 2016 #204
once it is a primary and the gov't is paying it should have to make voting accessable questionseverything Apr 2016 #168
That will require a constitutional amendment. Go for it! beastie boy Apr 2016 #16
In NY? SickOfTheOnePct Apr 2016 #93
Including NY beastie boy Apr 2016 #95
None of that SickOfTheOnePct Apr 2016 #97
Oops. My bad. Too many threads going on. beastie boy Apr 2016 #110
Maybe next time YOU'LL LISTEN TO HER! randome Apr 2016 #115
I will. Promise. nt beastie boy Apr 2016 #121
How to spot a Republicrat. Kip Humphrey Apr 2016 #29
This sound remarkably like the republican bigots here in georgia hueymahl Apr 2016 #183
I'd be pissed if you were a Registered Republican, and got to screw around in the Dem nominating.... Tarheel_Dem Apr 2016 #34
Like HRC has never created a phony voter disenfranchisement argument before WolverineDG Apr 2016 #69
You can sell that "BS" elsewhere, cuz I'm not buyin'. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2016 #111
Keep your head in the sand WolverineDG Apr 2016 #126
Et tu! Tarheel_Dem Apr 2016 #146
"which is set in law" progressoid Apr 2016 #169
What's "arcane" is concerned voters not taking ownership of their responsibility to follow the rules Tarheel_Dem Apr 2016 #213
And what about those people who sincerely want to join the party? progressoid Apr 2016 #215
Tough shit. Tarheel_Dem Apr 2016 #216
Nice. progressoid Apr 2016 #220
Exactly. Thank you. NurseJackie Apr 2016 #9
Disenfranchisement = disenfranchisement Scootaloo Apr 2016 #31
Should voter registration be required of anyone at all? Orrex Apr 2016 #33
Well, being dropped from the rolls and having your registration changed without consultation Scootaloo Apr 2016 #40
Agreed, but that's not what we're talking about here Orrex Apr 2016 #46
Yeah, it's not as it anyone had been bringing this up until just today oh wait Scootaloo Apr 2016 #49
Who's calling it great? Please be specific. Orrex Apr 2016 #56
Well, if you support it, if you defend it, if you defend it you must feel it is great. Worth having. Scootaloo Apr 2016 #132
You're misrepresenting my position. Orrex Apr 2016 #136
Here in Maryland qwlauren35 Apr 2016 #148
I'm down with that Orrex Apr 2016 #156
Another post that uses the same talking points used by bigoted republicans here in georgia. hueymahl Apr 2016 #184
Feel better now? Orrex Apr 2016 #186
Not really. Voter suppression, regardless of the party, never feels good. hueymahl Apr 2016 #187
The registration deadline is indeed stupid, as has been stated repeatedly Orrex Apr 2016 #193
We are on the same page on that point hueymahl Apr 2016 #196
My initial thought was a 30-day cutoff Orrex Apr 2016 #198
Not understanding the law in time = self disenfranchisement CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #35
I look forward to your advocacy for poll taxes and literacy tests,CrowCityDem Scootaloo Apr 2016 #41
False analogy Orrex Apr 2016 #59
Yet another post that uses the same talking points used by bigoted republicans here in georgia hueymahl Apr 2016 #185
Doesn't equal inclusion either. mwooldri Apr 2016 #167
Any patterns in who is being flipped? jwirr Apr 2016 #5
No data. Igel Apr 2016 #75
Of course the Clintonites don't want it now.. but 2 years ago... basselope Apr 2016 #8
The time to correct this isn't a week before the primary Orrex Apr 2016 #12
We SHOULD have open primaries everywhere. basselope Apr 2016 #17
Then be prepared for the teabaggers messing with your party's primaries to their advantage beastie boy Apr 2016 #19
Yeah, and voter ID laws protect against in person voter fraud. basselope Apr 2016 #37
Voter ID???? Seriously, beastie boy Apr 2016 #55
It's called an equivalent. basselope Apr 2016 #94
No way is it an equivalent. beastie boy Apr 2016 #99
Yes, it is EXACTLY an equivalent. basselope Apr 2016 #101
no, it is not. beastie boy Apr 2016 #112
No. 0 primaries were affected. basselope Apr 2016 #113
If facts disagree with your opinion, damn the facts, right? beastie boy Apr 2016 #123
You cite OPINIONS and call them facts? basselope Apr 2016 #130
Add 25% independent voters to your calculation. beastie boy Apr 2016 #140
Again.. those pesky facts get in your way. basselope Apr 2016 #144
Well said. Only OPEN primaries equate to actual democracy. ReallyIAmAnOptimist Apr 2016 #208
very unlikely. restorefreedom Apr 2016 #62
Don't be so sure. beastie boy Apr 2016 #64
limbaughs metal heads will be few in number restorefreedom Apr 2016 #88
