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Renew Deal

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Thu Dec 17, 2015, 02:26 PM Dec 2015

Are ghosts real? [View all]

Based on these definitions...

1. the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

4. (sometimes initial capital letter) a spiritual being.

5. the principle of life; soul; spirit.


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Are ghosts real? [View all] Renew Deal Dec 2015 OP
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2015 #1
Don't know. bigwillq Dec 2015 #2
Absolutely. Shandris Dec 2015 #3
Can you explain what a residual harmonic resonance is? whatthehey Dec 2015 #25
A form of vibration, like everything. n/t Shandris Dec 2015 #41
OK - so what is vibrating and what is causing it to vibrate? whatthehey Dec 2015 #45
It's a good question. Presumably one day there will be a good, quality, scientific-style answer. Shandris Dec 2015 #48
Science is "busy trying to be a religion"? Yorktown Dec 2015 #62
That you weren't aware of this (and find it surprising) is enough of an indicator that this... Shandris Dec 2015 #73
Hope your wrist heals Yorktown Dec 2015 #80
Oh I can answer in short, even in moderate. Just not at length, sadly. =( Shandris Dec 2015 #82
I can easily show you where the two things are different Yorktown Dec 2015 #89
I think I see. Shandris Dec 2015 #92
I look forward to it. Yorktown Dec 2015 #99
Well when that day comes I'll take the idea seriously. Now? Not so much. whatthehey Dec 2015 #108
It really depends on the chakra Bonx Dec 2015 #52
groovy Facility Inspector Dec 2015 #111
Lol! Ok nt Logical Dec 2015 #74
Glad you were amused. n/t Shandris Dec 2015 #78
ROFLMAO snooper2 Dec 2015 #113
Being laughed at by the cocksure is a good sign I'm on the right path in life. Shandris Dec 2015 #119
I really wouldn't think that's a good sign, not by itself tkmorris Dec 2015 #120
I'd agree with the 'not by itself', but to be perfectly honest... Shandris Dec 2015 #121
when you try to explain ghosts as a "residual harmonic resonance" people are going to laugh snooper2 Dec 2015 #122
I've seen a few Omaha Steve Dec 2015 #4
Nope! Nt Logical Dec 2015 #75
i've seen Ghost Hunters....NO spanone Dec 2015 #5
I read somewhere once, why do ghosts have clothes on? If their spirit is lingering around, that raccoon Dec 2015 #6
The same reason every hospital isn't haunted by thousands of ghosts :) arcane1 Dec 2015 #29
High EMF fields can induce hallucinations. Oneironaut Dec 2015 #37
Re: waking up or in bed. Hypnagogic hallucination. longship Dec 2015 #90
Yup - that's also called sleep paralysis, or "old hag." Oneironaut Dec 2015 #100
Probably not but possibly, I believe so, I believe so. nt el_bryanto Dec 2015 #7
They are definitely NOT REAL. That being said, I've seen one NightWatcher Dec 2015 #8
So how are they not real? Reter Dec 2015 #17
Same way things in dreams aren't whatthehey Dec 2015 #27
So what do you believe happened? wheniwasincongress Dec 2015 #85
Only when seriously stoned. TreasonousBastard Dec 2015 #9
We are all ISB's padfun Dec 2015 #10
No, as they are clearly a cultural creation. longship Dec 2015 #11
Yes. I've known too many highly credible people, friends and family, CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #12
Like Fox Mulder "I want to believe" MowCowWhoHow III Dec 2015 #13
no Skittles Dec 2015 #14
Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House. longship Dec 2015 #22
I have the book and the movie! Skittles Dec 2015 #33
I reject the concept that gore == spooky. longship Dec 2015 #34
agreed Skittles Dec 2015 #59
Because it's easier to make a movie gory than to build suspense. raccoon Dec 2015 #98
I've seen them twice. zappaman Dec 2015 #15
Well, conservation of energy doesn't explain who ate all my biscottis Gregorian Dec 2015 #16
Of course not. Iggo Dec 2015 #18
Other: sometimes. mahina Dec 2015 #19
I saw my father - long dead - at 840high Dec 2015 #58
I read you. mahina Dec 2015 #86
Thank you. 840high Dec 2015 #95
Since there is no soul, or spirit, no they aren't brooklynite Dec 2015 #20
precisely! n/t wildbilln864 Dec 2015 #63
Are logical constructs real even if not based on a physical reality? Johonny Dec 2015 #21
Yes edhopper Dec 2015 #38
I've experienced some strange and unexplainable phenomena Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #23
So has everyone. But most people realize it's coincidence. Nt Logical Dec 2015 #76
