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233. If you want to stop smoking, the Allen Carr book works (he tells you to smoke while reading it)
Thu Dec 31, 2015, 10:46 PM
Dec 2015

He doesn't use scare tactics, says they don't work. He tells you not to nag current smokers, it's not helpful.

His book works like deprogramming/hypnotic suggestion. He addresses your concerns in a well thought out manner. He addresses all the concerns that smokers have.

I read the book several times, watched the movie a few times, and I became convinced I was now a non-smoker.

You don't stop smoking when you open the book, all that's needed is a desire to stop. As he says, you have nothing to lose. You'll either want to stop at the end, or you won't. Lol, and it's a very entertaining read.

Well, the full movie is back up on youtube. That alone can be enough for anyone. See if you can spot which Game of Thrones star has a prominent part in it. He's good in his roles, he doesn't reek. lol

Cigarette smoking. [View all] Kath1 Dec 2015 OP
very stupid with todays knowledge of the consequences spanone Dec 2015 #1
My 62-year-old sister was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema--given 5-6 years to live. TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #61
All those venues used to be filled wth smoke,so she got a whopping dose of second-hand smoke at work Hekate Dec 2015 #70
Yep, second hand smoke. TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #72
Mormon stewardesses with lung cancer: one of the things that finally got airplanes clean Hekate Dec 2015 #73
My doctors believe my bladder cancer is from second hand smoke.... marble falls Dec 2015 #175
Really, I'd never heard that davidpdx Dec 2015 #234
I've been told that spouses of smokers are more likely to get bladder cancer... marble falls Jan 2016 #252
Long hot showers? 3catwoman3 Dec 2015 #94
hot shower + chlorinated water = toxic chemicals. Binkie The Clown Dec 2015 #130
Whatever. TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #168
Probably refering to the presence of Radon 222 in the water CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #214
Condolences on your fathers passing. trillion Dec 2015 #143
Thanks so much. nt TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #167
Not cool. SheilaT Dec 2015 #2
Smoking killed my mother when I was 10 yrs old. nt Zorra Dec 2015 #3
I'm sorry to hear that. I can't imagine what losing a parent at that age was like. davidpdx Dec 2015 #110
I'm sorry to hear that. That is a terrible tragedy. trillion Dec 2015 #145
I'm guessing you are pretty young. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #4
Condolences on your mother. trillion Dec 2015 #144
Thanks. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #149
LOL, yes, so cool. Like in the 60s. Lung Cancer is great! nt Logical Dec 2015 #5
My aunt is dying of lung cancer. JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #134
That poor woman. At this point though, it probably doesn't matter further and she may as well trillion Dec 2015 #146
Yup, that's what I figure. JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #170
I am so sorry, my mom had terminal emphysema and smoked to the end. It must be a terrible.... Logical Dec 2015 #155
I'm sorry about your mom. JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #171
Liberal smokers have been hoodwinked by corporations. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #6
Yep, oxygen cylinders that folk need to haul around to breathe when they have COPD Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #7
If you do smoke and you enjoy it, I say have fun with it. Your life. BlueJazz Dec 2015 #8
I agree in principle, kind of. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #19
What you say is true. I don't smoke but I'm sure I do/eat other things that may cause a shorter life BlueJazz Dec 2015 #176
As long as you don't get to collect disability for a lung disease Drahthaardogs Dec 2015 #181
I understand what you're saying and a part of me agrees. The problem I have is> BlueJazz Dec 2015 #187
It is not the same though. Drahthaardogs Dec 2015 #192
True. If it were up to me, cigarettes would be taxed like my other country. (Australia) BlueJazz Dec 2015 #193
And likewise she'll enjoy the lung cancer or the SheilaT Dec 2015 #204
Read my post numbers 187 and 193. BlueJazz Dec 2015 #212
Make sure you quit by 45 flamingdem Dec 2015 #9
But it is almost impossible to quit once you have started. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #14
I was lucky too loyalsister Dec 2015 #37
I smoked for about a year and noticed my everyday stamina was going down. I quit to.. BlueJazz Dec 2015 #77
I smoked off and on Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #123
My sister stopped singing in clubs by 40, and she still developed COPD and emphysema at age 60. TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #75
I was thinking of a light smoker flamingdem Dec 2015 #98
Cigarettes are so addictive now a days it's hard to find a light smoker. trillion Dec 2015 #148
