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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Sat Dec 5, 2015, 05:44 PM Dec 2015

Are you OK with having a National Christmas Tree, [View all]

and its official name being the National Christmas Tree?

98 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, it doesn't trouble me in the least.
89 (91%)
I'm OK with having a National Tree but the word "Christmas" should be removed.
2 (2%)
I'm not comfortable with having any kind of National Tree.
3 (3%)
I am very much opposed to any kind of National Tree.
4 (4%)
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Hell no. mwrguy Dec 2015 #1
Christmas trees are not Christian. ManiacJoe Dec 2015 #7
yes Pagan Rosa Luxemburg Dec 2015 #95
I have a theory about the Pagan winter solstice festival and would like your opinion Yavin4 Dec 2015 #111
Evergreens Rosa Luxemburg Dec 2015 #146
not really. christmas is celebrated by many non christians JI7 Dec 2015 #10
Christmas is a big thing here in Japan Art_from_Ark Dec 2015 #144
I don't have an issue with a Christmas tree at all yeoman6987 Dec 2015 #33
It is not even close to a "Christian symbol" ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #38
What religious tradition were you raised in, if any? JudyM Dec 2015 #49
I'm a recovering Catholic ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #62
Why was it forbidden? JudyM Dec 2015 #63
Because up until the 60s or so, the Catholic Church ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #64
Oh, got it - it was a decorating issue. But you don't think the tree is a symbol of Christmas... JudyM Dec 2015 #65
So are reindeer a Christian symbol? Frosty? ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #74
Ha! No, reindeer aren't but Rudolph is, that's a Christmas song. JudyM Dec 2015 #75
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, pangaia Dec 2015 #80
This message was self-deleted by its author JudyM Dec 2015 #82
Real-life reindeer, not the other reindeer in the song! nt JudyM Dec 2015 #83
What do you mean, "not the other reindeer in this song?" pangaia Dec 2015 #88
Um, they're not any more real-life, than santa... or are you saying you believe santa is real? nt JudyM Dec 2015 #97
Of COURSE Santa is real. pangaia Dec 2015 #109
Large Advent Wreaths Drahthaardogs Dec 2015 #147
like Santa Claus redstateblues Dec 2015 #133
Christmas trees are fine...Now the Xmas doormat at the Whitehouse--- snooper2 Dec 2015 #110
At this point I am allergic to all expressions of state religion. Warren Stupidity Dec 2015 #2
There is no "state religion" in the US. That "the state" chooses to recognize that the VAST jonno99 Dec 2015 #105
as long as there's one of these, and other symbols. elleng Dec 2015 #3
Beautiful! JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #30
For the win. Baitball Blogger Dec 2015 #39
Thanks, Blogger! elleng Dec 2015 #41
I am not really sure to which symbol you are referring. pangaia Dec 2015 #117
No national tree, no national menorah, no national Ramadan, no national prayer breakfast, no Senate merrily Dec 2015 #4
Mostly With You ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #118
Clearly the tree is there for Christmas, which is not secular. merrily Dec 2015 #119
Meh! ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #123
Consider it what you will. Almost everyone else considers it a Christmas tree. merrily Dec 2015 #124
OK ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #132
Three replies, though. merrily Dec 2015 #134
And? ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #148
No problem at all. hrmjustin Dec 2015 #5
I think it's a lovely custom and I have no problem with it. 'Tis the Season! n/t CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2015 #6
Ditto! cwydro Dec 2015 #18
I'm agnostic and I agree! smirkymonkey Dec 2015 #61
Life-long atheist here: I think it's fine. Throd Dec 2015 #8