The one thing that happened to me Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #83
If you're able and willing, could you share? wheniwasincongress Dec 2015 #88
Sure. Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #93
could it have Chris? wheniwasincongress Dec 2015 #94
No, he hadn't gotten up from the couch Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #96
We can disagree on this. There is no proof of anything like ghosts. Nt Logical Dec 2015 #103
I never said it was a ghost, Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #118
I think most people wheniwasincongress Dec 2015 #87
So true! Nt Logical Dec 2015 #104
Well a universal metaphysical negative is a bit bold but... whatthehey Dec 2015 #24
No. Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #26
In the original Scooby Doo. Later versions did not honor that, I think. longship Dec 2015 #35
You know edhopper Dec 2015 #39
Yeah, but they're always doing it Mariana Dec 2015 #53
Yes. But, only in the sense that energy can't die or be destroyed. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #28
One problem. longship Dec 2015 #36
Doesn't the process require energy? Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #40
Well, energy comes from well known processes as well. longship Dec 2015 #42
Doesn't the brain function on energy and process it into another form? Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #43
All energy in ones body comes from the same source. longship Dec 2015 #46
Technically that's not true b/c energy is used. Oneironaut Dec 2015 #65
so a battery should never run dead... wildbilln864 Dec 2015 #64
The energy of the body is spent in the decomposition process and transferred to the soil Spider Jerusalem Dec 2015 #101
I don't pretend to know... LanternWaste Dec 2015 #30
Lol, how about elfs or unicorns? Any pretense there? Nt Logical Dec 2015 #106
Seen 'em 2naSalit Dec 2015 #31
I say no, but then again that is a function of what reality really is and the interactive RKP5637 Dec 2015 #32
Not real they don't exist in reality. People see things virtually though GusBob Dec 2015 #44
I think so, yes justiceischeap Dec 2015 #47
We percieve reality by our senses. Xolodno Dec 2015 #49
I voted NO, bvar22 Dec 2015 #50
Story that won't convince anyone, but... Maeve Dec 2015 #51
We had a "ghost" Mariana Dec 2015 #54
I hope so. wendylaroux Dec 2015 #55
Maybe it's foolishness... Docreed2003 Dec 2015 #56
I'm a scientist through and through mrs_p Dec 2015 #57
We view the universe through our "frame of reference" and perceived reality. IMO in the big RKP5637 Dec 2015 #61
No evidence of ghosts, even with cameras everywhere. And you have to know..... Logical Dec 2015 #107
I never said my experience mrs_p Dec 2015 #123
absolutely... wildbilln864 Dec 2015 #60
Seen one in my life a la izquierda Dec 2015 #66
Ghosts, gods, ghouls, gremlins, goblins, grindilows: I want to believe Yorktown Dec 2015 #67
No. Just No. GeorgeGist Dec 2015 #68
Don't care. nt icymist Dec 2015 #69
No. That requires a soul separate from the physical form, which has not been demonstrated to exist. NuclearDem Dec 2015 #70
Ghosts of election cycle past PowerToThePeople Dec 2015 #71
"Evanescent form"? IDemo Dec 2015 #72
No! Common sense and no proof! But people love make believe! Nt Logical Dec 2015 #77
I see a lot of 'em here on DU. MADem Dec 2015 #79
im exercising a policy SwampG8r Dec 2015 #117
My granddaughter was looking through a photo album with her 3 1/2-year-old son. Frustratedlady Dec 2015 #81
I ask everyone who believes they saw one wheniwasincongress Dec 2015 #84
In Shinto there are many tales of ghosts yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #91
I think ghosts are social osmosis and the power of suggestion Sen. Walter Sobchak Dec 2015 #97
"My house is haunted" is incredibly narcissistic Nevernose Dec 2015 #102
Isn't 'real ghost' an oxymoron? randome Dec 2015 #105
I'm a believer. mnhtnbb Dec 2015 #109
only when people are stupid Facility Inspector Dec 2015 #110
No and I don't believe in the Holy Ghost either! B Calm Dec 2015 #112
Not in any external, falsifiable sense. Orsino Dec 2015 #114
I have seen things I can't explain. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #115
If so, what are they made of? bhikkhu Dec 2015 #116
No. Owl Dec 2015 #124
Several times I've witnessed a person who had just died express themselves. KittyWampus Dec 2015 #125
No EdwardBernays Dec 2015 #126
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