Wow flamingdem Dec 2015 #169
I have absolutely no doubt that is so. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #180
Pretty addictive, but there are still what are called "chippers" eridani Dec 2015 #191
I read somewhere that your lungs can repair to some degree after you stop davidpdx Dec 2015 #237
I am 76 and just now trying to quit. RebelOne Dec 2015 #107
Good luck to you NastyRiffraff Dec 2015 #109
Consider trying vaping, as recommended to me below. nt SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #182
I havent had a cigarette in almost 2 years notadmblnd Dec 2015 #208
Very good thinking. Jim Beard Dec 2015 #124
There are a lot of young liberal hipster smokers here in Portland. Arugula Latte Dec 2015 #10
I'm always amazed at how many smokers are food conscience ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #11
It's funny how people are selective about things like that. Arugula Latte Dec 2015 #12
My brother in law is diabetic and an alcoholic. Mariana Dec 2015 #21
Yep, don't start. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #15
Smoking disqualifies ones hipness randr Dec 2015 #58
The smell of it really bothers me davidpdx Dec 2015 #112
Sorry about your dad. Arugula Latte Dec 2015 #120
Thanks davidpdx Dec 2015 #238
Smoker's Face -- An Evident Reason To Quit progree Dec 2015 #13
I just shake my head when I hear "reason to quit." SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #17
I quit, and it was hell, took endless tries, but glad I did, and a big reason was progree Dec 2015 #22
I hear you Skittles Dec 2015 #24
I read somewhere that the average number of tries is 6. For me, more like 5X that many, progree Dec 2015 #25
I think I quit on my seventh attempt Skittles Dec 2015 #34
Not allowing myself to smoke in my home or car helped me too. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #40
I had to not drink any alcohol for some time to finally quit for good Skittles Dec 2015 #43
Me too, no bar hopping for me! beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #44
hey, same with me!! Skittles Dec 2015 #46
That's what I had to do. I knew that no way I could drink and quit smoking. Plus where I usually brewens Dec 2015 #54
I quit coffee a couple of years Aerows Dec 2015 #89
Seriously, SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #178
Like my sister in law . . . HughBeaumont Dec 2015 #59
Hope she can do it. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #80
Congratulations! SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #78
I quit almost five years ago... Stellar Dec 2015 #90
I feel bad for old people who got hooked at a time when most people smoked. Arugula Latte Dec 2015 #125
Exactly. nt SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #150
It's not that hard. Drahthaardogs Dec 2015 #183
Congratulations, but everyone is different. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #184
Which twin is the smoker? Liberal_in_LA Dec 2015 #203
And the forehead. And the eyes. SheilaT Dec 2015 #211
A smoker's face is much more obvious long SheilaT Dec 2015 #210
Quitting was the best thing I ever did. ronnie624 Dec 2015 #16
Congratulations! SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #18
E-cigs worked for me instantly. Mariana Dec 2015 #26
Good advice Egnever Dec 2015 #33
I wish they had good ones when I was quitting. joshcryer Dec 2015 #38
Most former smokers who use e-cigs Mariana Dec 2015 #65
Absolutely, don't get me wrong. joshcryer Dec 2015 #93
What is your source for that? metalbot Dec 2015 #163
Cigs just don't compare to a good vape. I knew I was quit for good when Skeeter Barnes Dec 2015 #66
Thank you!! SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #81
Bought a kit for hubby today. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #179
If the nicotine concentration is too much for him Mariana Dec 2015 #188
Thanks, SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #194
Hmm. He could take little sips at first. Mariana Dec 2015 #195
30 ml of 18mg SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #196
Thanks. ronnie624 Dec 2015 #62
My buddy at work and his wife both smoke. I would imagine each goes thru at least a pack Waldorf Dec 2015 #20
why would that be cool? Skittles Dec 2015 #23
Why do you find smoking cigarettes "cool"? darkangel218 Dec 2015 #27
I live in a senior facility. roody Dec 2015 #28
Rec'd for the general topic and the responses progree Dec 2015 #29
Why is smoking an issue on here? akbacchus_BC Dec 2015 #30
There are people who hate you because you smoke. Mariana Dec 2015 #35
This. It always, really, kinda knocks me on my ass to peruse a thread like this. Such venom. Nt. seabeyond Dec 2015 #79
See my post #96, seabeyond. I don't hate my family members. I grieve for them. Hekate Dec 2015 #97
There is a difference between being empathetic and being hateful. Yes. It is the hateful seabeyond Dec 2015 #99
You are right get the red out Dec 2015 #157
I wish you luck with that, sea. Warren DeMontague Dec 2015 #224