Over 13 million listeners weekly. Don't kid yourself beastie boy Apr 2016 #91
doesn't mean they are all willing restorefreedom Apr 2016 #116
Depends on the primaries beastie boy Apr 2016 #120
and it can work the other way, too restorefreedom Apr 2016 #122
Yes it can. Doesn't make it fair, though. beastie boy Apr 2016 #124
perhaps not. but what do you make of the computer glitch restorefreedom Apr 2016 #125
Record oversight is a difeent issue beastie boy Apr 2016 #134
much of this apparently was done online restorefreedom Apr 2016 #138
Those of us who are skeptical of anything done online have the option of creating PDF files for our beastie boy Apr 2016 #141
i hope they look into it restorefreedom Apr 2016 #147
Not if incumbants are running n/t MichMan Apr 2016 #212
Independents are free to vote as they wish in the general election Orrex Apr 2016 #20
Because we actually want GOOD candidates. basselope Apr 2016 #38
Then join the party Orrex Apr 2016 #45
Why do I have to waste the paper? basselope Apr 2016 #102
It's not suppression. That's a lie. Orrex Apr 2016 #106
It's voter suppression. Deal with it. basselope Apr 2016 #107
You're full of shenanigans. Deal with it. Orrex Apr 2016 #133
No. basselope Apr 2016 #142
No, I won't. You're even less than insignificant. Orrex Apr 2016 #154
Yeah.. it does. basselope Apr 2016 #157
The more you squawk, the less significant you become. Orrex Apr 2016 #159
No, just the opposite. basselope Apr 2016 #160
I love the screenplay dialogues in the movie "The Breakfast Club". King_Klonopin Apr 2016 #170
Puh-leeze. Orrex Apr 2016 #178
If you refuse to see that calling someone "less than insignificant" is complete assholery King_Klonopin Apr 2016 #221
So you'll be voting for Clinton, then? Orrex Apr 2016 #222
Bullshit. djg21 Apr 2016 #135
It's STILL voter surpression. basselope Apr 2016 #143
So, join the Party and vote for your choice. brooklynite Apr 2016 #100
I did, and i will be leaving the day after I vote. basselope Apr 2016 #103
As a former Ward Committeeman, I thought that Parties derived from the grassroots... brooklynite Apr 2016 #114
Whatever they WERE at one time has become a den of corruption. basselope Apr 2016 #118
I'll keep working to improve things from the inside... brooklynite Apr 2016 #119
Oh yeah.. your strategy has worked SO WELL. basselope Apr 2016 #129
The let Independents have a primary leftynyc Apr 2016 #30
For the same reason we have voter ID laws to protect against in person voter fraud. basselope Apr 2016 #42
You mean leftynyc Apr 2016 #44
Actually... it is a tough one. basselope Apr 2016 #47
And it got him nowhere leftynyc Apr 2016 #51
Yes, that is a very tiny bubble. basselope Apr 2016 #92
Can you give me the leftynyc Apr 2016 #171
Hardly a "wild guess". basselope Apr 2016 #214
Then find an Independent candidate GulfCoast66 Apr 2016 #161
If Sanders is not the nominee, I will be. basselope Apr 2016 #163
Do as you will. No attack from me GulfCoast66 Apr 2016 #165
I agree with you. This Oct thing is stupid. all american girl Apr 2016 #36
I agree, close em all nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #71
Any evidence of the Clintons not wanting it now except... it's too late now? beastie boy Apr 2016 #18
New York has it's traditions.... Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2016 #11
I really hope that this year prompt some severe action on voting rights by our next president Fast Walker 52 Apr 2016 #15
Be careful what you are wishing for (nightmare scenario: President Cruz) beastie boy Apr 2016 #21
haha, indeed Fast Walker 52 Apr 2016 #90
The federal government is limited on what they can do. LiberalFighter Apr 2016 #26
It is a Democratic Party Primary... LiberalFighter Apr 2016 #23
IMO, this cannot be stressed BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #48
Agreed. Primaries should be closed. We are selecting a candidate, not electing anyone to stopbush Apr 2016 #54
Great find and one that should be BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #57
It must be Hillary's fault. Kingofalldems Apr 2016 #24
This has been New York's law for DECADES, so unless she time-traveled and got their legislators pnwmom Apr 2016 #53
Of course, she time-traveled back Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2016 #74
Some of us appreciate your effort to keep the conspiracy theorists frothing with anger LonePirate Apr 2016 #82
It was sarcasm. Kingofalldems Apr 2016 #78