+1 ^^^ discntnt_irny_srcsm Dec 2015 #14
+2 ^^ nt dumbcat Dec 2015 #31
Why Nationalize A Symbol Of Commercial Excess Appropriated From Pagan Traditions cantbeserious Dec 2015 #9
Ha! You win! SammyWinstonJack Dec 2015 #104
It's also "appropriated" by atheists, agnostics and non-fundy types too. MADem Dec 2015 #113
Maybe continue to have the national tree, but saltpoint Dec 2015 #11
I'm an atheist and I like Christmas trees. Vinca Dec 2015 #12
Me too! etherealtruth Dec 2015 #15
I like gospel music, too. It's very weird. Vinca Dec 2015 #42
I can relate .... etherealtruth Dec 2015 #46
J S Bach pangaia Dec 2015 #89
It is a TREE... and its origins are not Christian. Pick your battles wisely. This isn't the one. hlthe2b Dec 2015 #13
Exactly. JoePhilly Dec 2015 #22
My Jewish friends repudiate that argument. They say that it is used as a Christian tree and CTyankee Dec 2015 #69
Anything can be expropriated as a symbol of any religion. The truth is the origins of the tree are hlthe2b Dec 2015 #73
Regardless of its origin it's now a symbol of a Christian holiday. Practicing Jews who take Judaism JudyM Dec 2015 #86
I have good Jewish friends who DO in fact include a Christmas tree and other similar decorations pangaia Dec 2015 #90
I'm sure they are good friends. JudyM Dec 2015 #98
Exactly right. Joe the Revelator Dec 2015 #102
"Doing IT wrong?" pangaia Dec 2015 #116
Christian.... "artifacts?" Are you saying a Chrimtmas tree is a Christian artifact? pangaia Dec 2015 #108
Dont know why you're ROFL, since it most certainly is. The star on top, the angel ornaments, etc... JudyM Dec 2015 #121
Well, I have a Jewish cousin who enjoys a Chanukah bush. MADem Dec 2015 #92
I haven't asked and one that I referred to is now deceased, otherwise I would ask her. CTyankee Dec 2015 #107
I think it's all about the lights in the dead of winter, myself. I don't think most people look MADem Dec 2015 #112
gotta have something to get you through... CTyankee Dec 2015 #115
most jews i know put up a tree themselves JI7 Dec 2015 #145
No problem at all. In fact, I love it. eom lunamagica Dec 2015 #16
as long as I don't have to cut it, decorate it, or care for it! niyad Dec 2015 #17
Is it fair to say that the US is a Christian country? oberliner Dec 2015 #19
not in the official sense but treestar Dec 2015 #59
Except Docreed2003 Dec 2015 #154
Interesting treestar Dec 2015 #155
Yes, it is MFrohike Dec 2015 #72
Meh. n/t X_Digger Dec 2015 #20
I'm against it because they cut down a beautiful, mature tree to have it. Coventina Dec 2015 #21
Live Tree bpj62 Dec 2015 #34
Wow, didn't know that, the logistics must be crazy. joshcryer Dec 2015 #44
It's been a live tree for a while now (nt) Recursion Dec 2015 #43
+1 darkangel218 Dec 2015 #106
I'm OK, but it should be plastic, so it symbolically represents our economy HereSince1628 Dec 2015 #23
Atheist here, don't care LittleBlue Dec 2015 #24
I don't give a rip what they call it Warpy Dec 2015 #25
Me too. leftyladyfrommo Dec 2015 #47
Don't care personally but whatthehey Dec 2015 #26
Seriously? With all the shit going on around the world we need to worry about this shit? OffWithTheirHeads Dec 2015 #27
+1!! RiverLover Dec 2015 #35
I'm in favor of ALL trees Joanie Baloney Dec 2015 #28
I dig that idea! n/t Wilms Dec 2015 #68
Thanks, Wilms Joanie Baloney Dec 2015 #70
I am okay with it. Kalidurga Dec 2015 #29
Yeah I have no issue at all. romanic Dec 2015 #32
Establishment clause permits it: Just not forcing the specific ideology. lindysalsagal Dec 2015 #36
I want to be poutraged but I can't seem to muster up the care necessary to do so. ileus Dec 2015 #37
Fine with it ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #40
Celebrating the Holiday Season includes all holidays - - like Christmas. baldguy Dec 2015 #45
I view Christmas trees as being pretty secular. Codeine Dec 2015 #48
I want a Satan Tree Facility Inspector Dec 2015 #50