Sea, I find this Op unbelievable, now smoking is a problem! What about all akbacchus_BC Dec 2015 #133
Yep. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #83
Honestly, that is their choice to hate. But am a smoker and no one on akbacchus_BC Dec 2015 #131
Wow. OnionPatch Dec 2015 #197
Please, find one post in which I've expressed hatred Mariana Dec 2015 #198
The post I replied to gives the distinct impression. OnionPatch Dec 2015 #199
I'll tell you who I don't like very much. Mariana Dec 2015 #217
Or some of us actually have watched relatives die of lung cancer. Warren DeMontague Dec 2015 #209
If my post wasn't about you Mariana Dec 2015 #218
Fine. I am thankful every damn day that I didn't pick up that particular habit as a teenager Warren DeMontague Dec 2015 #219
I did not claim that smokers are oppressed. Mariana Dec 2015 #223
Too true ohheckyeah Dec 2015 #222
People have always liked to tell others how to live. Marrah_G Dec 2015 #42
Bingo! It makes people feel superior to know they are doing what they should be doing and others liberal_at_heart Dec 2015 #102
Yes, I hate smoking. I hate that it killed my wife, and I hate that it will kill many more. n/t Binkie The Clown Dec 2015 #132
I am sorry for your loss. liberal_at_heart Dec 2015 #164
Secondhand smoke, though... JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #135
Thank you. nt raccoon Dec 2015 #138
because it STINKS Skittles Dec 2015 #45
I can't smell anything on DU. pintobean Dec 2015 #50
literally and figuratively Skittles Dec 2015 #100
I'm a former smoker, too. pintobean Dec 2015 #103
I'm not militant Skittles Dec 2015 #104
I think it's the ex-smokers who are most rabid about smoking. cwydro Dec 2015 #51
it. will. kill. you. spanone Dec 2015 #52
I don't go into a coughing fit edhopper Dec 2015 #57
You should quit, like overweight people should lose weight. But no one can/should force you. nt Logical Dec 2015 #68
I feel the same about drowning people. Warren Stupidity Dec 2015 #71
Sigh... SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #84
Here's two, out of hundreds of good reasons why: Open Secrets: Tobacco Zorra Dec 2015 #88
Come again? GeorgeGist Dec 2015 #95
Smoking is an issue in lots of places, not just here. SheilaT Dec 2015 #213
Cool? I have a friend who just had his first christmas without his wife CBGLuthier Dec 2015 #31
I committed suicide by smoking for far too many years... Contrary1 Dec 2015 #32
my uncle lost his wife 2 years ago at 60. i know my great-uncles were older. 72 + 90+, but my pansypoo53219 Dec 2015 #36
I'm sorry for the responses you're getting. joshcryer Dec 2015 #39
how is smoking liberal? Skittles Dec 2015 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles Dec 2015 #48
Conservatives are more likely to smoke than liberals. joshcryer Dec 2015 #49
I think you're missing something. Mariana Dec 2015 #64
I think perhaps SHE is missing something Skittles Dec 2015 #105
She's clearly describing the people, not the smoking Mariana Dec 2015 #115
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Skittles Dec 2015 #119
Addictions are a disease, and they have nada to do with political views nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #185
Well put Nadin davidpdx Dec 2015 #240
I finally quit by vaping :) Marrah_G Dec 2015 #41
Vaping? Isn't that an admission of a chemical dependency or psychiatric-induced behavior? TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #76
It's called "doing something enjoyable" Marrah_G Dec 2015 #82
I made a post about people who hate smokers Mariana Dec 2015 #114
Not true for many of us. It's because people we know people who died and are dying from it. trillion Dec 2015 #147
Please link to a study that shows Mariana Dec 2015 #156
Well, the important thing is you've still managed to feel superior to smokers... Act_of_Reparation Dec 2015 #121
Even better, the poster has managed to feel superior Mariana Dec 2015 #158
It's the internet Marrah_G Dec 2015 #159
Quitting is difficult enough by itself. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2015 #161
Good post. Explains a lot of the more self-righteous behavior around here, on various subjects. n/t nomorenomore08 Dec 2015 #205
Are you 12? When is smoking cool? Mom died far too young(in her 60s) from lung cancer after... Humanist_Activist Dec 2015 #53
Great. Maybe in a few decades you can share oxygen tanks. Vinca Dec 2015 #55
Cool story. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2015 #122
Lol, how is that very cool? RedCappedBandit Dec 2015 #56
i had a heart attack at 43 from smoking. stonecutter357 Dec 2015 #60
You should try vaping. Not the cigalike things at the gas station though. A good atomizer Skeeter Barnes Dec 2015 #63
And you know SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #86
I use an Aspire Nautalis and local made vape juice Marrah_G Dec 2015 #215
I'm glad you have friends, who happen to be liberal and who happen to smoke steve2470 Dec 2015 #67
Glad you feel reinforced by a peer group, but it's still a deadly addiction. nt Hekate Dec 2015 #69