Since many people here think she "rigged" it, your post might benefit from a smilie. pnwmom Apr 2016 #79
The state of New York,,,,,, SmittynMo Apr 2016 #25
It's viewed that way because Igel Apr 2016 #84
We need a nationwide voting policy and system. SoapBox Apr 2016 #27
Remember, a lot of laws are state by state. Igel Apr 2016 #85
There is no right to vote in a party's primary. NobodyHere Apr 2016 #203
You can blame this on RoccoR5955 Apr 2016 #28
Yeah, maybe an update...into the 2000's might be nice. n/t all american girl Apr 2016 #39
Boy did they reform Alabama... Jeffersons Ghost Apr 2016 #52
In 68 years of living in and around New York City, I never heard anyone complain about.... George II Apr 2016 #60
Exactly. It's incumbent on every RESPONSIBLE citizen to make the effort stopbush Apr 2016 #66
You are right. They should make the rules tougher. Require literacy tests at least, or a poll tax hueymahl Apr 2016 #189
Because it's so tough to go online and check the voting rules stopbush Apr 2016 #200
To go online you need access to a computer and internet hueymahl Apr 2016 #201
Or you make a phone call to the BoE. Or you can call the offices stopbush Apr 2016 #202
As our friend Peggysue says, the hitchhikers are demanding the car keys again. Squinch Apr 2016 #86
How is the air up there on your high horse? hueymahl Apr 2016 #190
If New York did not do its best to disenfranchise its voters, it would be mhatrw Apr 2016 #68
This is correct. The drop off in participation from 2010 to 2014: Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #191
Forget the primaries. I find it disturbing that a BLUE state doesn't have octoberlib Apr 2016 #72
Well said! When this happens in a red state, it's proof that the republicans are looking to hughee99 Apr 2016 #81
I guess NY Democrats also want to suppress the vote of the poor and minorities. octoberlib Apr 2016 #83
nope, it is the republicans who control it. so fed up with the BS. bettyellen Apr 2016 #173
NY State House is in Democratic control by a large margin.... Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #195
This is an inconvenient truth hueymahl Apr 2016 #192
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Apr 2016 #96
+63,558 dchill Apr 2016 #104
I don't have a problem with Democrats choosing Democratic candidates. I wish my candidate pampango Apr 2016 #105
NY should be ashamed of these antiquated laws. Progressives support OPEN primaries. Zen Democrat Apr 2016 #109
Same day registration, fine, but why should I support an Open primary? MadBadger Apr 2016 #155
So 27% of New York voters are independent, unaffiliated, Agnosticsherbet Apr 2016 #117
Because they didn't pay attention to the rules which were set lang before deadlines liberal N proud Apr 2016 #127
Pretty soon... malokvale77 Apr 2016 #128
Are you guys still crying about this? vdogg Apr 2016 #149
Forty Years of Freefall in New York Voter Turnout Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #197
Lol, proud of crappy turnout? vdogg Apr 2016 #199
K&R emsimon33 Apr 2016 #150
They made that choice by not choosing a party. RandySF Apr 2016 #151
This is very, very troubling Marrah_G Apr 2016 #158
"The state of New York has no same-day registration. The state of New York has no preregistration." Thor_MN Apr 2016 #166
Hillary...Where Hope Goes To Die billhicks76 Apr 2016 #172
DU...Where right wingers go to troll Democat Apr 2016 #177
Your Comment Is An Unfunny Joke billhicks76 Apr 2016 #217
It serves the purposes of those that profit from the status quo. Enthusiast Apr 2016 #174
Exactly elleng Apr 2016 #176
Bingo - that is the reason for virtually all restrictive voter registration laws hueymahl Apr 2016 #194
Republicans want to vote in Democratic elections and we should care? Democat Apr 2016 #175
Crossover mischief can happen MichMan Apr 2016 #179
That's a Straw Man. NY's election problems are not because it has a closed primary. My State has a Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #188
There's a long history zentrum Apr 2016 #180
ALL registered voters in New York are able to vote in the primaries, they just had to register... George II Apr 2016 #205
The lies just keep on pouring out Tarc Apr 2016 #206
That's fair enough. JoeyT Apr 2016 #210
It's you conscience, bro Tarc Apr 2016 #211
That only counts if you're only counting Americans. JoeyT Apr 2016 #218
Because they chose not to be a member of a party when they registered oberliner Apr 2016 #219
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