How about a Festivus pole? MADem Dec 2015 #93
The money spent on it (including person hours, electricity, etc) should be spent on serving the poor JudyM Dec 2015 #51
I"m also OK with a National Menorah and a national (really big) colander Ferd Berfel Dec 2015 #52
All traditions should be equally represented Rebkeh Dec 2015 #53
I object to the fact that 2naSalit Dec 2015 #54
It's a live tree. Glassunion Dec 2015 #55
Sanity is winning by 90% Reter Dec 2015 #56
Sycamores are prettier and Eucalyptus smell better. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #57
I am a life long Atheist and I celebrate every holiday I can manage! Walk away Dec 2015 #58
One of the biggest thrills of my life was visiting a redwood forrest yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #60
Absolutely Liberal_in_LA Dec 2015 #66
As long as it's not a Merry Christmas doormat pinboy3niner Dec 2015 #67
Pinboy. Nay Dec 2015 #96
fffttttttt Sissyk Dec 2015 #103
The Christmas Tree will be lit when the President pushes the buzzard. nt JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #122
The buzzard needs rung! nt pinboy3niner Dec 2015 #128
Push the buzzard, Frank! n/m ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #151
Yule regret that underpants Dec 2015 #129
FGS, should we do away with all holidays?? All cultural history? ALL %^U&$$@# JOY?! WinkyDink Dec 2015 #71
I do not have enough time to expound on how little I care one way or another Scootaloo Dec 2015 #76
It is a pagan symbol to start with. Dawson Leery Dec 2015 #77
If a Christmas tree was even REMOTELY related to Christ Nevernose Dec 2015 #78
As a Jew I can assure you that to many non-Christians, Christmas is very much about Christianity. nt JudyM Dec 2015 #84
Christmas, my favorite pagan holiday. TIME TO PANIC Dec 2015 #79
Not a problem with it ronnykmarshall Dec 2015 #81
There are a few thousand things more important to me. CBGLuthier Dec 2015 #85
Isn't the idea to drag the tree into the house in the rather skewed hope that doing this MADem Dec 2015 #87
You all should read "When Santa was a Shaman" about the pagan roots of our holiday symbols Hekate Dec 2015 #91
pagan symbols don't bother me, but sometimes the trees make me sneeze. Turn CO Blue Dec 2015 #94
I'm in favor of any tree JEB Dec 2015 #99
100% WillowTree Dec 2015 #100
I want a National Festivus Pole... Historic NY Dec 2015 #101
Not really, but it's waaaaaaay low on the list. (n/t) Iggo Dec 2015 #114
No way! No pagan symbols on public property! KamaAina Dec 2015 #120
LOL - some religious folks are just so god damn stupid. randys1 Dec 2015 #126
I would like to see a National Yule Log. yellowcanine Dec 2015 #125
Yes - it's Christmas time. 840high Dec 2015 #127
It's just a tree with lights abakan Dec 2015 #130
A non-issue with me. Rex Dec 2015 #131
as a way to promote conspicuous consumption during the winter dembotoz Dec 2015 #135
As long as it's not a National Merry Christmas Doormat, I'm cool REP Dec 2015 #136
A National Christmas Buzzard would be fun, though (nt) Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #137
GMTA pinboy3niner Dec 2015 #140
Damn my eyes! REP Dec 2015 #142
I demand a Festivus tree. Vinca Dec 2015 #138
You've already failed Festivus 101. ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #152
The name Christmas Tree should just be changed to Commerce Tree to go with the Commerce Day it Todays_Illusion Dec 2015 #139
I've been OK with it since, oh, 1963 or so Art_from_Ark Dec 2015 #141
if it helps to remind one Christian to quit shooting up clinics, it'll be worth it Bucky Dec 2015 #143
Well I'm kind of a pagan. I celebrate Beltane and Samhuinn. sibelian Dec 2015 #149
I'm OK with it Omaha Steve Dec 2015 #150
Christmas has become more of a cultural tradition, and less about Christianity Chemisse Dec 2015 #153
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