Someone in my extended family died just this Christmas Eve of smoking-related disease. hunter Dec 2015 #74
I have a friend who has lung cancer right now sorefeet Dec 2015 #85
Is the OP too "cool" edhopper Dec 2015 #87
You said what I was thinking. nt raccoon Dec 2015 #139
There's nothing cool about putting that poison into your body Reter Dec 2015 #91
Did you think liberals are immune to addiction? nt arely staircase Dec 2015 #92
My brother has emphysema. My grandma died of bladder cancer; my grandpa died of kidney cancer... Hekate Dec 2015 #96
Are you sure it is cigarettes? still_one Dec 2015 #101
My godfather developed emphesema from LiberalElite Dec 2015 #106
is this possible flamebait? DonCoquixote Dec 2015 #108
Ding, ding! We have a winner. nt raccoon Dec 2015 #140
Sooooooo glad I quit that filthy habit 13 years ago, shit, I wish I never would have even started. Dont call me Shirley Dec 2015 #111
Important point. SheilaT Jan 2016 #250
Makes me glad I've never been rich enough to smoke. ileus Dec 2015 #113
I said I could not believe it. Kath1 Dec 2015 #116
The post was silly and made no sense. nt Logical Dec 2015 #117
Thank you! Kath1 Dec 2015 #118
Every time you buy a pack of cigs you are supporting the Chamber of Commerce and their GOP lapdogs. LAGC Dec 2015 #126
That is addict talk. Not cool. applegrove Dec 2015 #127
Yup. JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #137
"And I could not believe these very intelligent women were smoking." SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #151
This will happen if you say anything positive about any smokers. Mariana Dec 2015 #160
I thought the original post was pretty innocuous. Kath1 Dec 2015 #172
Maybe you've never known anyone to suffer horribly from its effects...? Nt JudyM Dec 2015 #173
It was pretty innocuous. Mariana Dec 2015 #174
Garrison Keillor has Lake Wobegon, DU has Lake Virtue. IADEMO2004 Dec 2015 #177
I got no problem with cigarette smokers. Joe Shlabotnik Dec 2015 #128
I sat in the doctors office with my wife when she was told she had lung cancer. Binkie The Clown Dec 2015 #129
I'm sorry for your loss onethatcares Dec 2015 #141
WTH is cool about smoking? JunkyardAngel83 Dec 2015 #136
nothing Skittles Dec 2015 #220
yeah, nothing like COPD. Good luck to them. Cigarettes are more addictive than ever with the trillion Dec 2015 #142
alternatives DustyJoe Dec 2015 #154
Hmmm. I'm not so sure about that. SheilaT Jan 2016 #251
As a former smoker, I have to disagree Android3.14 Dec 2015 #152
that is correct Skittles Dec 2015 #221
switching to thc DustyJoe Dec 2015 #153
Not true. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2015 #162
Are you 16? Jesus Christ! TheManInTheMac Dec 2015 #165
There's nothing cool about smoking. nt LWolf Dec 2015 #166
If you are not a heavy smoker yet nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #186
I used to admire an ex who could truly just enjoy a cig during a night out Skittles Dec 2015 #189
Pretty much every country I've been to smokes a lot more than the US Recursion Dec 2015 #190
Not that that's a good thing, but it does make some of the discussions here seem a bit silly. n/t nomorenomore08 Dec 2015 #207
Urgh! It's yucky! SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #226
While I Would Never Consider Smoking In front Of Kids... Corey_Baker08 Dec 2015 #200
I smoked for 25 years. MohRokTah Dec 2015 #201
"I wish I had never started" SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #228
Four years free thanks to Allen Carr's system Babel_17 Dec 2015 #202
Hmmm... SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #231
If you want to stop smoking, the Allen Carr book works (he tells you to smoke while reading it) Babel_17 Dec 2015 #233
Thanks. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #236
All the best for you and your husband! nt Babel_17 Dec 2015 #241
I smoke various things myself, mostly recreationally. nomorenomore08 Dec 2015 #206
I don't smoke romanic Dec 2015 #216
There is nothing cool about smoking, ever, at any time, in any way. kwassa Dec 2015 #225
I think the OP must be very young Warpy Dec 2015 #227
Oh, absolutely, but I can't blame them. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #229
I was a smoker when I was young. kwassa Dec 2015 #230
231 replies, 6211 views? Kath1 Dec 2015 #232
I think it started a good conversation. SusanCalvin Dec 2015 #235
Thank you. Kath1 Dec 2015 #239
I hope you don't mind I went off topic with the Allen Carr promotion Babel_17 Dec 2015 #243
No problems. Kath1 Dec 2015 #244
Awwww, you called me by my title! SusanCalvin Jan 2016 #246
Big fan of your work! Babel_17 Jan 2016 #247
I think regardless of the OP's statement, most of the replies in this thread have been incredible davidpdx Dec 2015 #242
And I can appreciate that. Kath1 Dec 2015 #245
It was good to read the successful quitting experiences, too. Mariana Jan 2016 #248
Yes, quitting something whether it be smoking or eating too much is a challenge davidpdx Jan 2016 #249
August 14, 1977. 8:05 am madokie Jan 2016 #253
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